Supernatural recap: “Alex Annie Alexis Ann”

After the CW’s episode of Supernatural last week, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had enough of Metatron (Curtis Armstrong). Thankfully, it looks as though we’ll be taking a break from him as this episode opens up with one of our favorite characters, Sheriff Jody (Kim Rhodes). Jody has sure taken some tips from Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) by killing some vampires of her own. Even though she’s become one bad hunter all on her own, she still needs the help of Sam and Dean because it looks like there’s a nice big nest of vampires that are being protected by a girl named Alex. Well, her name is kind of questionable — as you can see by the title of this episode— because it turns out she was kidnapped by the vampires when she was a little girl; sounds a little bit like Stockholm Syndrome to me.


While Jody looks after Alex, Sam and Dean are off to find this nest of vampires. The episode gets a little more interesting when we get a glimpse of this nest that is some sort of representation of a family. “Mama,” they call her, turned her group of sons into vampires and then left Alex human because mama thought she was too good to turn. Instead they use Alex to lure men in so that the rest of them can feed off of the victim — such great family values. Because of this things get a little sticky with how Sam and Dean want to take care of the rest of this case — she is human, after all.

They’re not sure what kind of morals Alex has and if she even wants to be rescued at all, but as long as Jody is around she’ll definitely be looking out for Alex. We get the truth about how Alex really feels after she is taken back by the vampires and she has a talk with mama. Alex has been against luring all of these victims to her family and she would rather die than do it again, so guess what mama’s solution is? Of course it’s to turn Alex into a vampire, so now it’s a game of who’s going to “rescue” Alex first.

When Sam, Dean and Jody show up to the house that the vampires have been living at, things certainly don’t go in their favor. Sam and Dean get knocked out by two of the brothers, and Jody is tied up by mama and Alex. Unfortunately, mama had gotten to Alex before they showed up and is in the process of changing Alex into a vampire, having already made her drink some of her vampire blood. However, it’s not a surprise when Dean finally comes to and basically wins an arm-wrestling match with the vampires. Alex also comes to her senses and helps Jody fight off mama.

It looks like everything ends smoothly in this episode, but I’m just gonna say we need to keep our eyes on Dean and how the mark of Cain has been affecting him. Stay tuned for next week’s episode of Supernatural on the CW, and check out this preview for next week’s episode:


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  1. Most definitely! To tell you the truth, when Jody found out why Celia (mama vamp) changed Annie’s name to Alex and made her all emotional right before she started beating on Jody really got me. I felt so bad for her in that moment. I was glad we got to see that side of a monster for a change. But, she had to go. Especially when she was about to go in for the kill. And I really like how Alex brought out the mom in Jody. Just an awesome episode. Hope they bring the dou back in the future!

  2. Absolutely loved the episode! I can never get enough of Jody! And the vamps were actually much more interesting than previous vampires we’ve seen. I just have one question; did Alex/Annie stay with Jody? I really hope so. Their mother/daughter relationship kind of reminds me of Ellen and Jo. Plus, seeing them both in the future as duo hunters would be awesome!

    • I agree, we definitely got to see a more personable side of the vampires. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Alex but at the end of the episode it did kind of seem like she was going to stay with Jody until she was better. They really do seem to have the sort of relationship that we lost with Ellen and Jo!

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