The Vampire Diaries season finale recap

It’s sad to say that The Vampire Diaries season finale is already here but of course we can’t expect anything but excellent from The CW. At the end of the previous episode the last scene was very upsetting with the shocking death of Stefan (Paul Wesley). So at the beginning of this episode we know things are going to be in chaos with this happening and all of the other things that the travelers have been disrupting with their plan. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is definitely not taking things lightly—and he shouldn’t be—and his first step is to go to Bonnie (Kat Graham). Bonnie was supposed to be working with Enzo (Michael Malarkey) on a way to bring him back from the dead with the use of a traveler and a witch but they ended up losing both of those sources in this last episode.


It’s finally time for Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Caroline (Candice Accola) to take action because they too cared deeply for Stefan. And who are the two witches that they go after? The two siblings we all love (very sarcastic), Liv (Penelope Mitchell) and Luke (Chris Brochu). It’s also quite ironic because they use the same tapping technique that Liv and Luke used on Elena and Stefan in the last episode. Caroline even goes so far as to killing Luke, forcing Liv to help bring back not only Enzo and Stefan, but also her brother.

Meanwhile, Markos (Raffi Barsoumian) is still relentless in carrying out his plan. He has begun to set up a border around Mystic Falls of where the curse to end magic has started. He’s even captured the traveler trapped in Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) body that betrayed him. Markos, being the deviant man he is, puts Tyler’s body into the border and we are forced to watch the magic come undone until he is dead—one more person that they’ll have to bring back from the other side … if they can. Their plan is to use the power of Liv and the power of killing off a mass number of the travelers. As easy as that sounds anything could go wrong. Namely, the “traveler” that Enzo found to help them with the spell—our buddy, Silas (Paul Wesley).

While Silas is teaching Bonnie the spell, Caroline’s mom Sherriff Liz (Marguerite MacIntyre) has devised a plan to get the traveler’s in one place, the bar. Underneath the bar, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Matt (Zach Roerig) are working on a plan to blow up the whole bar to kill all of the travelers inside. Markos may or may not be catching on to things because although he is also there at the bar he is not allowing Liz to leave just yet.

Damon is also in on this plan as he lets Elena know that he has decided to go on a suicide mission by being the trigger to the bomb that will go off in the bar. I don’t know about you but this definitely gives me an uneasy feeling about how badly things could possibly turn out.

Thank goodness Bonnie figures out a way to get rid of Silas so hopefully we won’t have to worry about him anymore. She then gets a visit from her Grams (Jasmine Guy) and this visit gives us some sort of hope that Bonnie will be able to survive the work of bringing all of these people back from the dead. Meanwhile at the bar, Liz is still having trouble leaving when she tries to trap Markos in the back of the bar. We don’t know if she made it out or not because it’s time for the part of the plan to blow up the bar and Elena has decided to go with Damon to blow up the place. All we do know is that everyone is dead and now things are getting sticky because they all have to make their way back to Bonnie before Liv finishes the spell. Before Damon leaves the bar though he finds Liz and now we just have to see if he can make it back to Bonnie.

When Damon finally does make it back to Bonnie, Luke has decided that Liv has had enough and he takes his sister away before Bonnie can bring Damon back. Is this really the end for Damon? Not only are we losing Damon but this could also be the end for Bonnie. This really is the most devastating episode of the Vampire Diaries yet, it’s hard to say what could possibly happen on the next season. Don’t lose hope though and stay tuned for the next season!

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