Louis C.K. delivers a season of “Louie” worth the wait

Ryan Berenz

Coming off big Emmy wins in 2012, comedian Louis C.K. announced that his FX hit comedy Louie would go on an extended hiatus between Seasons 3 and 4. The series’ star/producer/writer/director/editor wanted time to creatively recharge, develop new material and keep the show fresh. Fortunately, his landmark creative deal with FX affords him that freedom.

“I want Season 4 to go somewhere new,” Louis C.K. said when the hiatus was announced. “I’m looking back to when I did the first season and the time I took to do the show and decide which directions to go in, and I want that back again. I want a little breathing room.”

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Now, 19 months after Season 3 ended, Louis C.K. delivers a new 14-episode season full of his signature observations on life, relationships and fatherhood. Back-to-back new episodes air each week for seven weeks on FX Mondays at beginning May 5 at 10pm and 10:30pm ET.

Last seen, Louie was experiencing a rough holiday season. A duck named Ping and the unexpected death of Liz (Parker Posey) inspired a spontaneous New Year’s trip to China.

FX Louie Season 4

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