Little Women: LA’s Terra Jole Tells All

Little Women

Little WomenWhen I spoke to Little Women: LA’s Terra Jole last week, I complimented her on the fun, sexy, bawdy, outrageous world that she and her 5 close friends inhabit. “Welcome to our world,” she laughed.

Little Women: LA is everything you’d want in reality TV and more. It has the fashion and sex appeal that rivals any of the Housewives series, the drama of Bad Girls Club, but at the core of the show is a close friendship that isn’t seen anywhere else on reality TV. “We’re all friends,” says Jole. “Most of us have known each other for over 10 years. Some of us have known each other half of our lives. And so we’ve all been hanging out for many years. I was like, ‘well if we can be this crazy just in our regular lives, why can’t we have this on television?’ And a production company had the same idea that I did, and a year later, here we are. And, who knew?” Who knew, exactly.

Terra Jole has the same mega-watt personality of another celebrity power blonde, Jenny McCarthy. Jole and McCarthy share a loud, sexually charged confidence that can best be described as “Dirty, Sexy, Hilarious.” Jolie got her stars in entertainment in a Kiss tribute band, Mini Kiss and now makes her living as a full-time actress, singer and performer who impersonates a host of celebrities including Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.

Little WomenCompetition with fellow cast member Elena Gant for roles was part of what brought them together, reveals Jole. “I met Elena through auditions and I thought, ‘she has to be a part of the show because a) she’s beautiful, and b) we do a lot of the same jobs so I know there could be some fun drama in that department.’ And ‘lo and behold, there is!”

Documenting the lives of Little People isn’t new on reality TV. We’ve watched the Little Couple fall in love and start a family, the rials and tribulations of domestic life on Little People, Big World and Pit Boss’ fiercely dedicated group of animal rescuers. But Little Women: LA shows us the fun and flirtatious world of stylish young women and really presents an unabashed view into the challenges that they face. Dating, marriage, divorce, fertility, sex, clothes, are all presented with an unblinking and unapologetic eye.

TV imitates real life, and that’s what makes the show so addictive. Says Jolie, “I think that’s the most amazing part of this group because if you put 6 strangers together, they’re scared to really convey personal details about their lives, or to talk how they really talk to their best friends. Since we really are good friends, we are not scared to talk about anything or release the dragon. We really cover all spectrums of our lives.” The show tackles all of the topics that until now have been treated as taboo, and the women answer the questions that TV viewers have been dying to ask.

Little WomenPart of the group’s openness is outspoken Christy McGinty, the recovering alcoholic who is at the center of nearly every controversy. She’s a lightning rod for drama, which makes her a TV producers dream and a fan favorite. When I asked Terra Jolie about her friendship with TV’s newest wild child, (they’ve been close friends since they were teenagers,) she laughed. “Christy is… I’ve had experiences with Christy where there are emergency rooms and ambulances and police involved. So this is definitely PG so far.”

If the drama we’ve seen thus far has been PG, wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall of their more intense arguments? This season we’ve already witnessed fights over the use of the derogatory “M” word, jealousy over a fashion shoot, dueling engagements and an argument about alcohol use that seemed to be aimed a little below the belt. “I may have gone back to high school,” Jolie admits. “Don’t judge me. We have our up episodes and our down episodes. It’ll level off, then it’ll go bat crazy. It’s a roller coaster.”

Drama notwithstanding, At the center of the show is an extremely close bond of shared experience that is more akin to sisterhood than friendship. Says Jole, “I couldn’t have said it any better. We have the initial understanding of each other. When we’re in public you know exactly what it’s like to be looked at. You know exactly what it’s like to be laughed at. And there’s not any girl in this group that hasn’t experienced that at least once in her life, where they’ve felt like an outcast. And I feel that we all have that understanding, even without asking. Even if I say, ‘oh, why didn’t you get a straw?’ and we look over and the straws are high, I don’t have to ask any further. We all understand where we’re coming from, we all understand that initial feeling of what it’s like to be little women. And so that makes it easy to talk about things that maybe we couldn’t talk about with an average stature person. Average-size people don’t understand our kinds of dilemmas in life.”

You can see more Terra Jole, dilemmas and drama on Little Women: LA, Tuesdays on Lifetime.

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  2. I have been shopping at Cinderella of Boston since my early teens. Their shoes are well made and good quality. They last for years. The show should have given them a promotional by showing the sign. Love Cinderella Of Boston.

  3. I could never read comments of stories about me. I’m so glad the Little Women have so many perfect fans that are able to judge so harsh 🙂
    Such a funny show to watch all the fiesty personalities! If this is PG…good lawd, I’d love to see the Rs !!!

