Tonight on Lifetime, True Tori: The Reunion

Tori Spelling Kellie Freeze

I thought that last week was the final episode of True Tori, but no, the universe curses me again!! Tonight, we get another chance for Tori to “find her voice” and tell us “her True sTori” on True Tori The Reunion: All Questions Answered. Bleech! Thankfully, the kids won’t be around to see Tori cry or yell at Dean, but I heartily doubt that many of my questions will be answered, namely, 1)does Dean still use the phrase “the cat’s ass,” 2) do Tori’s friends Jess, Andy and Mehran charge her by the hour for their advice?  3) is Dr. Wexler pushing for her own TV show? 4) Why are all 3 big kids in the same bedroom?

Note that tonight, the airtime for True Tori is 8/7c, so know that your reward is another episode of sassy Little Women: LA immediately following the Tori and Dean train wreck.

Until tonight, check out a clip of the action.

Real or not, the Dean infidelity drama is a bummer because Tori’s show on ABC Family, Mystery Girls looked like a cute premise, and now I’m not sure if I’m too sad, too disappointed, or too disgusted to watch it.


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  1. Tori is a drama queen, she’s been out of the business since 90210 since Dean cheated on her, she aires her dirty laundry, so people don’t forget her. This show is so stupid. All she does is cry. Dean cheated, it’s wrong he got therapy, he doesn’t drink and still keeps bringing it up. She embarrass herself, and brings her kids involved. Omg I get sick everyone she cries. She needs Dean cause he makes money so she can spend it on her gucchi dresses. He cheated deal with, he had changed, he’s never gonna doit. I guesss people like her who is born in to money will do anything for it. Grow up. I feel so sad for your children to have a desperate mom who aires her whole life true tori on tv, just to get her face on tv so people don’t forget her. Dean should leave your ass, he should take the kids move on cuz u have serious issues, ur unstable tori. You should not be a mother.

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