Fugitives beware! “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt” is back on CMT

Dog and Beth: On the Hunt Ryan Berenz

The world’s most famous bounty hunters are at it again! Dog, Beth, Leland and Dakota are back on the road, crisscrossing the country to train fellow bondsmen and helping track down some of America’s most dangerous criminals in a new season of Dog and Beth: On the Hunt premiering on CMT Saturday, June 14, at 9pm ET/PT. This season, Dog introduces new high-tech surveillance gear and the latest in cutting-edge ballistic equipment to help motivate and educate local bondsmen on how to investigate safely and efficiently.

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In the two-part season premiere episode, Dog and Beth travel to Jackson, Mich., to reunite with old friend Jeff Kirkpatrick at Lodise Bail Bonds to round up fugitives. While there, Dog and Beth help train aspiring young bounty hunter Dion Shepherd, who grew up in the mean streets of Detroit and seeks a better life with this profession. Also in this episode, a street altercation escalates and weapons are drawn in a tense situation that pushes Dog to his limits.

Dog and Beth: On the Hunt

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  1. The comment @Jefffleenor made is absurd. You clearly don’t watch their show because they are all about family and making a difference in peoples lives. This is a man who went thru a lot in his life and chose to turn it all around for the better and help those around him, people that put him and his family down probably wish they had someone like that in their lives.

  2. Stupidest bunch o crap imaginable. Fat ass bitch nark and a poser hubby and family. Only thing more pathetic is the lifeless shits that watch.

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