The CW embarks on a quest for the Holy Grail with “Labyrinth”

The CW Labyrinth Ryan Berenz

No Monty Python jokes here. The CW’s new miniseries Labyrinth, airing Thursday, May 22, and Friday, May 23, at 8pm ET/PT, is a seriously engrossing adventure.

The CW kicks off summer with Labyrinth, a two-night, four-hour miniseries based on The New York Times best-selling author Kate Mosse’s novel of the same name. Jumping back and forth between medieval and modern-day France, the story revolves around two young women divided by centuries but united in their hunt for the Holy Grail.

In 13th-century France on the eve of war, 17-year-old Alaïs (Jessica Brown Findlay, Downton Abbey) must protect a book written in mysterious symbols and said to contain the secrets of the true Grail. In the 21st century, Alice (Vanessa Kirby, About Time) has “an 800-year-old déjà vu” after an archeological dig uncovers secrets that were supposed to remain hidden — ones that will link her to a horrific past.

Labyrinth’s impressive cast also includes Sebastian Stan (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), and Harry Potter film veterans John Hurt and Tom Felton. With fantasy and period dramas remaining hot, fans of The CW’s Reign will want to lose themselves in Labyrinth.

The CW Labyrinth

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  1. I missed the second half of “Labyrinth” and would like to watch it. Is there any way I can do so? I tried “Free on Demand” on channel 500, but only the regular series are available. I got really hooked when I watched the first part, and had assumed the second would be aired a week, not a day, later. I hope you can help me.
    Thank you!
    Cristina Lambert

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