1. Hey you – Happy Birthday!

    I agree with you that some of the picks for this clip show were kinda weird. At times I thought they were just trying to spread the love but then they kind of weren’t.

    Overall, I thought this was a really strong season of some really talented queens. I didn’t mind the lack of drama & would’ve been ok if they stopped trying to stir up drama where some only very briefly existed.

    I too think BenDeLaCreme will make All Stars UNLESS they’ve already started filming. She’s been hosting viewing parties in Seattle every week, so I doubt she could do that AND film All Stars. But we shall see about that!

  2. Well hello there my Ruthie Ru…guess who has 2 thumbs and whose B-day it is?!?!?! THIS GALS!!!!!! And I’m spending the first part of my b-day talkin 2 my new friend, what a treat!

    Lets get into this review shall we??

    Well I already laid down the law on the girls last week so lets dissect the categories and season as a whole cuz next week I’m either screaming YAY, Eh, or NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

    Catchiest phrases: I agreed with it, especially Joslyn-isms, but if I could have took something out and added something it would have been Bianca’s rolodex of hate and replaced it with Laganja-isms cuz even though Bianca was HILARIOUS, were one-liners are not “catch phrases” per se, what Laganja was sayin YES GAWD, OKAAAAAYYYY, and NO MA’AM…those are actual catchphrases, so I’m actually really surprised
    nothing she made it, the list should’ve been top 7 for sure!

    Talent MVP’s: Just noticed that both Court and Adore won the singin challenge and Bianca won the comedy, each queen won for her on thing, that’s kinda cool! I really enjoyed this category especially them givin my Bendela the credit she deserved, she KILLED IT, I mean she had her character freakin SET, she brought a dang calligraphy pen so she could write her answers, who thinks of that?!?!? GENIUS! But I also agreed with Manilla about Bendela “possible non English accent” I think we both called SHENANGANS on that, LIZA MINELLA LIES, LIZA MINELLA’S SISTER LORNA LUFT! HAHAHAHA I also loved ru-viewing the Ru-sical! Now this is the things that make me think that they get more time than they say because it was REALLY good, like I wish they woulda recorded the beginning with Court/Bende/Gia/Bianca/Trinity/Darriene because I agreed with my Jinkxy who was like “WTH did I turn on, a performance at the Tony awards?!?!” hahahaha, I mean seriously it was wonderful, I would add that instantly to my Broadyway Baby playlist on my ipod!

    WTF moments: The only WTF I was focusing on was the absolute distinction between the first photo shoot, jumping and trying to catch a picture mid air….and pillow fight with hotties! I mean seriously, WTF?!?! oh now I get it, hahahaha.

    Drag-accessories: The only thing I was like hmmmm about was the fish oil, was that really necessary??? hilarious to comment on I mean but needed to be on the list? I guess they mentioned it so much throughout the season it was needed though, but still hmmm…I LOVED April’s umbrella, I agree with Raja on this one, who wouldn’t want to walk around with their own special effects?!?! I’m just now considering walking around with glitter on my pocket for when I make a point of things and can be like BAM **blows glitter**, I just worry about it getting in people’s eyes….maybe I should switch to confetti.

    Moments that made you feel stuff: Agree with everything EXCEPT Adore’s vid from her mommy…did that really make me feel something?? I thought it was sweet as hell but was it like the amazing OMG movin me deep inside feelings that I’ve seen other girls get?? not really, I mean not a lot of parents on the vids but I woulda thought more from Joslyn and her fiancé than Adore…but maybe that’s just me. I’m surprised they didn’t put on the non-elimination because nobody wanted to my Bende go home the first time, but maybe that just made ME feel something…

    Top Turnt out looks: my thought exactly…Trinity’s bird outfit didn’t make the list but Joslyn’s crazesxycool did?!?! Now that’s a WTF moment!!! I think they just wanted to show something with Jos’s ass, they shoulda just put that on the list then, they have plenty of clips but don’t put a specific outfit that they read and thought was TACKY! Majority of Trinitys runway shoulda been on the list she was the MOST fashionable of all the girls and her bird look, look liked if she moved her arms a certain way she woulda took off! I also think the only reason Milk’s pants outfit from the first challenge didn’t make it was cuz of the beard, cuz other than that her outfit was runway FLY!!!!

