Dance Moms recap: The Battle of Maddie vs Chloe

This will be quick, Dance Moms nation, because for all intents and purposes, Dance Moms: The Battle of Maddie vs Chloe was just hour devoted to reminding us that Christi and Kelly Are Bad and Abby Is Good. With Maddie and Chloe stuck smack in the middle.

JC — in front of a questionably inappropriate wine-bottle-motif backdrop — says we’re going all the way back to Season 1 to see the advent of this historic  rivalry [between little girls who have no interest in being historic rivals] and to plumb the reasons that it’s become so “epic.” If one defines epic as “created, and carefully, toxically nurtured for the sake of Dance Moms.”

If there is a silver lining to this recycled yawner, it’s getting to harken back to the days when the kids were super-teeny, Abby wore hairbands and grocery store makeup, and the mothers were all pre-extensions and Pittsburgh’s version of haute couture.

dance moms cast season 1

We start out by reminding everyone that Kelly and Christi used to go drinking at competitions and one time that made Chloe’s hairband fall over her eyes during the Esther Williams trio with Maddie and Paige. If this theory were correct, Paige’s hairband woulda been a goner, too, but whatever. That was before we were mad at Paige.

Here’s Chloe doing Baby Mine versus Maddie doing the infamous — and now recycled — Cry.

Maddie wins!

Here’s Christi and and a very young Chloe getting weepy over Abby’s abuse.

Here’s JC reminding us that one of Abby’s greatest talents is amping up the competition between her dancers. For example, the time when Abby moved an 8-year-old Maddie and her Beautiful solo into the same division as 9-year-old Chloe and Pardon Moi.

Maddie wins!

Then we revisit that time in New Jersey — I think it was Jersey. Jersey, right? — when sneaky sneaky Abby entered two Maddie solos in one competition and Christi took very exuberant exception.

Maddie wins! Twice! Look at that armload of trophies!

But, you know, not everything is Christi’s fault. Some of the enormous pressure on Maddie is due to her own mother’s slavish need to please Abby. See? Here she is yelling at Maddie on multiple occasions and making Maddie cry.

JC says that yelling is not the only thing that Melissa and Christi have in common. They are also harboring unfulfilled dreams of being a dancer themselves. Let’s go back to Christi reminiscing to Chloe about dancing with her sister on the front yard of her childhood home. Let’s talk about Maddie’s late grandma, who is watching her from heaven.

Maddie wins!
Sorry. Habit.

Then we have some awkwardly edited stuff about the time when Abby gave Maddie a week off from performing solos just so Chloe would have to put up or shut up in the win department. But we don’t actually get to recollect if she actually won or not. We just see Christi and Abby yell some more and Chloe cry some more and then JC reminds us that Abby isn’t entirely about blowing up Chloe’s dreams and bruising her self-confidence. After all, remember that one time they had a pep talk down by the river and Abby told the girl she could be anything she wanted to be …  as long as she promised to never, ever listen to her mother?

That was great, wasn’t it? Good. Now let’s watch Chloe screw up Another Season, under the guise of demonstrating how she can’t keep it together on stage the way Maddie can. And then feel bad about that and make up for it by watchng her do well on Dream on a Star.

Then JC reminds us that the competition between the girls went beyond dance all the way to the chance to be in a Broadway revival of Annie and the infamous battle to be in the Lux video. Each girl gets a win.

We see the girls dance their lovely Black Swan duet and JC says that when all is said and done — and despite the adults’ best efforts to arse it up — the girls have still still managed to maintain their friendship.

Er, as much as possible.

dance moms girl party kendall chloe maddieThen he warns us that the battle isn’t over yet. Because, unfortunately, neither is Dance Moms.


  1. I feel like Maddie is being shoved down our throats! They have managed
    To turn a show that I loved to watch into one that I hate. I don’t even record it anymore. To hear there is another Maddie vs Chloe show makes me sick. I agree w the other posts when I did watch the show I would record it so I could FFwd through Maddie solos…. It was the same ol lyrical routine moves over and over and the same fake face. Collins should be able to tell by the ratings that Miller is a sinking ship and now they are
    Jumping on a Maddie train. It’s pathetic!

