“Brick Like Me”: Photos from The Simpsons LEGO episode

Ryan Berenz

Proving again that the good people at LEGO have established a marketing department within my brain, FOX’s Sunday, May 4 (8pm ET/PT), episode of The Simpsons will have a special LEGO-themed show. Conveniently, it’s also timed to the launch of a Simpsons line of LEGO minifigure and building sets.

In “Brick Like Me,” Homer wakes up in a world where his family and everyone in Springfield are made of LEGO in the series’ milestone 550th episode. We’ll have to see if there’s a reference to Blockos.

LEGO Simpsons Blockos

Photos from The Simpsons LEGO episode:

The Simpson family at breakfast brickfast. Vegetarian bricks for Lisa.
Simpsons LEGO episode

742 Evergreen Terrace

Homer’s still attracted to brick Marge

Perky Patty’s Princess Shop? Worst toy ever!


Reflection in the window at the Brick-E-Mart

Homer and Lisa with a LEGO Springfield. It has three Krusty Burgers!

Suddenly having flashbacks to The LEGO Movie

Homer in the bathroom mirror

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