Relative Insanity: These Families Are More Annoying Than Yours

Have you ever dreaded spending time with relatives? Are holidays more like torture than a celebration? If so, Lifetime’s new show Relative Insanity, should be on your radar. Friday, April 25, at 10pmET/PT, Relative Insanity challenges real families to work beyond their issues by locking them in a room together while competing for a cash prize of $25,000.

In each episode, two families, are each locked in a room with their own ‘loved ones’ for two difficult days. During that time, they’ll attempt to outlast and outfox their neighbors next door and earn the most money through physical challenges, wild games and controversial family decisions.

Relative Insanity
I have no clue why the woman in black is so unhappy to be eating spaghetti but,
1) it looks terrible.
2) she clearly is not enjoying it.
3) her family is likely laughing at her misery.
4) she looks enough like me that I’m sympathetic.
5) I hope she is winning a lot of money.

Unaware of how much money the other group has earned, the families will be tempted to spend their winnings on luxuries and household staples to make their stay more bearable. But everything has its price, and if anyone can’t stand the heat — or put up with their family any longer! — and presses the “escape button” to leave early, they put their entire family’s chance of winning at risk!

Ooh, this might make family bonding more fun and I will happily watch really annoying families stuck in close quarters (and from the looks of the image, the most garishly decorated room ever. Where are they living, a fraternity? A commune? A public bathroom?). I can’t wait to watch strong-willed families bother each other. Would anyone else simply lay in the corner and try to sleep for two straight days; dreaming of the silent, and solo vacation they would take with their share of the winnings? I would!


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