    • I think u r very very very very very very Very very very very very very wrong. I love maddie and she puts a lot of hard work into her dancing her mother may be a little u know messed up but maddie works just as hard and maybe a little harder than the rest of the girls. She dances beautifully and executes every single tine. Don’t get me wrong I love chloe to death but still maddie deserves her props just like everyonelse. I hate it when people talk bad about maddie because she’s a great little dancer. So all u critics better be quiet because I bet u u could never do what she does every week and every day of her life. I mean everything I said in total respect and don’t mean to offend anyone but I have firm beliefs and I’m only 11 and a half years old.

  2. Chloe is a beautiful dancer and just because she is being held back by ALM people can still see she can dance heads over the others…Her lovely lines, beautiful delivery and great technique. I love the way she tells a story…she is not fake at all. It is so pathetice to see melissa and her family all over the sites trashing Chloe because they are so jealous of her, classless people w/o an ounce of shame.

    • I agree, her performance is always 100 percent genuine, no canned “faces” are necessary, what you see is what you get. That young lady is grace and class personified.

    • I have to say I’m excited that Christi is not going to be on Dance Moms anymore! She was only on it for the publicity for Chloe. Chloe was never a member of ALDC and audition for the show. If you check out ALDC’s website you will not find Chloe listed on any competion results or nor has been traveling with the ALDC team as of this year for promos. Chloe, because of her mother was never dedicated to the study of dance, just the exposure, like the kelly girls were. It always frustrated Abby to see them waste their talent and not keep on top of their study and practice like they needed to. I can say I’m looking forward to new talent and deserving kids who really put in the time and effort needed to hone their skills to perfection. Glad the whining moms are gone!!!

      • Well enjoy watching …..based on the ratings others don’t feel the same way you do. Sick of Miller… She is unprofessional and abusive. There are many girls way more talented than any of these girls and this show is not a true representation of how you train to be a dancer. Miller is an average choreographer at best, how can you teach ballet when you can’t even bend over? Most of these girls will finish school and go off to college and live normal lives. If Chloe is no longer part of ALDC then I’m happy for her. She seems to be a smart well rounded young lady and the way she conducted herself on the show says alot about the type of person she is.

      • Christie was justified in clashes with Abby She was only standing up for her daughter who was getting screwed by Abby She was given inferior choreographies, boring costumes and was constantly being told that she was no good . Her self image was being destroyed as we watched.

    • U know what name some places and ways they’ve trashed chloe if they have it was probably the mother so u don’t have to blame the kids

    • U know what name some ways and places they’ve trashed chloe if so then it was probably the mother so don’t go blaming the kids cause I doubt it was them.

  3. Just off the subject a little does anyone know what is going on with the court case against kelly? From what i read it was suppose to go to court on may 5th? Any new?


      So long ago.
      Was it in a dream?
      Was it just a dream?
      I know, yes I know.
      It seemed so very real,
      Seemed so real to me.


      Sometimes parody songs don’t need to change any lyrics.

  4. Lol. A lot of you sound like a bunch of Christi’s…seriously, if you were a mother and u felt your child was being abused so badly by Abby wouldn’t you do more than just stand up for here? Get the hell out of the studio…i hear Christi complain all the time, nothing is ever good for ger, if Maddie got two solos its not fair to Chloe..if the tables turn and Chloe got two solos then she’d cry unfair cos Chloe is set up to fail. Honestly, if she really thinks Chloe does nothing for her child and more importantly, abuses her child then what kind of a mother still brings her child to the same person to abuse her? As a mother she needs to make this decision to protect her child, there are other dance studios bd teachers and if Chloe is a good dancer she will make it in the business if she wants it bad enough. If you want to be the best, you gotta be better than the best person, otherwise there’s nothing wrong with being just good. But you don’t sign up for boot camp at ALDC…we all know who and what Abby is, she cares only about winning, if these values are not important to you then go elsewhere….geesh. You don’t sign up for the Marines and complain how hard it is…all I’m saying is, we all have choices so make them or seriously shut up.

