Catfish Season 3 episode 1 recap: The truth about Zoe

Last night was the long-awaited Season 3 premiere of the MTV hit show Catfish, and it didn’t fail to pack in the emotion and epic dramatic climaxes.

catfish season 3 episode 1 craigThis episode starts off introducing an email from Craig D. from Pittsburg, Pa. — or as he calls it, Heartbreak Hotel. He reaches out to Nev and Max for their help with his online relationship with “Zoe Peterson.” He mentions that the relationship was going strong for about one year and for proof, mentions that they started saying the “L” word to each other only a few months into the relationship. However, things turned sour once Craig would ask to meet with Zoe. They made plans to meet up a couple times, with Craig even staying up until four in the morning only to be stood up again for a “family emergency.”

Craig sits down with Nev and Max and mentions that he first found out about Zoe from his sister, Miriah, who lives in Jacksonville, Fla. His sister told him that she talked to Zoe but never met with her because — foreshadowing! — Zoe never showed up when they made plans. Craig opens up to Nev and Max and mentions that his father died of AIDS when he was eight, and he keeps holding onto this connection of strong love with Zoe because he never felt that when he was eight and alone when his father died.

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Unfortunately, after opening up to Nev and Max about the sensitive topic, Craig has to explain to them how crazy this girl is that he fell in love with. He starts off steady by saying that Zoe told him she needed his Facebook password in order to prove to her that he’s loyal and not cheating. Sure this is something that most possessive girlfriends would want, Craig thought nothing much of it.

However, things change in a split second when he starts to explain what happened when Facebook added a new advancement where all of the photos on your phone can be automatically synced and uploaded to your profile. Zoe saw a picture Craig’s friend, Kalyn, sent to him in sexy lingerie. Zoe uploaded it on Craig’s account for everyone to see and “blasted” Kalyn to everyone as being trashy, among other things.

This was only the beginning, because Zoe continued to hack into Craig’s account even though he changed his password countless times. While  Zoe always seemed to outsmart everyone, she got caught in one of her own lies when she was signed in under Craig’s account on her phone and took a picture that showed a girl that didn’t look like Zoe. When Craig asked her who it was, she said it was her cousin Cassandra.

When Nev, Max, and Craig arrive in Jacksonville to meet Craig’s sister, the truth about Zoe starts to unravel, showing how she’s a true “catfish terrorist.” Miriah tells Nev and Max that her friendship with Kalyn has been ruined because of Zoe. She says that Zoe thought that because Miriah and Kalyn were friends, she was siding with Kalyn and not taking Zoe’s side. Then Miriah mentions that Kalyn and her friend Kayla were also affected by this online monster and she gets them to meet with Nev, Max, and Craig to tell their stories.

Catfish Season 3 episode 1

Kayla and Kalyn were best friends, but once again, another friendship was ruined by Zoe. It all started when Zoe sent some risqué photos of Kalyn to Kayla, and when Kayla asked how she got them, Zoe blamed Craig. Being a good friend, Kayla tells Kalyn about the photos and that Craig had them, so Kalyn confronts Craig about it. Craig is clueless. Both he and Kalyn realize that Zoe is a psycho and try to make sure she doesn’t do anything with them, but Kalyn is upset with Kayla for not taking her side, because she told her she shouldn’t have taken those pictures in the first place.

Then the unthinkable happens when a message to Kayla comes from Zoe off of Craig’s profile saying to watch out because she has her photos. The next day, Kalyn’s photo along with other girls’ are posted on Craig’s profile along with their first and last names and the schools they go to next to their pictures. Then Zoe makes up her own little game of posting more photos and puts the time of when she’ll do so online.

Nev and Max have heard enough of what this person has done and get down to investigating. They first do a reverse look-up of the phone number they have for Zoe and find it registered to someone named MaryAnn Rozmus, who is from Florida but lives in North Carolina. Then they look up the name on Facebook and find an account of an older woman which leads them to a Michael Rozmus. They search through his pictures.

The true CIA investigating happens here when they see that Mary Ann is in some of his pictures, and in a family photo there is also a younger girl. They try to figure out who it is, but no one tagged. Then they realize they’re logged in under Craig’s Facebook and that he might have been blocked. Nev logs into his own account and — sure enough — he gets a name, Cassandra Rozmus, the same name as Zoe’s supposed cousin in the photo.

When Nev looks to see if Craig is friends with her, he realizes that she’s blocked him so she can keep him hidden from the truth. Taking one last look at the profile, they notice in the URL that the “x3” at the end matches the URL of Zoe’s profile. They search Cassandra on YouTube and find a video to show to Craig so he can confirm it’s her by recognizing her voice. He does.

After showing Craig and Miriah all the information they’ve found, Nev tries calling Cassandra to set up a meeting with her in Florida. He keeps getting her voicemail however until the producer mentions that they already have her address, and they might as well go down to Florida and try to find her.

Off to Florida they go, along with Miriah.

Once they arrive at Cassandra’s house, it appears that someone is home because the garage door is open, but they don’t get an answer after numerous knocks and doorbell rings . When they try calling her, they get sent to voicemail yet again. All of a sudden, a car comes speeding up to the house, and it’s Cassandra. She’s shocked at how easy it is to find someone’s address and the fact that she just got caught in her own web of lies. She doesn’t want to talk and only offers that she doesn’t feel bad about breaking up friendships and thats she didn’t have any feelings towards Craig. She says she was just playing a game and wanted to “put people on blast.”

The next day, the gang tries to meet with Cassandra one last time before leaving and again, she has nothing to offer to Craig. They both agree that there’s nothing left to be said and say their goodbyes. However, when Nev and Max sit down with Cassandra, they get her to break down and get to the core of her issues: She was bullied when she was younger.