  4. People, please this is a TV Reality show. The storyline would be boring without all the drama, isn’t that why you watch it to begin with?????. Granted these woman are constantly fighting with each other, but I believe when push comes to shove they have each others backs

  5. believe that Terra is a non-entity. She is a JOKE. A done Miley Cyrus look at me!!! NOTHING! Get over yourself dumbass!! Miley is a fade. Done

  6. I must admit, my intrigue towards this show is somewhat voyeuristic. The only reason they have it is because they look different . Kind of odd that they became angry that photos were being taken by tourists in Vegas, When they were being filmed. A bit hypocritical.
    I really wonder if the director encourages some of the drama.
    Christy adds controversy, she just needs to mature, but she’ll increase ratings.
    Terra may be jealous of Elena who looks perfectly proportioned in contrast to Elena’s body, but more importantly, Terra is jealous of Elena’s loving relationship.
    Terra’s boyfriend is bad news. She should get rid of him ASAP , he is an idiot.

  7. I love the the show little women LA, will not miss an episode. Being only 4’10” with a shoe size of 2 in little girls, I went berserk when I saw the episode of the girls shoe shopping. Is there any chance I could get the name of that shoe store, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Pat

    • Hi Pat,
      The shoe store that sells small-scale shoes is called Cinderella of Boston. They sell their cute shoes online, but perhaps a trip to LA would be even more fun? Who knows, maybe you’ll even run into one of the ladies from Little Women: LA!
      Here is their URL:

      Wishing you the best-
      Kellie Freeze

  8. Why would Tera or any of those ladies want christy as a friend? That girl is so mean and nasty. She isn’t a friend she is an enemy. EVERY single thing has to be about her and when it’s not she ruins it. She even had to force Todd into marrying her. The ladies would have a much nicer life without her around, she has major issues. Elena is the best, she is nice and you can tell she has a good heart ( please Elana stay away from christy).

  9. I love Elena Gant she’s adorable!! I believe Terra is extremely jelly of Elena !! Elena has her head on straight and is a very beautiful, sexy and confident little lady!! She’s so sweet and Terra always throws shade at her..Like the Green card comment and then Christy was just try to defend Elena and just stabbed in the damn back! Terra wants to be the star but Elena outshines her without even trying!!!! Looking forward to watching the drama unfold loving these little gals!!

  10. I love this show! I love their personalities! I think Terra is like this because I feel she is still a little insecure perhaps and overcompensates. I LOVE Elena! She has her head on straight and I love her relationship with Preston! Traci & Briana I adore! I think Traci is very kind hearted and a good friend. I love Briana and I wish her nothing but the best. It is difficult to see her ex treat her how he does :(. I saved the best (worst!) for last …Christy! Can’t STAND her! She is nothing but a negative energy and a sh*t starter! She has a bad attitude and thinks she runs sh*t. If I were Todd I would be running for the hills. She is ‘proud’ that she manipulated him into proposing to her…she is sick. I just can’t stand anything about Christy. I know she’ll stay though – b/c she brings the drama! Omg! I almost forgot about ‘little boss’ Tonya! Love her!! I think she is great, and I enjoy her personality! Overall, I love these ladies – and the show! Girlpower!!!! XO

  11. I think this Blondie Terra is a tyrant!!! And jealous of the sweet married blonde. She runs these women and I don’t think she knows what it is to be a real friend. She just knows drama!!!! And why would she put her friend Christy on blast like that???? IFK besides she loves other people’s misery and DRA!ma… Drama momma is her new name

  12. Elena I wish the best to you and I am sincerely sorry about the information of your baby getting a 50% chance being a dwarf. If you are that concerned you should get a sorragate

  13. I hate two people in the little women la. They are Terra and Christy. I will explain why;Terra is jealous of Elena just because she is prettier than her. Christy just loves to be the center of attention and if she’s not you better watch out because something HUGE is coming your way.

    • Marianne Jones your are so right!! Elena is super beautiful and Terra is very insecure about Elena being around.Elena saved the photo shoot and Terra gets pissed because the photog loved her. Then the nasty little comment’s “Oh, she never had to deal with the mean things we did cause she looks normal” I loved when Elena busted out with that awful story about the hospital in Russia!!(well it was super sad though but mad Terra re-think her comment) I’m team Elena!!!!

  14. Love, love, love, the show. I admire and respect all the beautiful woman on the show and enjoy watching and learning. Christy is defiantly a hand full. I’m just kind of concerned she might be pushing to hard and to fast for people. ESPICALLY her fiance who has already lost a little girl. But in all……beautiful, smart, girls and won’t stop watching as long as they invite me into their lives.

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