    • I do not think that it is as easy as saying “if you don’t like, then leave”. There are contracts involved that probably level pretty significant penalties for leaving the show before the producers want you to. Since Chloe is a fan favorite, I can not see them letting her just walk away before her contract is up.
      Some people have suggested that Christi should have never signed the contract in the first place. But lets remember that the show had a lot less destructive tone that first season…Miller was tough and clearly favored Maddie but she still seemed to care for the other dancers.

      • I’m pretty sure that whole “if we quit, we owe Collins $100,000” line we are fed really means that if they quit early they don’t get the “cycle completion” bonus as descibed in the Hyland/Collins contract posted by the Hollywood Reporter.

        • I thought it was abby who said on the View if anyone breaks contract with her has to pay her $100,000? It so easy for someone to say “if they don’t like it then leave.” I am sure getting out of the 50 page Collins contract involves much, much more.

          • I think that may have had to do with the title winners, but either way, the families I’m sure, would have pulled those kids out if there were any way possible, other than Melissa.

    • I totally agree %100. I love both dancers, but Maddie will always be my favorite. Everyone needs to open they’re eyes and see that both the girls are very talented and whether Abby favors Maddie or not, they both win and lose. Christi needs to get a life and stop worrying about Maddie and Melissa and focus on her own beautiful daughter who’s an amazing dancer.

    • Thank you soo much Karen n y r soon ooh right I’ve been thinking the same thing since the beginning when I started watching Dance mom’s in season 1 if it’s that bad Ho somewhere else for crying out loud she wines too of much so if it’s that freaking bad get the he’ll out of there. But honestly I don’t think she even knows what she wants

  5. Also I’d like to add that a lot of people don’t watch dance moms. But a whole demographic is going to be reached with this video from sia. Maddie is going to get tons of publicity and already is receiving praise. She performed beautifully. It’s rather sad to see grown women belittle a young girls talent. Because they are jealous for their favorite.

    • U said if naila absolutely right they should be glad she’s evolving and letting her light shine bright I mean it’s the girl’s dream for crying out loud. She really is something and will grow up to be an amazing amazing dancer

  6. I don’t watch dance moms but I saw the sia video and looked up maddie Ziegler. Her dancing in that video was absolutely beautiful. If that was any indication of how she performs on the show, then it is no wonder she won so many times. She demonstrated a level of maturity that you dont see in 11 year olds.
    That little girl has a something.

    • That’s the thing, Naila. The video isn’t an indication of how she performs on the show — because she is given the same judge-baiting, mini-princess choreography and costumes over and over again. It is still head and shoulders above what the other girls are given, but the video demonstrated how Maddie is being as sold short by Dance Moms as are the other girls. Just in a different, and slightly less emotionally taxing way.

      • I love your recaps Lori and I do agree with you. The vid didn’t sell me..a couple of dance moves and the robotic did not impress me. Maybe if her head turned 3 times and stuff was coming out of her mouth, then I would have been entertained, maybe, maybe not. No one can do that move but Linda Blair. All I see in my mind are children in the school yards singing 123, drink, 123 drink..flying from the chandeliayah because maddie is in it, That is beyond disturbing and disgusting to me

      • That is far off. Just like everyone else, Maddie learns her solos. Just like everyone else, Maddie gets studio time. Just like everyone else, Maddie gets gorgeous costumes. And just like everyone else, Maddie has God given talent. What everyone else decides to do with those things is left on the stage. And it is proven that most of these comments talk jealousy upon an 11 year old. Typical.

    • Omg Naila, you are CONSTANTLY on both the dance moms. Facebook website talking crap about Chloe AND the lifetime website. I have read so many comments you have made belittling Chloe and praising Maddie. To say you don’t watch dance moms is laughable. You are obsessed with it and were constantly writing on the lifetime site before they closed it down when they found out that Melissa’s sister was saying really horrible, nasty things about Chloe. At the time you said you were a 15 year old girl, but you seemed to be on constantly during all hours of the day and night. I know you will say it is not you, but I am totally sure it is. You put your picture up with. Both your names, so it’s not too hard to figure out.. Haha!!!