Cassandra Catfish MTV

Cassandra says that she even thought about committing suicide and that since she was always bullied, she just wanted to bring the hatred towards people through this online anonymous bully, Zoe.

So what did you think of the Season 3 premiere, Catfish fans? Did you understand why Craig hung on to the relationship for so long? Would you have turned over your Facebook password? What did you think of Cassandra’s rationale that two cyberbullying wrongs made a … well, right enough? Sound off in the comments section below.

New episodes of Catfish air Wednesdays at 10/9CT on MTV.

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  1. I found the love of my life seeing this episode. And yes it’s Craig himself! We are now happily engaged and he has found love. Thanks to catfish 🙂

  2. I had to watch as i went through the same thing. I fell in love with a girl who i still dnt knw who she is. We spoke on phone and she made me feel good. We arrangrd to meet up loads of times and she made excuses. So i dug deep to find out and eventually found out the girls picture was someone else in england. When i asked her about it she denied it and then she deleted her account. I am still annoyed as i want answers but it was good to know.

  3. Wow LOVED this episode!!! Craig is such a cutie with an awesome heart!!! NEV pretty sure you need to send him my way!!!

  4. Craig this text is ur for u I do hope u find love u seen to be a really sweet person an I am sorry that happen to u say hi if u want to

  5. i would Love to meet Craig i don’t know his last name on Facebook but i would be glad to find him..I’m usually watching that show, But When i seen this Season i couldn’t do nothing but feel bad about how Craig was Done.. Keep your Head up Craig!!

  6. Am from Nigeria and after watching this i was like…even though she was bullied why excersise some vengeance on innocent people(i know no one is that innocent…but)
    …Cassandra is evil and might commit things more awfull to other people some time to come…if it was in the southern part of my country where you don’t mess with guys and call it a joke…they would have retaliated in the way they think is best to them…and i bet you even the law won’t come down to the place and secure you for your selfishness…craig you are very strong and a die hard lover…the truth is just beware of people and love with your heart and also add some brains into it

  7. Craig you handled yourself real & true & I have the upmost respect for you because of this! You seem to be a true & genuine man (based iff of this small glumpse of your life) I believe from the depths of my soyl EVERYTHING happens for a reason! Please let this make you a stronger & better man, dont allow her deceit to snuff out all that true love you have to give! Theres someone out there for yiu & through this experience it will cause you to be that much more experienced in life for the next REAL love that comes along! Stay true to you, make this make you better & keep that beautiful heart of yours alive…this world doesnt have enough of you in it so DONT allow her to ruin you!! As every other person has said, I too would feel blessed to be yor friend on FB if anything to just continue to give you support for what you’ve overcome! Friend request me if you’d like…Sarah Ludeman Columbia MO! If not I pray you have a LONG LIFETIME of love & support ahead of you!! Keep your head up & KEEP OVERCOMING!!

  8. Craig is super good looking with a sweet and sensitive side and I feel so bad for what he went through. What a biotch!!

  9. Catfish i think this is a amazing show and its because people fall in love not realizing who we fall in love with! I been there had a man lie to me for 2 years yes it was awful but i got over it! Craig D. If u ever read this or if Nev or Max can let me know how i can at least become friends with u your a great man keep ur head up and be strong!!!! You can fimd me on facebook Cristy Tjaden!!!!

  10. I truly think what Craig went threw is so sad, he seems like a very kind hearted guy and didn’t deserve any of that. Also the other people that were hurt like his sis and also the two other girls truly breaks my heart. I have been threw a situation like that that ended up a lot worse then that if you can even imagine that because what he went threw was horrible. If he does read this I want him to know my thought and prayers go out to him that everything is getting better for him and that I know he will find true love because he has such a good heart and also seems like an AMAZING man. I truly hope one day I find a man like him and any girl that is lucky enough to get his attention should never take advantage of that EVER because that wouldn’t be cool at all. Thanks for letting me comment, and also I love new friends so If Craig ever wants to add me on Facebook my name is Amanda Gentile it’s an old pic of me and my grandma when I was going to prom.

  11. Can you please give Craig my e-mail I watched the show and I have been catfish and hurt in a similar. I just want him to know that he isn’t alone.

  12. Gosh! This is the first time I watched this show and this episode with craig and zoe touched me deeply. How dare she do Craig like that. I really would love 2 get to know Craig and just be good buddies. If u guys would please pass my email address to him I would truly appreciate it. Thanks guys…

  13. I use to chill with Craig before he moved and we lost contact and I can’t remember his last name for nothing can you help me out with a email to contact him again

    • hey nev and max….i want to get to know craig because i have also been catfish before and i want to talk to him…so is there anyway i can get in contact with him?? thanks for all your help!!

  14. hey nev and max…..
    since i since this show about him i cried and i was done that why i was talking to someone who was in fl. for five years over myself then we connected back on fb but i feel his pain he’s a gentleman,kind,nice,lovable,super handsome, and he has an amazing personality n i love that about him n i wish to meet him one day lol because he seems down to earth,trustworthy,loyal, n faithful. i mostly wish him the best and i offer friendship…..cant stop talking bout him n i just know his name lol

  15. Dear Nev and Max…
    Ever since I watched your show the other night I cannot keep craig off my mind. It sounds as though him and I have alot in common from our childhoods and also adulthood. I hate that someone could hurt his heart the way that girl did. You have my name and if you keep in touch with him, I would love to meet him. He is so hansome and seems so down to earth.As crazy as it may sound cant stop thinking about some of his reactions and the look in his face and how he handled himself like such a gentleman. For not having a father around to raise and give him a foundation he seems to have turned out d**n good. I would be happy to have a friend like him if nothing else.I hope this isnt a waste of my time…but I had to try I havent been able to stop thinking about it (him♡)

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