    Judge moments: Nothing to argue here, they were hilarious, I wished they had shown more of Michelle givin side-eye to Santino cuz I don’t think anyone gives side eye better! Loved Michelle and Leah…and Khloe just made it cuz she was there twice. Did it seem like there were less judges than last year? weird!

    SMACKDOWN: Umm…kinda whomp-whomp. I mean Gia/Milk legit she was ticked that she was getting read and Milk was getting by even though her looks were outta the box, the shade-fest of Darrinne and my Bendela, Courtney/Joslyn, the Laganja/Adore thing was just hilarious to sane people but Bianca vs the world…seriously? This is why its a filler show because that’s out of no where they just givin my homegirl some more airtime…like her rolodex of hate (now THATS a catch phrase cuz I will be using it sometime soon, haha)

    Support Hos’: My thoughts exactly for this category, these girls were not sure what to think about at first but they showed they had true heart and not just for themselves but enough to stand up for what they felt and help a gal out, I was all for it!

    THE SEASON AS A WHOLE: Ok…I think the only reason my Bendela was eliminated from the show is cuz they wouldn’t want 2 back-to-back “comedy Broadway-esque” stars from Seatlle winning, but I thinkj my Bendela will come back and ROCK on ALL-Stars so that’s no worry.

    I feel like that eliminations were kinda screwy this season. Like they picked the people to go home…at the wrong time. Last season and seasons prior I felt like this is the bottom and they deserve it (unless of course they had immunity but they got that for doin great the week prior so they just counted blessing) or the next worse. This Season with a lot of their bottom 2 I was like HUH?!?! I don’t know if the producers had more of their hand on it (kinda seems like it) but normally I will agree with Ru’s decisions, this season I found myself questioning it a bit more.

    I think that this season didn’t have as many catchphrases, emotional moments, real drama-rama as last or other seasons.

    I like that they added the thunder effect when Ru emphasizes lip-sync for your life!

    I don’t like that they took out the quick turn-around for Michelle and Santino with their guest judges that used to be in the place of them turning the lights of the runway on. I mean we know its focused on Ru, but I liked them turning around and takin like a selfie, it was soap-esque like Dynasty…now its gone and I miss it!

    I don’t mind that its the interior illusions lounge and gold bar, it sounds cool either way, but I do need to make the drinks look COOLER, my gosh I get it that Absolute pulled the funding but the drinks look really boring, I don’t know if Absolute used to have their drinks in glasses with lights and glitter but these drinks look…totally zzzzzzzzzzzz worthy!

    I don’t like Scruff Pitt Crew, its 2 much of a mouthful (rimshot), hehe. But seriously I liked it better when it was just Pitt Crew and for it being more or them…I saw WAYYYY less of them, where the heck were they this season??!?!

    And speaking of where the heck were they…did we get less guest judges or did it just seem like that??

    Did the season go by REALLY fast or did it just seem like that?

    Its not like I didn’t like everything about this season the girls entrances were sooooooo much better this year, its like they finally realized that that moment they get when they come in the door is just enough time make a fantastic entrance and throw a catch phrase or strike a pose that will stick in the minds of fans! I mean I was not feelin Magnolia Crawford but her entrance wasn’t half bad at all, I told you she reminds me of some ladies I know a couple cities over who still rock fanny packs (that are no doubt holding their bingo markers) and black cat suits!

    I see them making changes to make the show better I just feel like this season was the transition to better and not the finished product so Season 7 and on will do great until that time when Ru is like time to switch it up again! But we know Season 10 will be explosive cuz its double digits so she might pull some crazy out of the hat stuff for that!

    Besides Trinity’s and Laganja/Joslyn’s lip-sync it was kinda like…eh for lip-syncing season. (although I did like Darrienne’s first one cuz she looked like she was from the 70’s and everything matched) I feel like those girls came with a plan for lip-syncing and the other girls kinda did what they did and I was like eh.

    What I am excited about seeing Bianca crowned hopefully and happy that we got a chance to chat it up Ruthie Ru, you and I be on the same eave-length about this stuff and its awesome…now lets see who gets crowned America’s next drag supa-star!!!!!

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