1. Can we talk about BenDeLa’s tights??? What color is that? I’m amazed no one commented on them. That said, she deserved to stay another week. She has more talent in one finger than Darienne has in her entire body

    Darienne’s inspiration for the topaz dress seems to have been the episode of Embarrassing Bodies featuring the lady with a prolapsed vagina.

    • I am so sorry I just now saw your comment! Bad notifications! Bad!

      I think BenDeLa was trying to match the tights with the ‘nude’ underlay corset on the pink topaz outfit. It didn’t leap out at me as horrible. It could be that it looked better in the studio than it did on camera. That seems to happen all the time on shows like Project Runway. What I think it serious ugly gets raves from the judges.

      Which always makes me think of this:
      Am I taking Crazy pills?

  2. Sorry for the multiple pages Ruthie Ru, my computer didn’t show them last night so I just rewrote the ending!!!

  3. So…I wrote an incredibly long (per us) statement that got deleted for some reason when I posted it under the vid….so double DELA-stated BUT…then I watched the vid again….and I’m ok. I swear you are my shrink for this season Ruthie Ru, first sessions free right?!?!?!?1

  4. I was watching the show in one window and voting BenDeLa Miss Congeniality and thinking it was a little bit possible that BenDeLa could take the crown (though seriously, it’s gonna be Bianca!) when someone spoiled me in the comments on the voting. (My fault for waiting for it to come online).

    Vote for our sweet girl here: https://www.facebook.com/logo?v=app_340493986057345&rest=1

    Wikipedia updated and I love DeLa even MORE now.
    “Dear top 4- howz it going? I’m doing pretty good. Sometimes you have to have Mama Ru yell atcha a bunch of times before it sinks in. I guess I neverreached that number of times, Darian. I knew the second I was up against you i waz out the door. You get it lady. I wish you all the luck in the world and only harbor enough resentment to write a long pointless message that you will have to clean and clean and clean and clean. But fo real tho you girlz are my heroes. XX BDLC”


    I. am. just. DELA-stated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t think I have any words this week….and that’s not to say cuz I wanted Dairenne to go home cuz you know I didn’t have a problem with her…but I’m just…ugh…I’m just…I don’t know…I have to come back to write my full synopsis…ugh…just ugh…

    • I knew you would be! You should watch the reaction at BenDeLa’s viewing party. The crowd reaction is great – so much love in that room.

      • That made me feel much better Ruthie, thanks!!!

        Though I’m still DELA-stated (like the play on words) I suppose I can’t let that stop me from saying what I have to say…

        But I’m gonna switch it up, since I felt like I got the rug pulled from under me.

        Ok, here’s the thing…did I think Dela was gonna win??? Honestly…no. I think this whole thing is Bianca’s to lose, BUT I surely did think my Dela was going to make it to the top 3. I feel like she’s been a strong competitor through-out this entire competition, and I felt like even though her banjee girl look was eh…her executive gave me creulla DELA ville, which is a type of business woman and I liked her last look, it was her version of bedazzlement, plus she made an adorbz hat piece, so I’m more sad because I feel like she got robbed, like this reminds me of Pandora’s sashay away but sadder, and I’m more upset because I felt like she left not knowing she was top three worthy and she really was…at least to me. to a lot of people. I know most folks were worried she was gonna be Jinkxy part deux but she turned it out to really be just herself and it really feels like she got shafted. That being said was Darianne’s lip sync just a but tighter??? yes. I believe its cuz Darienne knew her odds of being in the bottom cuz of her looks were a HUGE possibility so she was prepared while Dela might’ve learned the lyrics but been shocked she was down there ya know, so it’s not as tight as it could’ve been, but I fully believe she shouldn’t have been down there to begin with.

        Now you know I never hated Darianne, I always found her humor to be sharp and yeah comes off as bitchy but it’s the edit she’s getting, I get that, she should be thanking her lucky stars she’s not getting it as bad as Roxxxy and Phi-Phi did (although I see most peeps turning the corner on Phi-Phi, probably cuz of how well her and Sharon get along now). I think cuz of her looks, yeah I’d send Darianne down, plus her progression on the show, and this fight made her wake up. I hope people aren’t but I know they are, giving her mad hate right now but as she said on untucked, she’s gotten worse on the internet so she’s tough she can take it.

        Also, I feel like them being in the bottom 2, was just a producing tactic. Like Dela and Dareinne round 2, I feel like the next round will be Adore and Courtney IDOL round just to get the people watching. I’m not saying it’s what happened, I’m just saying I get that vibe. Last season I felt like everyone in the bottom, deserved to be there especially when it got to the single digits, especially when it got 2 the top 5, top 4 and ultimately the top 3 was the best of the best and I don’t think anyone can argue it wasn’t.

