Face Off Recap: Season 6 Finale

Face Off Kellie Freeze
Tyler's male Alien

The Season 6 finale of Face Off on SyFy had three remaining makeup artists vying for $100,000, a 2014 Fiat and a VIP trip from Kryolan Professional Make-Up. The three finalists, Tyler, Rashaad and George are all talented in their own rights, and each would be a worthy victor. George is an amazing sculptor, Tyler has fantastic and complex ideas and Rashaad is an incredible painter.

The finale of Face Off always consists of some sort of dance performance, so the three finalists will have to create makeups that are flexible enough to allow movement, but also strong enough to stay on despite movement and perspiration.

Face Off

The spotlight challenge was for each finalist to create two rival alien races based on a specific constellation. Tyler chose the constellation Leo, the lion; Rashaad chose Ursa, the bear; and George selected the constellation Cetus, the whale. Immediately, my non-artistic mind starts thinking of great ideas for lion or bear-based makeups, but whales? This seems like trouble.

McKenzie Westmore has a few more tricks up her bare, toned arms: the artists also have to incorporate lights into their makeup design, have access to a new type of Kyrolan makeup, and they will not be making their makeups alone. McKenzie brings out former contestants and Tyler, Rashaad and George divvy them up.

Any of the three artists would have been a worthy victor, but once they showed their makeups to the judges, the clear leaders were apparent.

Face OffGeorge’s aliens were beautifully sculpted, but once again, his lack of painting skill produced to characters who looked more like allies than adversaries. I also was disappointed by his lack of luminescence. His only light features were under starfish-looking chest plates. I’m sure that he may have intended for additional light sources, but his heavy-handedness with the paintbrush obscured much of his work.

Face Off

Tyler crated a stunning female character whose luminescence was really the star of the show. And his use of lighted dreadlocks on the male character was pretty ingenious. Tyler’s male alien was red in color and was a stark contrasts to the lightness of the female and Tyler did an incredible rib-treatment to his male that made him look completely hollow. It was so brilliant that I thought he was destined to win.

Face Off But in the end, the judges selected Rashaad as the victor of Face Off season 6. Rashaad’s aliens were beautiful, but what makes Rashaad such a strong artist is his impeccable use of color and styling. Rashaad’s used silicone to really illuminate the top of his female character’s head and cut out portions of the back of the skull to create the appearance of a working lighted brain. His male character was painted with a green undertone with purple on top. The contrast was visually stunning and the amount of detail that he put into his sculpt was evident from even 50 feet away. A careful eye for color and detail has been Rashaad’s strength the entire season.

Congrats to Rashaad and the other contestants, I look forward to the return Face Off for Season 7 on SyFy.

Images ©Nicole Wilder/SyFy