1. Well first off, I did overall enjoy this episode! They can keep the artistic puns comin, I loved it!

    The only reason I felt like Bianca won the mini challenge is cuz she had a overall concept for her painting, I think the other girls were just playin in paint…looked like fun though!

    I was actually shocked how fair Bianca tried to pair up her brides with the other girls, most people would’ve played strategy like putting the goth chick with Courtney but I guess Bianca felt like whether she paired the girls with their equals or opposites she had this challenge down. And I mean it IS a sewing challenge and she’s a seamstress, and albeit she did seem like she knew she had this in the bag, you kinda expected her to cuz its her day job!

    I felt bad for Joslyn’s guy cuz like you said, he must LOVE his girl cuz he surely didn’t seem like he wanted to be there and his confusion on him wanting to know if his fellow players were gay but also wanting to know if they were checking him out was a bit off-putting. However, the fact that he was there in the first place showed he has a long way to go but clearly wants to genuinely learn so kudos. But I wish Joslyn would have been like as soon as he said he was worried that dudes in the locker room would be checkin him, she would have been like…AS IF!!!!!!! hahahaha. I’d have to agree with Bianca on Joslyn’s make-up job, she did kinda remind me of girl gremlin that also drank a metallic poison ( cuz if you know the movie then you know the girl gremlin drank a gender bender poison and that’s how she became the girl gremlin…there was also a badass bat one!) Her dress on the scale of what all the other girls did was on the lower scale…but not the worst…that was left to someone else….but I’ll get to her later.

    Bianca: Well what a surprise, she won…NOT! It was expected and she kinda knew she had it, an she had her dude painted. I think what made her win over my Bendela was the family resemblance with wig and style and make-up, they really looked like drag mama and drag daughter bride so it was an overall cohesive look. Glad she won an exotic trip, I was starting to get little worried that Ru was losing funding and couldn’t afford the trips anymore. Also…did you SEE UNTUCKED?!?!?!? Bianca’s SNAP when Darienne’s drag daughter told Adore that she needs to step her game up was. EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! I have to get a GIF of it ASAP!

    Darienne: I loved her goth bride look, although I have to wonder where she got the black from since all the stuff was white and silver…my guess is they were like since this is their actual wedding, lets give them some black fabric. I couldn’t see the complete construction of the dress cuz it was black but I did love the feathers and I think there was a crow on top of her shoulder 2 so not bad, her own look was…eh, besides the hair and fascinator that helped tie in the mother/daughter look was just eh…but I did like her presentation of coloring her white flowers black so she did deserve to be safe.

    Courtney: First things first I DID love love love the butterfly dress, very cute, and loved the butterflies in the hair…that being said, Courtney knows DAMN WELL that she made her self prettier than her daughter…that whole cougar thing was garbage. If the make-up wasn’t well done she woulda been on the chopping block but it appears she can beat a face other than her own so good for her. Also she is now under the eye of mama Visage so I assume she’s be stepping her game up. I did love the shade her and Bianca were giving each other for their “versatility” skillz!

    Bendela: My girl did amazeballz!!!! I loved her dress and yeah it was reminiscent of her first dress in some ways but not all, I mean this is all hot glued, I’m just impressed in general and I love she made the judges laugh with her nitpicking with her daughter and crying, she’s just doing it all for me, if next week is really another design challenge I can’t wait to see what she does, because then she WILL have o show other dress styles so hopefully she’ll show you the versatility that you’d like to see from her!

    Adore: Oh man….what did I tell you?? she needs a class at Bendela’s school for hot glue users!!! The dress was a mess, the make-up wasn’t anything to rave about and her own outfit looked like a dress outta RAVE or RAINBOW. Now don’t get me wrong Adore has the talent but at this point you KNOW the nitpicking will begin and THIS is what she had to show…c’mon…she knows better.

    Now questions…

    I will actually miss Joslyn…she was like the Ivy WIN-TERRRSSSS of this season, just sweet and lovely and I actually wished before she went home that she woulda showed the girls or at least Courtney something very WOW-ing out of her wardrobe that shows she was a real contender fashion wise, I assume she’ll be lookin super foxy at the reunion though, and I hope she wins Miss congeniality cuz she deserves it as it keepin classy (albeit not looking but manners) the entire time, plus the title comes with some $$$ which will be a nice gift to her and her fiancé!

