Naked And Afraid Recap: Episode 6 “Meltdown In Bolivia”

Welcome to the Season 2 finale of Naked and Afraid. I’m sad this season is so short; six episodes is simply not enough!!

UPDATE: Read Recap of Naked and Afraid Season 3, Episode 1- Namibia Here

I am sure that Naked and Afraid producers made an original 13 episodes and had to split them up once they saw the great ratings. Last season had six hourlong episodes, two “Bares All” recap episodes, and a two-hour, two-couple special episode. This season, the six episodes have been 75 minutes long, and are followed by the disastrous live show, Naked After Dark. The show is currently casting for a new season (apply here) so I’m sure it’ll return as soon as they can get more episodes shot, edited and blurred.

Naked and AfraidHave you ever wanted to visit Bolivia? Read this, and get ready for …
Searing humidity and heat during the day
Frigid temperatures at night
Wild winds from El Nino
Flash flooding caused by tropical storms
Fleur de lance snakes
Giant poisonous spiders

Let’s meet the crazy kids on this week’s all-expense-paid Bolivian vacation …

Vincent Pinto, Age 49, Arizona, Married. Wilderness Survival Instructor and Naturalist
Skills: Rope-making, identifying wild edible and useful plants, natural shelters, natural navigation, flint-knapping and stone-age tools, primitive fire-making, plant identification, primitive hunting and trapping, hide tanning, wildlife tracking. Claims he’s one of the best in the world at making fire.

Vince: “I just want to fall off the face of the earth”

Sabrina Mergenthaler, Age 30, Married. Mother of 3, Homemaker and entrepreneur. Wiccan, so she feels close to nature.
Skills: Plant identification, wood crafting, tracking.

Sabrina has a lot of tattoos.

Sabrina says that at home the man hunts and the woman does the dishes. She wants those roles to be the same here. I want to rip my fingernails out.

Vince names their team “Team Two-can.” I hate him already.

Personal Survival Item
Vincent- container for two sticks to make fire. Did they run out of orange fire starters?
Sabrina- hatchet. Speechless. Enjoy filleting a fish with your hatchet, Paulina Bunyan.

I feel like these two are doomed.

Primitive Survival Rating: PSR
based on skill, experience, mental toughness
Vincent-8.2 out of 10, Sabrina-6.7 out of 10

Poll: Which Naked And Afraid Couple Was Your Favorite?

Naked And Afraid

Day 1,
Vincent is a wilderness teacher, so he loves to share his knowledge. But, he won’t stop talking!!
Sabrina’s butt is already sunburned!!
Thankfully, she has hair almost to her waist, which not only covers her chest, it covers her shoulders, keeping them out of the sun.

Vincent has a bald head, so the only hair protecting his body is his impressive man-pelt.

Day 2,
Bolivia is hot. And they have no water.
Sabrina is dehydrated and while her stomach clenches, Vincent finds her some eucalyptus leaves for her to chew on. Bitter things can help settle your stomach. I know a few bitter people who must have very calm stomachs.
They stumble upon the most beautiful waterfall I’ve ever seen. It must be 200 feet tall. Sabrina prances like a naked Disney Princess right into the water.

I will eat my hat. Vincent is a fire whisperer. Sorry for bagging on you about your prowess with your stick.

Two sticks-1, orange lighters -0

And the rain begins. They are in a box canyon, surrounded by tall limestone cliffs on three sides, they run the risk of being caught in a flash flood.

Day 3,
Vincent: “If I talk too much, tell me to shut up.” Can I tell him to shut up for you, Sabrina?

Day 5,
Vince leaves the base camp without telling Sabrina to camouflage himself to go hunting and foraging.
Vince makes some sweet love to some shallow water. And tries to throw rocks at a bird.
He finds a baby falcon and kills it while talking to the camera. Creepy! But also awesome!
Back at the camp, Sabrina is pissed that Vincent left without telling her. But is amped at the food. Yay baby falcon meat. Mmmm!

Sabrina, “MMmmm, I can’t believe you caught this …”
Vincent just looks into the camera with a cold, baby falcon-killing stare.

Day 8,
Vince heads out on another hunt. Sabrina stays behind to make a pentacle wreath and cast spells of “protection.” Blank stare from me. This witch stuff is so bizarre. Not sure who is winning “The Annoying Game” so far.

Day 10,
Sabrina and Vince have the hungries. Sabrina thinks that Vince “As a Man, needs to step it up.” I see a lot of Vince hunting, and a lot of Sabrina standing and watching.

