New True Tori Tonight. And Tori Cheated On Hubby #1. Surprised?

True Tori

Just as I guessed after last week’s juicy True Tori tease…this week’s episode reveals that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott cheated on their previous souses with each other!

Tori Spelling
Tori wishes she was anywhere but here.

Given that Tori and Dean married each other a few weeks after Tori’s divorce to hubby #1 was finalized, it seemed pretty obvious that there was some marital infidelity involved. If Dean (and Tori) has already been shown to be a cheater, is it any surprise that there’d be cheating again? Once you’re okay with flexible fidelity, don’t be surprised when the same flexibility is leveraged against you.

Lifetime has shared a clip from tomorrow’s True Tori episode. In it, Tori gets advice from another friend while sitting in another conspicuously public location. (Seriously? Your back to a gelato store window??!?) Perhaps in the future, the sherbert shaman could steer Tori in better directions, rather than wait for her to f-up and then offer  sage advice too late to be helpful.  Check the vid below…

I like how Andy is like, “The day you met…” and Tori was like “we fell in love.” because what the “…” meant was “You cheated on your spouse.”  I’m calling Pot on this woman.  Pot! Pot! Pot! I am sympathetic to the situation that Tori is in, but you and your kettle are perfect for each other.

True Tori
This is my brave face. It is also my surprised face.

Now that Episode 1 told us the sordid details of Dean’s affair and his stint in rehab (i.e. avoiding the press as a media sh*t storm dumps on his wife and children. Stay classy Dean), I want to see some yelling, screaming, and throwing stuff. Let’s see Tori get all Bravo-messy! Flip some tables! Call Dean a “Prostitution Whore!” Last week was a lot of sitting. And boring. I know, with Tori and Dean both serving as executive producers, True Tori is bound to be civil, but part of me wants to see if Tori’s screaming face looks different from her brave/surprised face.

Who’s watching this with me tomorrow? If you’re not, check back with me for a recap. Did you miss episode 1? My recap is here.