I Wanna Marry Harry recap Episode 4: Anna Lisa doesn’t believe he’s Prince Harry

Nine girls are left at the start of  I Wanna Marry Harry: “My Brother William” (first aired June 10, 2014), the fourth episode of the FOX series. You know what they say when it comes to Santa — “if you don’t believe, you won’t receive,” well in last night’s episode of I Wanna Marry Harry, it was Anna Lisa who did not receive an invite to the Crown Suite and instead she was sent a packing. Karina (pictured below) took the majority of the spotlight in Episode 4 with breakfast and a private date.

I Wanna Marry Harry recap of Episode 4 "My Brother William"

Of the remaining ladies, Anna Lisa (pictured right) was the most vocal on not buying that the redheaded Matthew Hicks was actually Prince Harry. When Anna Lisa finally got a shot at Anna Lisa Matias from I Wanna Marry Harryone-on-one time with FPH (fake Prince Harry) she started drilling him with questions. Hicks did a fine job with his responses and keeping things vague but it was clear that he couldn’t end that conversation fast enough, so he did. “I still doubt that he is Prince Harry,” Anna Lisa said after. “He doesn’t have as many freckles.” Props to Anna Lisa for busting him on the freckle count.

Now that we know the loser, let’s go back to the beginning and recap just a few of the more standout moments. Karina was the winner of the Crown Suite in last week’s episode so she kicked off the episode with a room service breakfast in FPH’s suite. Donned in just a robe, FPH excuses himself for a moment so that Karina could get a full eyes-view of a photograph strategically placed behind him. Gentle persuasion is a foot, as the photo is indeed of the real Prince William with FPH photoshopped in it. Karina nearly wets herself in realization that it is Prince Harry. Upon FPH’s return, she asks: “Is that you and your brother?” FPH confirms it is and explains how he travels with the image. Now in real dating life, who would find that slightly odd that a guy travels with a photo of his brother? Karina doesn’t, and she’s psyched by her super sleuthing. “I’m excited because it was one of those things where I was like ‘I knew it.’”

Karina goes back to the rest of the gals and reports what she discovered. Where dear, dear Kelley explains in a self-confessional, “I already knew for a long time it was Prince Harry so for the other girls this is shocking information.” She’s not going to take the news that he’s a fake very well.

FPH gets to pick two girls to spend some extra time with horse back riding and picnicking, where he chooses Chelsea and TV’s favorite reality girl piss tank Maggie. FPH selects them as he’s spent little time with these ladies so he needs to know if he has chemistry with either. The rest of the girls get to “muck” the stables, which basically is cleaning up the horse crap. On the crap cleaning side, Kelley gets MVP for scooping the most and clearly is the over-achiever in the group when it comes to showing she can get down and dirty and do regular people work. That was a wasted effort.

Anna Lisa and Maggie in I Wanna Marry HarryOn the two-on-one date, things get awkward between the girls. Chelsea is a tell-it-as-it girl and that type of attitude has been causing some friction with the other gals. She holds allegiances with no one and is quick to call out Maggie for her excessive partying in front of FPH during their picnic. Once back at the mansion, Maggie is ripe and she immediately goes after Chelsea for throwing her under the bus with comments about her drinking. Chelsea does this clapping thing that makes Maggie bonkers and the two have an ugly feud. In the end, Chelsea caves to the bullying and cattiness and pulls herself from the competition.

Next up is one-on-one time and Karina is a frontrunner. FPH takes Karina on a date that includes a helicopter tour over London, followed by a boat ride down the river. Here producers have staged another rouse, where women are screaming, “I love you Harry” and taking pictures from their phone, as their boat passes beneath the river. Karina buys it.
Later there’s some hot tub action that finds Meghan doing some “eye humping” and footsie playing, where she believes FPH is totally into her. Love how she’s named FPH “Babe.” They also play a little truth or dare where Rose is takes a dare to do a standing lap dance type routine for one of the security guards, who eventually turns his back and cracks a smile over the ridiculousness of the stunt. FPH and the rest of the gals are clearly amused by Rose. (As are the parents at the school where Rose teaches — yikes — they will just never look at her the same).

When FPH makes his picks for the night he starts with Anna Lisa and the girls think it’s not going to be elimination round and that Anna Lisa is going to the Crown Suite. When butler Bentley comes back at the “request of Sir” (FPH) and asks Kelley to head to the garden, Kelley crumbles thinking she’s going home. While Anna Lisa gets the boot, FPH takes his time making asking Kelley to the Crown Suite. In the concluding moments, we’re left with this unusual display of excitement from Kelley as she does this hyper, high-pitched squawking and slithers down her chair in complete relief.

Images credit: Chris Raphael/FOX