      • Busted!!! When will these people learn not to leave a paper/comment trail???

      • Yes bria we all know who you are but who the crap cares really. Just tell the truth. Be yourself. Stop trying to be someone else. You’ve created dozens of accounts on different sites and dozens of socks on the same sites. Always spreading your Maddie is queen of the universe and the other dancers are trash. Give it up. Just say I love Maddie like myself and think she did wonderful in the Sia video. It’s that simple.

        • Bria, melissa, renee, whoever you are, get this one fact – nobody cares about maddie! For all your harassment, name calling, bashing Christi, bashing Chloe, calling everybody jealous, is beyond crazy. All you accomplish is to make people dislike maddie more. Face it, nobody cares!

          • Its shameful really that Lifetime’s DM Board has allowed melissa’s family to control and destroy it with their trashing of Chloe and her fans. Shame on them, they give no respect to DM fans. melissa and her low life family have been banning, blocking and harassing anyone who disagrees in their shrine to maddie. Christi has too much class to stoop to this disgraceful level.

          • I agree with most of what u said Debra but I still that maddie still has many of fans despite all the criticism she gets

        • Its really sad! She requires everyone to bow down to maddy…if not your a hater!!! When will these people ever get that we like Chloe for Chloe and no amount of bashing will change that.

          • Totally agree with you Violet!! Some of these people really need some professional help. I would have thought their harassment of Chloe would have faded away, but apparently not. Melissa’s scummy family is THE WORST!! Bria is obviously a troubled, lonely girl and actually I feel kind of sorry for her because she obviously has a very unhealthy obsession with Maddie, and has no life- and she’s a teenager! She should have better things to do then bash a sweet and extremely talented Chloe. But Melissa’s family (namely her sister, but there is probably others..) to come on and ridicule, mock, belittle with her/their spiteful remarks is just hideous. What kind of grown woman does that??? Obviously they are jealous of Chloe. Chloe has something that Maddie doesn’t have and I think it drives them crazy. Grown up people and leave Chloe alone. You’re pathetic!!

      • melissa and her family are vile people filled with contempt and such hatred for Chloe, its unreal. For 3 years they manipulate and fill the Lifetime Board and FB with disgusting comments about Chloe. Its non-stop. You got some woman going insane on FB, annie logan who is all over the board with her filthy lies. She fights with everyone who asks her to stop and her stupid sidekick frest strema, throwing hate everywhere, this has been going on for 3 years and Lifetime refuses to do anything about it. They are allowed to go rogue and chase good folks off the board so they can make it a maddie shrine. Lifetime, take care of your damn business and kick these wicked ppl out, no one likes to be disrespected or have to read their crap. Lifetime board is someone named bowow who can’t stop talking crap about Chloe. Shoot, cable aint cheap! I am done with this freak of a mess of a show…as it is I do not watch any supporting stations because I have had it with Cyber Bulling of these horrible trolls. Christi, sue this filthy station that allows pple to run rogue and stay crap nonstop about your beautiful daughter!

      • J Hate To Say If But Dj Got U Good Naila And To Think I Thought U Were Being truthful

  7. Lori, it looks like you got out while the gettin’ was good.

    Dance Moms was *90th* on Tuesday night cable ratings, with a 0.3 (18-49) rating and 866,000 viewership, after a top 20 season and having over 2 million viewers until last few episodes.

    • Honestly, John, they didn’t really promote it very much, so I’m guessing plenty of folks just didn’t know it was on. But anyway … We’re No. 90! We’re No. 90!

  8. C’mon, people!!!! For the love of all that is holy, stop whining and endlessly complaining!!!!! If you’re sick of the show, simply shut the heck up and STOP watching it!!!!! This goes for you too, Lori. Tell your boss to let you off the hook and give the assignment to someone who still has an intact sense of humor. I used to come here for the biting wit of a hilarious recap……not so much anymore.