    Who will the queens decide to go home next?? I think like you said the queens already feel like Adore needs to step her game up and if next week is the costume thing then they’re gonna be on her like rabid wolves…so that’s secondary…I think the girls will decide who needs to go home next is….a toss up between Darienne and Courtney. Darinne because her track record isn’t as great as the other queens and she’s been doing alright this season, not the greatest so she’s gonna need to wow the judges to stay in the game. Courtney because I think all the girls think she’s doing better than she really is…I kinda want to see her lipsync and see if she really has that fight in the moment plus I remember seeing that moment between her and Jos and her saying that she feels she hasn’t come up against a challenge in this competition…if Darienne can whittle up something amazing for this costume challenge and miss Courtney found her self in the bottom I think she’d get that much needed kick in the pants of hubris that many are wanting.

    This lip-sync was…good! Can I be honest, I may be spoiled from last season which gave me some AMAZING ones, with like maybe 3 that are not memorable, this season is hit and miss, but this was a hit! I thought for the song Jos was dressed to take me to church but she just dropped me off and maybe said hey to the church ladies and then took off before the sermon started; Adore? she took us to church and stayed and sang in the choir, a lot more energy which was needed for a big personality like Aretha.

    Who do I really think will be the next to go….toss up of Darinne/Adore/Courtney

    Adore: the judges love her but they hate she’s sloppy and not connecting the dots.

    Darienne: not wowing them, and getting the bitch edit which wouldn’t help her if she made top 3 cuz it sure didn’t help Roxxxy.

    Courtney: starting to get comfy, judges starting to recognize it

    • Yes, the LSFYL was a little underwhelming compared to last week’s. Whoever is up for elimination better seriously be bringing it this week.

      I agree with you on the possible eliminations. The only reason I think Adore might be through to the final is her screentime. Girl gets a LOT. Plus both Darienne & Courtney are getting a little bit of the nasty edit. Not as much as a Roxxy or a Phi Phi, but there’s some shade there nonetheless.

      My conspiracy theory/prediction is this – Bianca will help Adore make the ‘from scratch’ outfit because she wants to beat Adore fair & square – not just because she can’t assemble a garment. But first, Adore will cry a lot. That’s not a prediction, that’s what I saw in the first 10 minutes on the Logo TV App. 😉

      • Truth Ruth,

        Adore’s face time is aplenty so the odds of her going home teeter. But with this costume challenge looming I worry if she can cut it…no pun. But if she kills it in the lip-sync if she is in the bottom then that’s how it goes, I do love that Ru will save who she thinks is best despite how many times they lip-sync, at that point, its ALL about the performance!

        I agree with your conspiracy my dear, that’s why Bianca didn’t give opposite brides to the girls she’s like if I’m beating you I want you at your best so you know I beat you fair and square, can’t knock that style! I can’t believe it’s getting down to the nitty gritty, this season is truly FLYING by!

  2. I agree about Dela deserving the win-I love Bianca, she’s my absolute favorite and has been since her first episode, but Dela really turned it out in my opinion. Also to me Bianca sort of looked like she wasn’t even surprised she won, like she expected it. Only surprised at the prize, not the win. Like I said, LOVE Bianca, but girl don’t get too cocky! I’ll be curious to see how Dela fares next week with a costume-making challenge. Adore seems like she’s not long for this competition, I can’t see her doing well in the “ball” episode with 3 costumes to impress with. Also next week is the last episode before the final music video-making one-so are they gonna have a top 4 in the music video or a double elimination next week…?

    • I think in the next episode we’re going to see Bianca tested to see if she’s gotten too cocky. I agree that Adore shouldn’t do well on the ball challenge, but I have a feeling we’re setting up for some kind of redemption for her. Maybe Bianca will help her create an outfit? IDK. What I do know is that Adore has gotten a TON of air-time and Darienne really hasn’t, so I’m assuming Darienne will go. Courtney has also started to get the bitch edit, so I could see a ‘shocking’ elimination there. It should be a VERY interesting episode!

  3. Ben should have won the past 2 challenges. I don’t care if s/he is making the same dress over and over. It’s fabulous! And Court ney or Darriene should go home next.

    • I liked Ben’s dress as well but it seems like this challenge was MADE for Bianca. And maybe Ru is trying to see if Bianca gets cocky or not, as he did with BenDeLa.

  4. Ben should have won that challenge, and Courtney should go home next, or Darriene.

    • I don’t know if she will, though. They’ve invested a LOT of screen time on her, which leads me to believe she’ll be in the finale. The one left that hasn’t gotten a lot of screen time is Darienne. Maybe there will be a final 4?

  5. My darling ruthie, I’ll give you my full synopsis in a bit, I’ve just started watching after work but can I just say…I TOTALLY HAD THIS EPISODE PEGGED LAST WEEK!!!!!!! I sooooo wish I woulda put $$$ down on this, my instincts were so on tune for this one! Too cool right??

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