Jaime Pressly leads an awesome cast in TV Land’s “Jennifer Falls”

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In TV Land’s first original single-camera sitcom, Jennifer Falls (Wednesdays beginning June 4 at 10:30pm ET/PT), Jaime Pressly stars as Jennifer Doyle, a high-powered executive who’s forced to start over after she’s fired for having “anger issues.”

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Jennifer Falls

Losing everything except her mountain of debt, Jennifer and her teenage daughter move in with Jennifer’s mother (Jessica Walter), an emotionally detached psychotherapist. Jennifer takes a job in a sports bar owned by her brother (Ethan Suplee) and his passive-aggressive wife (Nora Kirkpatrick), and has to make amends with an old friend (Missi Pyle) she alienated on the path to success.

Pressly says Jennifer Falls found its man in Suplee, her former My Name Is Earl costar. “Ethan in real life lives in a house with five women — his wife and four daughters,” Pressly says. “This is a show with five very strong female characters, and one main guy. We needed someone who was strong enough to be next to all five women, strong enough to say ‘My wife’s the boss,’ but still manly enough where you don’t want to punch him and go, ‘Dude, stand up for yourself!’”

There’s also an Arrested Development reunion with Walter as Jennifer’s mom and Jeffrey Tambor in a recurring role as Jennifer’s former boss.

“Working with him is a dream,” Pressly says of Tambor. “He is so brilliant when it comes to comedic timing that it’s almost hard to stay in your character, because you just want to watch him.”

Walter again excels at creating mommy issues for her sitcom kids, and Pressly loves the show’s mother-daughter dynamic. “I’m actually playing the girl version of the creator, Matthew Carlson, who grew up with his mother being this therapist who never listened, and him feeling like the one sane person in this insane, crazy house,” Pressly says. “I hear stories from Matthew and storylines that are coming up, or things that really happened in his life growing up, and I cannot understand how he is as sane as he is.”

Jennifer Falls
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