The Vampire Diaries recap: “What Lies Beneath”

For the last few episodes of the CW’s The Vampire Diaries, we’ve been wondering what the travelers have been up to. It looks like they’re trying to find a cure for vampirism, only to create a paradise for themselves. They’ve had Tyler (Michael Trevino) trapped in his own body this whole time with a traveler passing through him. At the beginning of this episode though he wakes up and he’s actually himself, being able to transform into the tenacious hybrid he is.


Don’t forget about what happened between Enzo (Michael Malarkey) and Stefan (Paul Wesley). Since Enzo’s disappearance, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) has been wondering why he has heard nothing from Enzo — especially because Damon is the one who killed Enzo’s girlfriend. This definitely puts Stefan in a sticky situation because he now has to keep up this lie to Damon about where Enzo really is. Thank goodness Damon is sidetracked, because in walks Tyler. Knowing the plan of the travelers now from Tyler, Stefan and Elena are in a lot of danger so they leave Mystic Falls and go to Caroline’s (Candice Accola) safe cabin. This supernatural stuff really gets creepy because not only are Damon, Stefan, Elena, Luke (Chris Brochu) and Caroline there, but our lovely ghost-friend Enzo is there too.

Not only has there been trouble with the travelers, but something has been up with the other side of the veil, and Bonnie (Kat Graham) doesn’t know what to do; she hasn’t even been able to tell Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) what could potentially happen to her. Her Grams (Jasmine Guy) come to warn her again, and something weird happens — Grams knocks over a lamp, now that’s not something ghosts can do … right? Of course that adds even more trouble to the grumpy Enzo who can now apparently move things.

After playing some games at the cabin things get a little awkward and Elena decides to get ready for bed. All she wants to do is take a nice bath when Enzo attacks her and almost drowns her until Damon rescues her. Of course no one knows it’s Enzo, but Damon knows for sure that there is a ghost after her — but who, is the question. Of course Stefan and Elena have a clue that it could probably be Enzo and now they all know that Enzo is really there with them. That’s when Luke goes missing — due to the meddling Enzo — and their covering spell wears of. Now that means the travelers can easily locate them, and who knows what’s going to happen once they do.

When Damon and Stefan finally find Luke he’s tied up next to firewood and gasoline, and cue Enzo to light it all on fire, trapping them all in to die. Damon makes a plea to Enzo, though, because they’re friends he’s hoping Enzo will allow him the chance to make it up to him. Their friendship seems to be pretty strong since Enzo lets them go showing Damon that he has to somehow make things right with Enzo again.

Outside of that drama the travelers have been making moves this whole episode. Not only have they been able to permanently put the traveler in Tyler’s body, at the end of the episode they were able to locate Stefan and Elena and show up to the cabin. What are the travelers up to next? Check out a preview of next week’s Vampire Diaries from the CW below:


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