    I find it amusing that so many of you take this show seriously. No one, and I repeat no one, is being harmed…..including the amazing, talented cast of children. Believing the “reality” aspect of Dance Moms is like believing what is printed in the Enquirer.

    So stop with all the bellyaching and simply switch the channel. There is more than a few of us who continue to enjoy the scripted drama, the fabulous children, the silly moms and the ever-fabulous Abby Lee. Haters be gone already…….please!!!!!

    • Oh Abby….couldn’t you have come up with something more original than “pretty feet”? You’re slippin old girl…..

        • If she was kissing someone ass trying to get new fans, damn straight she’d turn on the charm, or whatever she could pull out of her massive ass.

          • I love it Michelle! You got her. She fails to see no one watches it for her but for the dancers she emotionally beats down every week except maddie of course. I am waiting to see one of the dancers turn around and tell her kiss my ass you itch! That would be worth all the tea in China!

    • Lori said she quit the show, Lori said she is changing the channel.

      Now you should switch your channel back to the IMDB board where you are so popular.

    • “haters be gone”? Hit the road then, miller, melissa, or renee and flunkies! Nobody is twisting your arm you know.

      • You guys are too much…..I am just another fan. But while I’m here, don’t forget to tune in to the (Other) Divine Ms. M’s brand new show, “Abby’s Studio Rescue” which debuts on Lifetime Tues., June 17th at 900 pm Eastern. If you’re tired of the mama drama and the “mistreatment” of “innocent children”, check it out……this could be the show for you. Abby Lee Miller rules!!!!!

        • Are you seriously pushing that miller show here? You must be miller. Hood luck. Nobody is going to watch that harpie.

        • Are you seriously pushing that miller show here? You must be miller. Good luck. Nobody is going to watch that mess, miller.

    • No one is more aware of how the show has drained my sense of humor than am I, Pretty. Thus, I accept your challenge. I will STOP watching it.

    • Pretty feet u totally took the words out my mouth everything u said is spot on and absolutely correct. I am still a dedicated dance mom fan so all u haters watch something else and stop posting trash about the show, moms, and the entire cast because honestly it’s too freaking annoying

  9. In the second episode, Chloe’s solo Baby Mine and Maddie’s solo Cry weren’t even in the same age category. They both came in first, but Chloe’s results were never shown. I was disappointed that they didn’t correct that omission in this episode. In the sixth episode, Chloe came in second, but not with the solo they showed, it was Baby Mine again. Maddie own, but she also performed her Cry solo and Chloe did place ahead of it. In subsequent seasons there have been other times when Chloe finished ahead of Maddie and they didn’t air the solos.

  10. This was just awful. It wasn’t “The Battle of Maddie v. Chloe” it was “Let’s Show How Superior Maddie is to Chloe.” I loved how they showed the clip of Chloe forgetting her solo but didn’t even mention when Maddie forgot her solo. It was just an episode to remind us how many times Maddie has beat Chloe. I’m not taking anything away from Maddie, she’s a wonderful dancer. She should be because that’s all she does is dance but that’s her choice (Read: her mother’s). I also love how this conveniently aired right after the release of the Sia video. Does anyone else feel like this was a promo for Maddie? Maybe it’s just me…oh well. I’m sure Jill is somewhere right now complaining because Kendall wasn’t included in this episode. At least we got to see clips of them when they were so tiny and little. And how cute was baby Clara the few times they showed her…just adorable.

    • It was a disgusting episode and Collins should be ashamed of himself but he has no personality at all, just his swarmy smile, ughhhh! Trying to do damage control for show that ALM doesn’t abuse children, epic fail!!!!

      • I hope people don’t buy into these garbage Jeff and Abby are selling. Anyone who has watched a few episodes, let alone all of them, knows how abusive Abby has been to most all the girls but especially cruel to the point of seriously being very abusive to Paige, Chloe and Brooke. She can’t control them and she can’t stand that. I think Chloe shows the most grace and humility I’ve ever seen from anyone- adult or child. I wish she didn’t have to endure this anymore and pray she gets out of this show for her own good. She is a class act though, and obviously incredibly strong to deal with this evil woman who constantly is beating her down, trying to get her to leave. Whatever people have to say about Christi, at least she’s obviously done something right because she has raised a truly remarkable young lady who will really go far in this life. Stay strong Chloe!!!

