True Tori Recap: Episode 8, “Confessions”

Tori Spelling Kellie Freeze

True Tori : Confessions could have been about five minutes long if Tori and Dean would say “We confess that we made this all up. Sorry!” And then showed us a montage of Tori and Dean’s ugly crying.

But it’s not. Boooooo.

Tori is sitting on her bed again. Can we get a montage of Tori on her bed too?

Tori says that her therapy sessions sometimes last for hours. Or in Dr. Wexler’s mind, “Hour$$$$$$$$$”

Tori gave us an extended scene of the moment when Tori said that she and Dean were having crazy circus-sex. She never revealed exactly what they did, but by leaving us to our dirty imaginations, we can think of anything we want.  And we are gross and perverse, aren’t we?

ToriTori talked about her marathon ugly-cry session with Dean. It went on for hours. Don’t you feel terrible for the camera people? Hours of looking at this —>

Saints walk among us and they are carrying video cameras.

Tori says she discounts her success so that she doesn’t made Dean feel bad about himself. Is Tori a much bigger star than I’m aware of? She’s definitely on the reality-personality track. I’d think she, Jenny McCarthy, and NeNe Leaks have the same rating on the star power meter. It’s impressive, and she enjoys a fantastic life by my standards, but she’s not making crazy Dr. Dre money, and she shouldn’t expect a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Unseen footage that was really cute: Tori admits that her weakness is fast food tacos. It’s so normal that Tori eats crap like the rest of us. That is what we needed a little more of on this show.

Tori showed a scene of her crying because Liam was getting so big and she wants him to remain her baby forever. What mom hasn’t had a boo-hoo when her kids pass milestones? I cry at least once per week about the things that my 7-year-old learns to do. And suddenly, my 4 year old is a little man. I get it Tori, it sucks that even when your world feels like it’s crumbling around you, their tiny, joyful lives keep moving on. Use your children’s inertia to pull you out of the rubble of your life.

So basically this show is a rehashing of the other 6 episodes. Slightly longer scenes, but with Tori describing (with a dead voice) what she was feeling either when the scene happened and was filmed, or when she watched it for the first time. Snooze.

DeanBoxingWebWhy don’t I share an image of Dean boxing.  It was never shown in the episode, but who cares?  This is the “never before seen” part of my recap…

Tori gets a very painful-looking tattoo of her kids’ initials on her wrist. It’s sweet, but I’m not a huge fan of tattoos.

At the end of the series, Tori admits that the series doesn’t always paint Dean in the best light, but that Tori needed to show it all to help herself get through it. And Dean’s willingness to look like the bad guy was the grand gesture that Tori had been wanting the entire time.

I’m not sure which is more messed up: Tori’s desire to air all of this drama publicly, or the fact that I watched all 8 episodes.

What do you think? Are you glad this is over? Do you see Tori and Dean in a better or worse light now? Was the affair faked?

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  1. I think the problem is in the beginning they made Dean out to be this big family man and that is the roll Tori wants him to be, but in reality he did not seem to know what to do with his own children when left alone with them. He is an actor and craves the spotlight not doing the every day drudgery with children. I think this marriage will end in divorce because Dean will never become this big time family man and Tori is looking for him to be that. That makes for lots of tension and fights and in the end who wants to live with tension and fights.

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