Supernatural recap: “Bloodlines”

On this week’s episode of The CW’s Supernatural, the show is a little different, serving as a backdoor pilot for a possible Supernatural spinoff called Bloodlines.

The show has come away a little bit from what’s been happening with the fallen angels and Metatron (Curtis Armstrong), and instead opens up with a lovely scene of a couple at dinner. It’s one of those special dinners where you just know the man, Ennis (Lucien Laviscount), is about to propose. That gets interrupted, though, when two other strangers walk in. In the back of the restaurant there seemed to be a sort of secret club for supernatural beings. Out of nowhere a masked person comes in and kills everyone then goes outside to attack Ennis and his soon to be fiancée, killing her and Sal — one of the men who interrupted Ennis earlier in the restaurant.

supernatural bloodlines

Finally, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) show up — took them long enough! Of course, they believe the testimony from Ennis, who saw everything, but to his face they tell him that of course monsters don’t exist; trying to keep him out of their world of danger. There’s something very disturbing happening in this town. Sal — one of the supernatural beings from the club — has siblings named Margo and David and they are about to take their revenge. Not only are they working with other supernatural beings but they are also working with the detective that interrogated the man.

Margo and David, both shifters, are planning to attack Julian and the werewolves for killing her brother. It’s not too clear that Julian did kill their brother, though, so the mystery continues.

Ennis has just lost his fiancée and had previously lost his father. He stays strong, though, and wants to know what really happened that night since no one seems to believe his story. He goes back to the restaurant to get some answers and almost gets attacked by a vampire cleaning up the mess when Sam and Dean show up to save him. Finally, they tell Ennis the truth about what they know of the supernatural world.

Later, David —don’t forget that he’s a shapeshifter —shows up to Ennis’ house in the disguise of the detective. Ennis can tell almost immediately that this isn’t the detective, and David reveals himself. David tells us more about what’s going on in the city. Apparently there are five main families of monsters in the city, and not only are they basically turning Chicago, but they’re also in control of the police. Not only do we find this out but we also find out that it might not have been Julian after all that attacked everyone at the club. After David leaves Ennis he goes to see if he can get a resolution to end this impending war, but the same attacker from the beginning of the episode ambushes him.

Then we find out who the attacker really is. It’s not a supernatural being at all, but a man seeking revenge. According to him Sal killed his son and now he wants to kill as many monsters he can and create a war among the five families of the city. After explaining himself and why he was seeking to kill monsters Ennis ends up killing him —after all, he did kill his almost-fiancée. So much revenge, so little time.

At the end of the episode we find out a little more behind the meaning of bloodlines. For the five families in the city it’s important that each of their bloodlines remains pure, and that means that they wouldn’t be able to be with species outside of their own. Even though they’ve solved the problem in this episode I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from everything that will be happening in this city. However, before the episode ends Sam and Dean get a call from Castiel (Misha Collins) about information of Metatron. Not only will we be seeing more of Castiel next week, but look out for Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and Abaddon (Alaina Huffman). Check out a clip from the CW below.

And tell us what you thought about Bloodlines — do you want to see it become a series, based on what you saw in last night’s episode?


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  1. Horrible idea to use supernatural as the launch pad for this poorly written badly acted crap. Please don’t use a show like supernatural to start a new show about old crap. … Saving people hunting things… The family business… U want a good spin off?? Try using the guys lives when they were small.. Like what happened right after the fire and yellow eyes killed Mary… John’s difficulty with Mary’s death and how John learned to hunt… Remember he didn’t know anything about hunting because it was Mary and her family that hunted and she saved John having yellow eyes bring him back after she kissed her daddy / yellow eyes… Ahhhhhh read some fb posts on the supernatural page. Everyone was disappointed. Smh.

    • You have I good point, I think it would be really interesting to see more on how John got involved with hunting.

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