    • This clip show was 100% footage of season 1. Maddie forgot her solo in season 2.

  11. JC constantly belittles Christi and sets her up to look awful on the DM specials, and I’m so annoyed by it. If my daughter was emotionally abused and mocked the way ALM does Chloe I’d stand up for her no matter what. Chloe is OUTSTANDING and her technique, grace and elegance is incomparable to the other ALDC girls. If she’d have gone to Kalani’s studio since she was younger she’d be unbeatable. I think that Maddie getting the Sia video is ridiculous; Sia said on twitter that Maddie is the best child dancer she’s ever seen, and I’m sorry but none of the ALDC girls are a patch on the true “child dancers” in the USA. Sophia Lucia, Jaycee Wilkins, Brynn Rumfallo, Miko Fogarty- they’re the truly astonishing kids. I also think it’s obvious that ALM manipulates everyone involved with DM to love Maddie and hate Chloe because of her mother, who is only doing what a responsible mother would. Considering Maddie doesn’t go to school and spends basically all day, everyday in the studio she should really be far better than she is. She’s given up a proper education (I know she’s homeschooled but an education is far more than just getting the grades) for a dance career which realistically, without nearly enough classical ballet training, will burn out pretty quickly.

    Sorry for such a long post- didn’t realise I had so much to say! And for the record, I’m not hating on Maddie in anyway, just ALM’s treatment of her compared to the other students etc. A professional establishment should provide equality of opportunity for all its students and ALDC clearly does not do that.

    • I haven’t seen any of those children other than Sophia dance but I believe you. Maddie is a beautiful dancer by all means but there’s a dancer like her at most studios in America who probably have more ballet training.

    • Some of those kids you named are doing a Summer Intensive program in some Canadian cities this summer along with Blake McGrath. Not ONE ALDC kid is participating……you’d think Abby would be all over that, unless Blake vetoed them all, would serve her right.

      • as of a couple weeks ago, Chloe has been added to the roster of alumni that will be teaching the intensive.

  12. I’m sorry, but last night Jeff Collins looked like he was ready to replace Peyton in the Kinky Boots routine.

    It’s too bad Lux’s video never took off.

    I did enjoy getting to see both girls’ routines again. It’s amazing how much they’ve improved despite the TV show.

    I hope Chloe gets a break like Maddie did. And diehard Chloe fan that I am, Maddie is pretty amazing in the Sia video.

    • That right there — in addition to the whole of last night’s special — is the problem, Max, We should be able to be unabashed fans of both girls’ talent.

    • I wish everyone would just quit with the whole “sympathy” crap. Being a complete and total Maddie fan, even I love Chloe, but it seems like everyone else doesn’t give her credit when its due. We all know that both the girls go back and forth with wins, I mean , its a fact. They BOTH are amazingly talented dancers. All the crap about poor Chloe poor Chloe need to stop. I feel bad for Chloe sometimes, but leave it up to her mother to always have something to complain about. All of you people are sick. Jealous of an 11 year old? Seriously? It makes me laugh to read such horrendous comments. No one ever likes to give Maddie a pat on the back. That’s only because everyone knows that she deserves everything she gets. Top be the best, you have to WANT to best the best, and although I love Chloe, I can honestly say that Maddie IS the best. It’s time to face facts people. Get a life and stop trying to knock her down! And as for Abby? Any kid would be extremely lucky to experience her as a dance teacher. I dont care what anyone says, Abby Lee Miller knows exactly what she’s doing. Peace out Haters!

  13. It does sound sick. Haven’t watched it yet and have decided today is the day to break this unhealthy addiction–love your recaps, Lori, but goodbye dance moms.

