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Little Women

Little WomenSinger and celebrity impersonator Terra Jole is one of the breakout stars of Lifetime’s new reality hit, Little Women: LA. The unabashedly outspoken beauty is the de facto leader of the drama-loving sextet who seem to agree that almost no topic is off-limits. “Most of us have known each other for over 10 years. Some of us have known each other half of our lives,” Jole says. “We all understand where we’re coming from; we all understand what it’s like to be Little Women. And so that makes it easy to talk about things that maybe we couldn’t talk about with an average stature person.” Terra took time from her performing schedule to answer our “7 Questions.”

 1) You’re at a magazine rack and can only pick three titles. Which ones do you choose?
I can’t lie to you, I’d choose Bark, because I subscribe. I’m a big animal lover. The magazines that I subscribe to are O, The Oprah Magazine, I bet you would never think that of me. I might dip into a gossip mag, like OK! And then Bark. It’s a dog mag. Or Rolling Stone.

2) If your TV carried just three shows or Networks, what would they be?
Lifetime, duh. Every morning I watch CNN, I like catching up on the news. And I’m a big Bachelorette fan, on ABC.

3) What are three things you have to have in your fridge or pantry?
This should be on my rider: Low-fat Triscuits, I can’t even explain to you how much I love them. I also love Chester’s Hot Fries; I can eat an entire bag by myself. And I’m a big veggie tray fan. I just became a vegetarian full-time. My mother is a vegetarian and it’s funny because in the first episode, beyond any of my language or vocabulary, my mom lectured me on saying that I wanted to eat Chicken and Waffles.

4) What’s a movie you can watch over and over again?
It’s a tie between This is the End and Hot Fuzz. Hot Fuzz is a British film it has Simon Pegg in it. It is so good. If you liked Shaun of the Dead, you’ll love Hot Fuzz. And I love This Is The End. It was made by the same guys who made Pineapple Express and Knocked Up.

5) What has been your strangest fan encounter?
Because I’ve been in this industry so long, I’ve had so many weird experiences. I’ll tell you the most intense for me. I hate being picked up — It’s my biggest pet peeve — I don’t want anyone to ever ask me to pick me up. People ask me, “Can I pick you up and take a photo with you?” No you may not. I am a human being and I’m not 5 years-old. It’s so rude!
When I first started impersonating, I did a job in Mexico. A guy picked me up and started heading for the door with me and he didn’t speak a work of English. So I was telling him “cojones, no mas,” because I was going to kick him in the balls. I was so scared. So I kicked him as hard as I could and we both fell to the ground and he started cussing at me in Spanish and I stated cussing at him in English.
Since them, I always say at every single job I’ve done, “Feel free to come up and take photos with me, but if you pick me up, I will kick you in the balls.” As a little person, sometimes, people come up to you and they don’t even ask and they pick you up. Would you go up to a random stranger and pick them up? Why is it okay to pick me up because I’m little? Personal space!

6) Tell us about a time you were star struck.
I got to sing for Elton John’s partner for his birthday. I sang as Mini Cher. I was so excited and I knew it was going to happen for about a week and I was freaking out because, what do you say to Elton John?
I don’t get freaked out in front of celebrities, but there’s maybe five where I’d really freak out, and Elton is one of them. I find him extremely talented. He’s a legend, he’s completely a legend. So I came up with the best line ever. After I finished performing, I went up to him and his partner, and I said, “Thank you so much for having me, I’m really honored to be a part of this.” And I spoke with Elton on the side and he said, “you were wonderfully entertaining. That was wonderfully entertaining.” In my head I was thinking, “Note that. Put that quote in your quote journal. Elton John said I was wonderfully entertaining.”
But then I told him, “If you ever need a tiny dancer, I’m your girl.” And I’d thought about this line for a week. And he looked at me like I was an alien, turned the opposite direction and started talking to someone else. It was a train wreck!

7) Who is your personal hero?
My personal hero is my mom. She is the reason I save dogs, she’s the reason I’m an animal lover. Maybe everyone loves their mother, maybe it’s cliché and I don’t care if it is. I love my mom. She’s the smartest, most put-together super-woman I’ve ever met in my life.

image © 2014 Zach Dilgard/Lifetime


  1. My question is where do you get your accessories, I love you earrings and necklaces. Your girl Tonya her earring. Joe is a trip he just says whatever. I am enjoying your show.

  2. Terra is not a BULLY…Christy is and she should of NEVER come to Terra’s showing of her video especially when she talked bad about her and the “Booty Dance.” I love Terra and would love to see her find someone else besides Joe!! Christy needs to be a friend and stop talking bad about her so called friends!

  3. Why didn’t you ask any relevant questions? Like: “Why are you staying with Joe when he treats you like crap and flirts with Elaina?”

    Terra needs to grab what is left of her self respect and run from Joe! She is super cute and should not have any trouble finding a man to treat her better than that minuscule, philandering, creep of a ‘boyfriend’!

  4. I would like to know where do you guys go and buy heels. I saw on hrs show there’s only one store in LA where you guys can go and buy heels please tell me where it is

  5. I love this show, it’s the most drama I’ve ever seen with little people. Also my kids enjoy watching it.

  6. Terra is my least favorite. She’s just a bully. She needs to leave Christi alone about her soberiaty. Do she not realize how sensitive that situation is for Christi or anyone that is trying to beat a drug or alcohol problem? She could drive the poor girl back to drinking with her constant nagging. Christi says she’s been sober 4 years, Terra needs to accept that and leave her alone, give Christi props for giving alcohol up many years ago.

    • I loved that Terra made Christi mad as hell for bringing up her one drink. Come on its a reality show there has to be drama or no one would watch it. Christi is annoying and acts like a child when she can’t be the center of attention. Can’t wait to see a catfight between her and Terra that would be some great reality TV. Oh and Terra’s gaga performance. WTH was that maybe she should be little Miley as all I saw her do was shake the rather large butt. Tweaking is a Miley thing Lady GAGA has some class and all Terra was doing was showing that she has NONE.

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