True Tori Recap: Episode 2 “The Truth Comes Out”

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Last week on True Tori, Tori Spelling shared how she learned of Dean’s infidelity. While Dean faces his various addictions in rehab, Tori faces constant media scrutiny and has trouble solo-parenting the couples 4 children. Dean feels that he’s ready to leave rehab, but Tori isn’t ready to allow him back home. What next??

Tori, looking through photos, “these photos make me think about love.  They give me hope.”

Tori, Liam and Stella are having ice cream with Tori’s good friend Andy and his kids. Andy and Tori talk about how it’s Liam’s birthday this week and Tori is allowing Dean to attend the party.

Don’t you love how “Camera Shy Tori” is having a private discussion in the front window of a gelato shop? And in front of her kids?

In preparation for his birthday party, Tori takes Liam and Stella to the worst party store I have ever seen. Seriously, I think most of the Pinatas contain Hep C. And there are lots of paparazzi there, because that place totally looks like a celeb hang out. Liam throws a tantrum because he wants a Minecraft pinata and all they have are Minion pinatas. My son is the same age as Liam, and shares Liam’s Minecraft obsession. And I get the tantrum and the attitude. But Tori is so petrified to cause a scene that she gives into Liam and resorts to bribes to get him to behave. When she allows Liam to undermine her authority, she is giving him power over her.  Tori says she needs to stand up to Dean, but she needs to start with Liam because children learnto respect their parents from their parents.

Tori Spelling
Tori wishes she was anywhere but here.

Tori has a one-on-one therapy session with Dr. Wexler, who Tori has been seeing since she was in her late 20’s. Tori and Dean have both seen Dr. Wexler for couples counseling.

Tori says that she feels bad when she hears people say that she gets what she deserves.  Personally, I think Tori is reaping what she has sown and gets what she deserves. I don’t think she caused this, but she allowed it to happen. And I’m not sorry to feel the way I do.

Tori doesn’t want her daughters to lose their voices and turn into her. If Tori wants her daughters to find their voices, she needs to lead by example and find her own voice. Again, this goes back to Liam’s treatment of her in the terrible pinata store.

Tori heads to coffee with some moms from Stella’s class. She hasn’t spoken to them about the affair. More paparazzi. The three women seem totally normal and ask a lot of softball questions of Tori. Then they start giving Tori terrible advice. Why is Tori listening to these chickens? Especially the chick in the maroon top, she just spoke in so many circles of falseness that I’m dizzy.

Blue top girl is a major B@#$% too, “I don’t think anyone knows what a good person you are.” So backhanded!

Maroon chick,”We could all take a bath together.”

Tori and Dean are meeting with Dr. Wexler for the first time since he entered treatment. Dean in flannel, looking terrible.

Dean is full of self-loathing and says he feels like his insides are a rotten twisted tree. Dean, that is the syphilis inside you, get some antibiotics for that.

Dean admits that when he had his “breakdown” (Huh? Perhaps pre-rehab?) he was suicidal and thought about jumping out Dr. Wexler’s broken window. Dr. Wexler first note is to have her broken window fixed, but she is alarmed to hear that Dean has thoughts of harming himself. Suicide is no joke, but if I had just cheated on my wife and wanted to escape for a while, I would make all kinds of coo-coo claims like, “I am superman.” “I see dead people.” and “I could end this all right now.”

Tori SpellingDean just wants to come home. Tori stops production because she hadn’t revealed to anyone that Dean had been suicidal. She didn’t want to tell his story and wants to make sure that Dean is comfortable revealing that part of his past because she is fearful of the professional ramifications that admitting suicidal tendencies might have. Dean says he wants to be open and reveal his  past suicidal thoughts because he wants to deter people from self-harm.

The producer says that they will shut down for a frantic 24 hours while they contact their legal department and Dean’s doctors to ensure that Dean is in a safe and stable place and that the strain of filming his recovery won’t be too much for him. Thankfully, Dean is cleared to continue with he taping. Phew! I was worried there for a second.

Tori-“I want to believe that Dean can change, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to trust him again.”

The day before Lam’s birthday, Tori pretty much tells Liam that the birthday cake she is going to make will stink.

Dean is released from rehab and heads home. Moments before Dean walks in, Finn dumps a bowl of frosting on his head. Hilarious. The kids are thrilled to see Dean. How long is poor Finn going to wear a face full of frosting? Are they still surviving with toilet paper instead of paper towels?

Dean wants to know about sleeping arrangements. How can there be any questions, Dean? You sleep in the doghouse!

Tori and Dean made the most Pinterest-Fail Minecraft birthday cake I have ever seen. Good thing a 7 year-old is judging the quality of the cake, the same child who thinks Minecraft is a fun game. Don’t rich people have people to make their cakes? Don’t you think Tori’s judgmental friends will be very judgmental of this sad cake?

Jess’ husband Wolf has a man-to-man with Dean and tells him he was disappointed by Dean’s actions.

After the party, Dean is in a bounce house and Tori and Dean talk. Blah, Blah. Sticking his nose through the rainbow best of the bounce house, Dean tells Tori that he loves her.

Later, to the camera, Tori says, “I don’t know if love’s enough.”

Did you think of Episode 2?  Are you still intrigued by Tori Troubles and Dean Drama?  Will you be back for Episode 3?

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