Little Women: LA Recap: Episode 4 “The Ex-Factor”

Little Women Kellie Freeze

Little WomenAfter last week’s booze-fueled firestorm, who couldn’t wait for Little Women: LA Episode 4? This week promises to be wild as Terra and Tonya promise a performance you won’t forget!

I hope you had a chance to take a look at my interview with Terra Jole where she not only answered 7 Questions about herself, she also explained why the women are like sisters.

Christy and Todd are nesting as they build their newly-engaged life together. Todd and his first wife had a baby that passed away. 25% of all babies conceived between two little people with the same kind of dwarfism results in a baby that isn’t healthy enough to survive. That is so heartbreaking, how poignant that his hope for parenthood is a dream of a healthy baby. And FYI- Christy is using an IPhone app for birth control. Who knew there was an app for that?

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Terra, Elena and Briana attend a stress-busting hip-hop class. And Briana reveals her past drama with her ex-husband Leif, with women they share custody of 4-year-old Leana. And Leana is too cute for words and feels left out when dad is with his new girlfriend. Terra volunteers to go to Liana’s gymnastic glass as moral support.

Wait a second, is Leana’s name a combo of “Leif” and “Briana”? Le + ana = Leana?

Terra and Tonya are practicing for an upcoming performance as Mini Gaga and Mini Beyoncé, respectively. It’s not going well, but I can’t wait to see the ladies work it. Terra is stressing even normally stoic Tonya.

Tonya and Briana are single and ready to mingle. Speed dating sounds utterly terrifying but both ladies are excited and optimistic.
Tonya “I just hope I don’t get a bunch of bozos.”
Tonya “I’m looking for a BMW, a black man working.” LOL, sassy gurl. The guy who comes in is perfect and hilarious. But then she asks him the show stopper …
Tonya “are you circumcised?”

Say what???? Can we get a record scratch sound effect? But smiling Trevor is relatively unfazed. Swoon.

At gymnastics, Briana gets encouragement from Terra ahead of her confrontation with her ex-husband Leif. While I mean no disrespect to the father of Briana’s daughter, but Leif is a major D-bag. I can tell. My bad daddy radar is beeping. Leif isn’t respecting the rules of their custody agreement, which states the grownups need to meet each other’s significant others before their daughter does.

Little WomenChristy and Todd have a romantic Sunset Friday tradition. Each week, they watch the sunset together. I used to have Sunset Sundays, so this is a tradition that is near and dear to me. Bathed in a heavenly glow, Todd reveals the heartbreaking loss of his daughter Chloe. She was one of the 25% of children born to little people parents who don’t survive. The precious 3 1/2 hours that she lived are far too short and her loss is a tragedy is a further reminder of the challenge that little parents face. Todd’s vulnerability is beautiful, and after laws weeks brew-ha-ha, it’s wonderful to see tough-as-nails Christy so soft and gentle.

Little WomenTonya is on a date with speed-dating Trevor. He is a hoot, can we get this guy his own show? But first, can we pause for a moment — Tonya’s date is the same night as her big performance with Terra? How is Tonya not rehearsing and downing shots?

Later, at Club Ohm, the big performance commences. It’s too bad that Lifetime didn’t license Lady Gaga’s songs, but I’m guessing their performance was to Telephone.  Based on the muzak that Lifetime played, it was a cross between an elevator and a circus.  I’m sure in person it was hot. Elena, who also performs as a Lady Gaga impersonator says she could have done the performance better. Wouldn’t you love to see both women in a Gaga-off?

Little WomenI’m digging the aluminum cans in Terra’s hair, but since I’m not a devotee of the Mother Monster, how do the boob-cupping glove tops represent Lady Gaga?  That seems more like Janet Jackson’s famous Rolling Stone cover.

During the performance, poor Tanya experiences a major wardrobe malfunction as her bosom pops out of her glove-top. Whoopsies! While no woman wants to be exposed, Tonya is unflappable and keeps to the choreography. What a pro. While her nipple gets a look at the audience, Christy cackles like a cartoon.
Christy “Tanya, you’re big fat boob is hanging out.”

Little WomenAfter the performance, everyone is trashing Terra’s performance. And Joe is ogling Elena. Is he drunk, because he starts dissing people with achondroplasia. So rude! And Terra gets mega jealous. Perhaps why this is why Joe and Terra are on-again-off-again.

Briana heads to meet Leif and his new girlfriend. And guess who shows up solo? Father of the year! And she tells “Twig” off. It’s awesome to see Briana’s strength. I was worried that her tag line for the show would be “I’m the victim,” but she’s the victor of her own story.

Christy is now a week late and is freaking out. Don’t they sell pregnancy tests in California? C’mon Christy, pregnancy speculating is so last century. Get the facts, ma’am! Maybe Christy needs to update her ovulation app, perhaps there is a bug fix in version 2.0?

The preview for next week’s episode looks awesome! I think there’s a major throwdown betwix Tonya and Elena. Also note, next week’s episode moves back to 10pmET/9pmCT as Abby’s Studio Rescue premieres in the 9pm slot.

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