        I don’t know, maybe I’m just bitter, but I am Darienne is representing for the big girls, but with her placement in the competition, lose, win, bottom, bottom, etc, and the bitch edit, I don’t think she’ll get it, especially now that RU takes into account what the fans want, I think after Tyra won, there’s was a lot of flack, and it would’ve been audience participation season 3 if Michelle wasn’t getting integrated in the show and getting the hang of it, so I do like her but…I don’t think she’s getting the crown, but I don’t know when she’ll go home either, she’s turning into a clutch player so don’t count her out the top 3 yet.

        Bianca: Like I said, I think this is Bianca’s race to lose, not only is her track record good, wins and top looks across the board, she has a really good personality that people are liking, and she’s able to admit her flaws like last night on Untucked when she said that she over reacted to Dela’s comment and asked for an apology and gave one, it was a lovely adult moment and she played on it later but saying “I have a competition to sail through…get on the boat!”…Unless there is just some major slip up, like she’s just HORRIBLE in the music video, I’d say she’s sailing right through to top 3. True she may have to jazz it up cuz she did do a Bianca dress except in sapphire, why o why didn’t she do a short dress and show some LEG?!?!? Also, if she makes it top 3, she’ll be like Alaska, Tyra Sanchez and Nina Flowers with never having to lip sync before the finale!

        Adore: (sigh)…should she have been in the bottom? No. Actually her looks were all different, hated the executive though, but her 2 looks were quite creative and considering from last week which looked like a M-E-S-S, I’d say she’s really learning. Did she deserve to win??? I’m teetering on possibly…I’m guessing they would’ve expected more WOW from Bianca because she is a seamstress and from Adore did from day 1 to the bride challenge to this challenge showed major growth. So kudos to her…but I hope she doesn’t get cocky just cuz the next challenge is music video, she may be a singer, but Bianca the seamstress didn’t win the design challenge so maybe Adore and Courtney won’t win the music challenge, after all Bianca might be like I’m gonna get them at their own game ya know??? The challenge might REALLY be on (ding ding)

        Courtney: Courtney Courtney Courtney…hmmm.. I sometimes feel like she feels she’s doing better than she is but it’s not all her fault cuz the judges are making her think she is. Like I agreed with Darianne that she shouldn’t have got more praise for her look then Darienne’s. I thought Darienne’s bride looked great and she didn’t attempt to outshine her and call it cougar. And I like Courtney, but I guess it’s been nagging me since she told Joslyn that she didn’t feel like the competition was hard to her, and that they’re not throwing anything at her that she can’t sail through, maybe it’s my naughty side though and wanting to knock people off the pedestal but I don’t know, She appears so unfazed by the competition, I kinda REALLY want to see her lip-sync cuz I think it’ll show me the passion that she really wants to be there and some humanity for probably being shocked that she’s there and if she can turn it out.

        I swear you’re my therapy Ruthie Ru, I am completely calmer for having talked that out, first sessions free right?!?!!? hahahaha

        • I’m glad talking it out helped! I think your theory of Adore vs Courtney in a lip-synch is interesting. We’ll see if that happens. I would like to see Courtney get a little wake-up call and have to LSFYL. I just think Darienne is going to also be there since she’s been pretty weak lately.

          Oh, and we saw the Battle of the Seasons last week. It was awesome, and I gotta say Phi Phi was great – girl can sing!

      • Thanks Ruthie Ru, I swear you are my shrink for this season…first sessions free right??!?!? hahahaha

  6. Darriene should have gone this week! She has not presented as well as Bendala! She is good at being snarky and throwing shade but that’s about it ! She should not be in the final three, it seems like Ru wants to give it to Adore, cause she is young, but really she has not earned the spot! I like her but she should not win! Courtney is the closest to being a real bonifide baby Ru, since the show began! She is gorgeous and has talent ! This show will only make her star ascend higher . All of the ladies will go to new heights after this show because they are learning to fine tune their gifts,
    Go Ru Paul! My choice Bianca or Courtney!

  7. No we won’t have to wait because the preview is already up on the app.

    Yes there’s an elimination during the video challenge.

    And as usual, Courtney is being a nasty ho making remarks about Bianca all during the video challenge. Because she obviously has no idea that Bianca has been in musical theater dancing off and on for 20 years and doing MORE PLAYS than Miss Act. SHE’S the one who needs to get eliminated.

    • Ok, so now that I’ve consulted the Logo TV App I think it’s going to be between Courtney Act and Darienne in the bottom. Courtney would be a shock but she really hasn’t shown any growth or versatility. If Bianca and Adore aren’t in the top 3 THAT will truly shock me. I didn’t see Courtney being more bitchy than she’s been in the past. She’s confident which is ok, but she doesn’t really listen to criticism or show any vulnerability.

      But with all of her screen time telegraphing that Courtney MIGHT go home leads me to believe she’s safe.

      Plus I don’t understand why Darienne, with last week’s outfits, is still around. I like Darienne & all but eesch those were bad.

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