I Wanna Marry Harry Recap: Meet the ladies looking for their prince charming

When it comes to prank TV shows, the premiere episode of FOX’s I Wanna Marry ‘Harry’ proved to be deliciously silly entertainment. It was hard to look away as 12 American single ladies slowly started to believe they actually could have a shot to win the love of Prince Harry.

I Wanna Marry Harry recapIn the premiere episode [Tuesday, May 20, 2014], the gals were introduced to a high-profile English gent referred to as “Sir.” In fairness, their introduction to this mystery man was first from afar via security guards and a helicopter arrival on an extravagant English castle’s back lawn. Surely the security, a lavish estate and a helicopter arrival must mean this bloke’s important, right? The sighting elicited a slew of “Oh my Gods” and giddiness from the ladies. The mystery man is actually 23-year-old Matthew Hicks who is no more royal or rich than you or I. Hicks, however, has been schooled in everything Prince Harry [read our interview with Matthew Hicks] from his looks, education, background and all things royal. Never does Hicks outright claim to be Prince Harry, as they schooled him on avoiding that one — for liability reasons obviously, as some of these gals aren’t going to be happy once they know they are the butt of this joke (some actually won’t care as it could prove as a career booster).

Although Hicks is not an actor, he’s really got this part down. He’s quick to flirt around the topic of who is and deflect questions from the inquisitive ladies. Almost immediately on being introduced to the girls the gossip begins: “He’s Prince Harry and I know it!” Although, Andrea, was quick to say she didn’t think so.

For the gals who’ve signed up for this adventure (see below) most are competitive and are looking to make their mark in the reality TV world by capturing themselves a prince or creating a dramatic storyline. Meghan was an immediate standout stating: “I’m smart. I’m funny. I’m beautiful and a lot of these girls don’t have anything.” While the innocent-looking preschool teacher Rose proved to be so not so innocent with her flirty sassy talk and panty showings. (Not sure too many parents are going to like seeing that.) Kimberly appeared to be more genuine saying, “I don’t care if he’s Prince Harry or not I just want a guy that makes me feel special.”

And special he did. The girls were given new dresses and decorative masks to prepare for the evening’s masquerade party, and the official meeting of their mystery man. At the party, fake Harry (Matt) danced and chatted with each of them, however, when the clock struck midnight he had to make some decisions. One of the ladies would be given a key to the crown suite, which was adjacent to where he would be sleeping and an opportunity to get to know each other better, and another woman would be sent home.

The format of the show is similar to other competition dating series where the ultimate prize is winning the suitor’s heart. “In each show he sends one girl home and elevates one girl to the crown suite,” tells Danny Fenton, executive producer and creator of the show. “When he gets to his chosen girl he will reveal his true identity and will see if she will love him for who he is.”

Fake Harry selects sassy talking Rose and step-on-his-feet-while-dancing Leah, where cameras capture their separate conversations and you’re left unsure who he’s going to send home. When fake Harry tells that he finds Rose to be quite forward, loud and brazen, it appears at first she may be first to leave, but it’s  Leah instead who he asks to leave the estate. “It feels unjust and unfair,” says Matt (no longer acting like Harry). “But it didn’t seem like she was having fun.”

Get to know the 12 girls competing on I Wanna Marry Harry  which airs on FOX Tuesdays at 9/8c.
Here’s the lineup of hopefuls:
Kelley AnKelley Andrews from I Wanna Marry Harry on FOXdrews
Age: 25
Hometown: Mobile, Alabama
Residing: New York, NY
Occupation: restaurant hostess
Dating deal breaker: “Not willing to have fun on the dance floor!”



Kimberly Birch from I Wanna Marry Harry on FOXKimberly Birch
Age: 24
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Residing: Long Island, NY
Occupation: social worker
Dating deal breaker: “arrogance”



Chelsea Brookshire from I Wanna Marry HarryChelsea Brookshire
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Residing: Riverside, CA
Occupation: store cashier
Dating deal breaker: “Doesn’t believe in God.”



Andrea Fox on I Wanna Marry HarryAndrea Fox
Age: 25
Hometown: Long View, TX
Residing: Plano, TX
Occupation: Technology sales representative
Dating deal breaker: “shorter than me, even with heels on.”

Carley Hawkins from I Wanna Marry HarryCarley Hawkins
Age: 24
Hometown: Buffalo, MO
Residing: Phoenix, AZ
Occupation: student
Dating deal breaker: “None … only standards”


Anna Lisa Matias from I Wanna Marry HarryAnna Lisa Matias
Age: 24
Hometown” San Francisco, CA
Residing: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Pageant queen (she’s Miss Los Angeles 2013)
Dating deal breaker: “No manners/etiquette, flakers, smarta**”



Rose Copeland from I Wanna Marry HarryRose Copeland
Wins the Crown Suite key in Episode 1, immediate frontrunner
Age: 23
Hometown: Westlake Village, CA
Residing: Studio City, CA
Occupation: preschool teacher
Dating deal breaker: “equal opportunity dater”



Jacqueline Conroy from I Wanna Marry HarryJacqueline Conroy
Age: 25
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Residing: New York, NY
Occupation: Nutrionist
Dating deal breaker: “Liars, unemployed, cheaters, cheap or judgmental.”



Meghan Jones from I Wanna Marry HarryMeghan Jones
Age: 26
Hometown: Tustin, CA
Residing: Dallas, TX
Occupation: artist
Dating deal breaker: Nothing worse than a man who is insecure.”


Karina Kennedy from I Wanna Marry HarryKarina Kennedy
Age: 25
Hometown: Palos Hills, IL
Residing: Chicago, IL
Occupation: physical therapist
Dating deal breaker: “arrogance”




Leah Thom from I Wanna Marry HarryLeah Thom
[Sent home in Episode 1]
Age: 24
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Residing: Fort Worth, TX
Occupation: cocktail waitress
Dating deal breaker: “He hasn’t seen Star Wars …”



Maggie Toraasan of I Wanna Marry HarryMaggie Toraason
Age: 25
Hometown: Peru, IL
Residing: Chicago, IL
Occupation: beverage sales rep
Dating deal breaker: “crocs …”



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  1. I really had fun watching the show and was frustrated to see that it was cancelled ! Well, I’m just a romantic, I guess….because it seemed like a sweet way to pass my tv watching time and I was let down by having
    the “game” come to an early end. I especially liked Matt Hicks and how
    he explained himself and his wonderful way of being just a really normal guy having his own fun while sweating it out while on this silly, fun ride !
    I hope to hear how HE goes on with life and what happens to him with his quest for Love in the real world. I enjoyed the fun and sweetness of the show. Thanks, Fox for doing it at all. Good Luck to Matt !

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