On Demand DVD New Releases May 26-June 1

On Demand DVD New Releases May 26-June 1 Compiling this week’s offerings required some deep digging — and an assist from outside sources for descriptions of some of these off-the-radar titles. If your holiday plans — or the weather — keep you inside, here’s some ideas to keep you occupied.

Autumn Blood High in the mountains, a widowed mother dies, leaving her two children orphaned. Fearing being split up they keep their mother’s death a secret. They survive until villagers destroy their innocence when they brutally assault the girl. Now the siblings must come of age to protect each other and survive. Sophie Lowe, Peter Stormare, Maximilian Harnisch (1:40) 5/27

Deep in the Darkness Dr. Michael Cayle thought leaving the chaotic lifestyle of New York City behind for the quiet, small town of Ashborough would bring his family closer together. Soon after arriving, however, he discovers the town’s deepest secret: a terrifying and controlling race of creatures that live amongst the darkness in the woods behind his home. Dean Stockwell, Sean Patrick Thomas, Dina Cataldi (1:40) 5/27


Endless Love This reboot of the 1981 movie of the same name (starring Brooke Shields) was also based on the same book by Scott Spencer that the first film was based on. Jade is a girl who has always done what is right. She’s had a sheltered life, and as a result, has missed some of the fun of youth. But when she gets freedom for a night, she finds she likes the simple things that she hasn’t been allowed to partake in. And now, despite her father’s attempts to discredit the boy she has fallen for, Jade is trying to preserve the lasting love she believes she has found. Alex Pettyfer, Gabriella Wilde, Bruce Greenwood (PG-13, 1:44) 5/27

Ferocious Leigh Parrish, a likeable, small-town girl, now famous actress, takes increasingly drastic steps to protect her fame. Amanda Crew, Kim Coates, Dustin Milligan (1:33) 5/27

A Short History of Decay A comedy from an original script by Michael Maren, about a failed Brooklyn writer, Nathan Fisher, played by Bryan Greenberg, who visits his ailing parents in Florida. His mother (Linda Lavin) has Alzheimer’s and his father (Harris Yulin) has recently had a stroke. Also stars Emmanuelle Chiriqui, Kathleen Rose Perkins (R, 1:34) 5/27

The Rise and Fall of The Clash From 2012. Biography of the Clash traces their path through rock history. Includes previously unseen footage of the band on and off stage, as well as interviews with individual band members and those close to them. (Documentary, 1:30)  5/29

Lucky Them Toni Collette is a has-been rock journalist sent to hunt down a long-vanished local rock star (and old flame) in this edgy, moving comedy. Also stars Thomas Haden Church. (R, 1:37) 5/30

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