    • Last night did me in, too. The intent, the tone, the “let’s see if we can get them to watch anything” shoddiness was the final straw. Thanks for reading, you lovely, lovely boys and girls. I hope I can come up with somewhere else for us to gather again.

      • Alas Lori, I agree. I only made it 5 minutes last night, before I turned it off. I love your witty recaps, and look forward to a new place for us all to land.

      • Did you catch the premirre episode of Penny Dreadful? I could use some help figuring *that* sucker out.

  14. The ONLY good thing about this episode was seeing the full versions of the dances, not the 30 seconds they usually give us.

  15. Because I am new this season I had never seen any of those old clips, so this is my favorite episode of the 12 or so I’ve seen. Collins may have heard you Lori, he actually had much more dancing than drama.

    But, I think there is more to this episode than meets the eye. The fact is Maddie is becoming a star/household name with the Sia video, and I think Collins saw it coming and had this show made to surf it. Ratings will be interesting.

    It is certain Maddie video will be nominated at VMA’s, probably at Grammy’s too.

  16. I started watching Dance Moms in season 2. Tonight’s episode showed that Maddie was given better choreography from the very beginning. I also agree that Collins comes across as very smarmy. This show really needs to end.

  17. It was sick wasn’t it, Lori. It made me sick. Collins is a pig, I despise miller, despise melissa, and am drowning in maddiemaddiemaddie. It is time to stop this. This sicko collins and his whale pal miller and the trashy with no morals (yeah i went there) sorry excuse for a mother melissa needs to get off the air.

    You have my admiration Lori if you continue recapping, since collins tells us suckers “they will be back”.

    • When he said something about how Maddie “always” pulled it together on stage but Chloe wasn’t so lucky, I was beyond angry. Does this guy even watch his own show?!? How about when Maddie forgot her choreography and had a total meltdown?
      And all the things that led up to the highly suspicious time when Maddie’s music “skipped” but Maddie magically kept on dancing, was totally unnerved (which is WAY out of character, based on what we’ve seen) and….Maddie won. surprise. He also conveniently left out the controversy surrounding Abby cheating/trying to cheat to ensure that Maddie wins. Sooooo over this show. Love the recaps, but JC and Miller are repugnant.

    • Finally, I mean everyone believes that Maddie is her number one girl, but honestly if she gave Chloe choreography that is even remotely close to what Maddie’s choreography generally looks like, Abby would have her new number one girl (and her last name isn’t Ziegler).

      • Maddy is absolutely Abby’s #1 girl and it can’t be more obvious. Even the group dances are basically Maddy solos and the other girls are support or just props to showcase her. The trio with Brooke, Chloe and Maddy was just as obvious. There was Maddy out front taking the show and Brooke and Chloe were in the background. This Abby Miller is simply sick in the head with her Maddy obsession.

      • Incidentally, watching Chloe dance tells a story. Her use of her hands and entire body to convey the story is something Maddy simply cannot do. We’ve all seen it before, technique, technique, technique and no feeling for the part. Casting calls are filled with dancing like these, who eventually fill the chorus, but it it the dancers with that certain something that get picked for the principle parts. Chloe has that certain something and very soon it will show itself.

        • Couldn’t agree more- Chloe has often made me tear up slightly from her performances, but I’ve never had that from Maddie which speaks volumes, especially since Maddie gets subject matter which should make me cry (Helen Keller, Disappear etc).

          • I think it’s the fake presentation that comes with Maddie’s performances, she’s SOO over the top with her “faces” that it comes across as superficial and over-done. Chloe is 100 percent genuine with every one of her dances, and that comes across as more “real”, at least for me.

          • Yes Michelle! Maddie has the same phony face and the same dance every week for the past few years. Abby isn’t doing the kid any favors. I actually feel something when I watch Chloe dance. It’s genuine, passionate, emotional, and simply breath taking. To be honest, when maddies solos come on, I then turn it off or get some stuff done until it’s over. Every dance is the dance. Every face is the same. I don’t feel she dances from her heart. She does what she thinks she’s supposed to do, but that just makes it come off as robotic. She has no passion, it seems.

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