Catfish Season 3 Episode 6 recap: John and Kelsey

MTV’s Catfish season 3 episode 6, took the idea of trolling to a whole new dimension.

It starts out with a love story that developed through an online Skype psychology group chat between John from Detroit, Michigan and Kelsey from Orlando, Florida. The two began talking last September when John fell in love with Kelsey’s voice and decided he had to had to talk to her more. For some reason, this season of Catfish is exploring the phenomenon of how one can fall so madly in love with just hearing a voice that it might spark the idea for a new show in someone’s mind — but let’s hope not.

In John’s case, he first “met” Kelsey by hearing her voice in the Skype psychology chat room and thought it was so cute that he decided to privately talk to her. Little did he know that was going to be the only time he ever heard her voice. But he was quick to overlook that since the photos he saw of her made her believe he she was just his type.

While John thinks that Kelsey is the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen, she doesn’t agree with his thoughtful compliments. John later finds out that Kelsey has body dysmorphic disorder and this is her reasoning for never wanting to video chat or send any new pictures of herself when John asks for them. So their relationship continues only through texting or text chatting to each other.

John is a smart I.T. guy and knows that the possibility of him being catfished is very high. Kelsey only has a Facebook and screen name of “Kelsey Beelzebub,” which is the alias for the devil, so it seems that John is going to have to face this demon with some help from Nev and Max, who head out to start their own investigation.

They confirm the fact that Kelsey’s photos aren’t coming up on any other websites — just as John had concluded while looking them up on his own. However, John felt like he was betraying her for doing that and stopped searching for evidence against her. Hoping to find more information, they message everyone that was in the same Skype chat to see if they’ve ever had any contact with Kelsey.

First, they get a response from Aaron who wants to video chat and tells them that he and Kelsey talk daily as friends yet don’t ever video chat. Kelsey told Aaron that she had body dysmorphic disorder and another group member, Adam told him she says she has anxiety. Aaron suffers from anxiety himself and mentions that he joined the group because it is deals with anxiety issues.

Next, the guys receive a message from a girl named Ellie, far, far away in the Faroe Islands. She video chats with the guys and tells them that she and Kelsey are best friends and that Kelsey is the first person who actually started talking to her in the group. Even though they’re such close friends, though, she can’t get her to video chat either. In addition, she tells them that she is dating Adam from the group but can never get him to video chat with her, either.

catfish-season-finaleWith all the information they’ve gathered, Nev and Max go to tell John that they see to be headed in the right direction and the next step would be to set up a meeting. So Nev messages Kelsey and gets a response from her the next day. She says she’ll talk to them — but only through text because of her disorder. She is very anxious and nervous but would like to meet John. After convincing her that this might be the only chance she has at being loved, Nev sets up the meeting with Kelsey in Orlando for the next day.

This one chance at love, however, doesn’t get off to a great start — the guys pull up to the address given Kelsey gives them, only to find an empty lot. Nev messages her and she responds by saying that she was testing them to see if they were really coming and had the real address to the café she was at. She gives it to Nev and when they arrive to that address, they are fooled yet again: There isn’t a café in sight, only a business center.

As the guys head into the place, hoping for the best, they’re transported to a mini Las Vegas, surrounded by casino machines. As they are all walking around, they are greeted by a young man who introduces himself as Kelsey … and also as Adam the Gambler.

Catfish Adam

As if everyone’s heads weren’t spinning enough, Adam’s ego is through the roof. He explains himself right away — he simply wanted to mess with John. Adam thinks he’s found nirvana at this local wannabe casino as he times the jackpots and wins sixty dollars a night. Adam must not know the term, “I put my foot in my mouth,” because he just revealed to millions of viewers that he rigs the machines in order to win money as his “job” — right after he just got caught catfishing an innocent guy.

John asks who the girl was in the photos and Adam says they were just some girl he went to high school with. The voice that John fell in love with was audio from a YouTube video that Adam simply played through a microphone. He thought it would be a fun idea to bring this account into his Skype group chat, and believes he has already catfished thirty to forty people by doing it. Despite having a heart about the same size as the Grinch’s, he says that he really cares for Ellie and that much isn’t a hoax.

Max has heard enough of his crap. He gets frustrated and says, “This is the kind of loser that gives our show a bad name,” then storms out of the place. At this point, it seems that Max is more angry at Adam than John is. John explains that he views this as a learning experience for the future — and that upsets Adam because he wanted to get John angry and he tells Nev so.

John, Nev and Max leave Adam with nothing more to say and return to the hotel to video chat with Ellie and let her know what’s going on. Once she becomes aware of what her “boyfriend” is doing, she is speechless.

The next day Adam agrees to have a real, grownup conversation  about what he did. He explains that the behavior he displayed the day before wasn’t really him, and that his main reason for creating that account was actually to get rid of other guys that were talking to Ellie, because he wanted Ellie all to himself and viewed John as competition. He even made Kelsey become friends with Ellie in order to get closer to her, convincing her to create an OK Cupid account to get all her personal information. All her interests were  right there for Adam to see and he used that as a way to get that much closer to her.

Since Adam not only was catfishing John but also Ellie, Nev took it upon himself to invite her into the conversation. Adam told her the true reason why he made the account and that he wanted a way to get closer to her than he was able to by being himself. Still wondering why he’d lie to her, the first video chat ended with Ellie admitting she’d need more time to think about things.

Checking in after two months, Adam explained that he deactivated the Kelsey account and now goes by Adam the Traveler, because he is in L.A. exploring a writing career. He also mentions that after some mending, he managed to get his and Ellie’s relationship back on track and they are doing better than ever.

John says he’s still involved in the psychology chat group and has forgiven Adam as part of moving on. During the video chat, he was in Illinois visiting a “female friend” who he had known for a while — a girl he can actually see in person.

What were your thoughts on this episode? Were you hopeful in the beginning that Kelsey was the shy girl she said she was? Do you think Adam has deeper issues than he’s willing to admit? Would you still want to date Adam if you were Ellie? Make sure to comment below!

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