“911 cat” featured on this week’s “My Cat From Hell”

The June 14 episode of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell will find host/cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy visiting Lux, the infamous “911 cat” with a “history of violence” who earlier this year made headlines by terrorizing his guardians so much that he forced them to call the emergency number.


On the 911 call, the terrified family reported that they were shut off in a bedroom, with their infant and dog, as the crazed cat screeched in the background. “He’s trying to attack us,” the man who called the number told the dispatcher. Apparently, the cat would charge at them every time they opened the door. Police arrived and caught the cat with a dog snare.

Now, Jackson Galaxy is going to visit Lux, heading to Portland to get answers on what happened that fateful night of the 911 call, and hoping to get a positive outcome for Lux and his guardians.

My Cat From Hell: “911, My Cat’s Holding Me Hostage!” premieres June 14 at 8pm ET on Animal Planet.