Supernatural recap: “King of the Damned”

After a backdoor pilot for a possible spin-off on The CW last week, we’ve finally gone back to normal on Supernatural—and by normal I mean all of the weird stuff going on between the knights of hell and the fallen angels. This episode, “King of the Damned,” begins with the crazy as ever Abaddon (Alaina Huffman), and whatever she’s up to, you know it’s not any good.

King of the Damned Supernatural

Not only is Abaddon up to something, but so is Castiel (Misha Collins). It seems that he’s finally decided to become a leader of some sort of group against Metatron (Curtis Armstrong). He has angels working with him to find the angels that are working with Metatron; that’s when Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) finally meet up with him. Castiel is trying to find a way to prevent a war breaking out between the angels, but how he’s going to do that … well, let’s just say it’s pretty much going to be a miracle.

Sam and Dean work their magic on interrogating one of the angels that was caught by Castiel’s men. They do get a lot out of him, but trying to get Metatron’s ultimate plan is going to be a little hard. After their interrogation someone from the inside of Castiel’s operation murders the angel and now they have to figure out who that is. Meanwhile, Castiel decides he needs to talk to Metatron’s right hand man, Gadreel (Tahmoh Penikett). Since the falling, Gadreel has been trying to figure out who is right and wrong between Castiel and Metatron, and although he’s currently working with Metatron, Castiel has definitely cast some doubts in his mind.

Castiel isn’t the only one plotting against his enemy; don’t forget about the king of hell, Crowley (Mark Sheppard). Since his return out of hiding he’s had a tough time finding demons that will fight with him against Abaddon. Even as he’s trying to rally a few that may or not be on his side, Abaddon just gallivants in like she owns the place. The only thing stopping both of them is the blade that Dean had in his possession since he received the mark of Cain. Abaddon has come to “negotiate” with Crowley to work with her against Sam and Dean to get the blade back.

Remember when we saw Abaddon at the beginning of the episode? Well, she was in the past to get Crowley’s son, hoping that torturing him would change Crowley’s mind about helping her — especially because he’s been drinking human blood to kick in his humanity and feelings. So now we have Crowley’s son in a time period from over 200 years ago — how wonderful. Not only does his son have to wrap his head around the fact that he’s in a whole different time period but he’s also coming to terms with the fact that his father is the king of hell … so does that make him the prince of hell?

It’s all just a comically but very weird situation. Although Crowley agrees to help Abaddon, she’s not buying his true allegiance and shoots him with a devil’s trap bullet before the arrival of Sam and Dean so that he is powerless. When Sam and Dean get there, Dean knows right away that it’s a trap and sends Sam to the basement of the hotel while he goes to look for Abaddon by himself. The blade has definitely given him some extra powers, even up against the strength of Abaddon, allowing him to kill and destroy her right as Sam walks in. I don’t know about you, but all this power is definitely giving me some flashbacks of Sam’s freaky encounter with all the power he had while he was drinking demon blood. Let’s just hope that Dean doesn’t let the power lust get to him like that.

Well, now that Abaddon is finally gone, what’s next on the agenda for Sam and Dean? Check out a preview of next week’s Supernatural from the CW below:


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