Day 11,
More rain is headed toward Vince and Sabrina. We’ll see if they get flooded out. ‘Cause they don’t have a plan B.

Day 12,
Sabrina and Vince are hunkered down in their shelters. I say shelter with an “S” because it seems that they hate each other so much that they have separate shelters. Either that, or one of them has wicked gas.

Day 14,
The waterfall is gushing. The more water coming over that waterfall, the greater likelihood that they’ll get flooded.

Day 15,
Vince wakes up at night with pain stabbing his body. Sabrina calls the medics.

The medical team finds signs of dehydration, malnourishment, and fatigue, but he is cleared to continue the survival adventure.

Day 16,
Vince is still doubled over in agony. He has a deal with his wife that he will tap out if he feels like his life is in jeopardy. He taps out, leaving Sabrina alone. Way to tough it out, wilderness survival teacher!  Way to throw your wife under the bus, her and her “your life is so important” deal. Boo!!!

Sabrina misses her kids, and we know that that is not good. Sabrina says her husband told her that she isn’t allowed to tap out. That is the only thing keeping her from tapping out. I am afraid of Sabrina’s husband and wonder if Sabrina the naked witch can send her broom to pick up her kids for a quick Bolivian fly-by?

Day 18,
Sabrina draws a smiley face on a rock that looks like a mushroom and talks to it. She likes Mushroom Man better than Vince. Me too.  But I’m sad that she didn’t name him WILSON!!!!

Sabrina prays to The Goddess for help getting food. And fails at fishing. She finds a parrot head, you heard me, a parrot’s head and decides to eat it. YUCK!

Day 20,
Sabrina’s stomach hurts. Is her tummy angry because she ate the parrot head? My tummy is angry at her for eating the parrot head. Still so grossed out by it.

Commercial break

During the commercial break, We see a commercial for the new season of Naked and Afraid.
Naked and Afraid returns Sunday, June 22. OMG, I can hardly wait. It is like the best birthday present ever!

Sabrina is still in abdominal pain. The pain is on her right side, which is never good. Appendicitis? They evacuate her. She is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. At the hospital, it is determined that she doesn’t have appendicitis, but she is admitted and her survival experience is over, one day short. What a bummer!!!  I am wondering if she just was faking. I can fake a lot of things, I can pretend that I like a terrible birthday gift, I can pretend that I like your new dress, I can pretend that I have a headache when I am just really tired and if I was miserable enough, I am pretty sure I could pretend that my appendix was about to burst. I watched enough episodes of ER and Grey’s Anatomy to know that a burst appendix is mega serious, and saying that your right side hurts is a guaranteed ticket back to civilization. That would totally be my M.O.

Even though he only lasted 16 days, Vince lost 20 pounds, After 20 days, Sabrina lost 10 pounds.

Mr. Scary-Voice Narrator tells us that after being home for a month, and still feeling terrible, Vince was diagnosed with three tropical diseases, including falciparum malaria, which is the most deadly type of malaria.

Sabrina’s PSR raised from a 6.7 to 7.5, Vince’s PSR fell from 8.2 to 7.6.

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  1. We’re in the second season now, but my DVR recorded this old show…when I saw it was Vince the Prince and Witchy Woman, I remembered how these motley fools fared and watched it again… In retrospect, I hope they both know learned something from the experience…WW had a LOT to learn…The Prince had some skills, but was clearly over-sold on his own arrogance…aside from that human flaw, not much you can do about malaria, ticks, and rat bacteria…(unless it was in the water). I’ve dealt with malaria while in West Africa, kinda stinks.

  2. First, I don’t think anyone was busting on ‘wiccan’ and the religion. The person was merely describing the female Sabrina. But that person did have a point instead of making charms she should have been making something to catch food in ! So stop making it about something it is not. Second, She was, useless and remained useless until the end! I mean she clearly can’t act and we all had seen through the drama mamma beginning with the, turn to the camera and squint her eyes and blow like she was giving birth scene . I don’t know about you but when Vincint, (which by the way, I think he got the shaft too, he put in a genuine effort. Shown some survival techniques AND he did make the fire as he claimed he could). Sabrina was a joke! Straight up joke. After Vince’s tapped … Her fake crying and what was that comment ? something about her husband wanted her to continue ? She knew she couldn’t make the extraction the next day because she would have had to do it all on her own. The whole “I’m doing it for you honey” that she mouthed to the camera ? If she tried to get people to look at her and be sympathetic, just, for me at least, looked at her as pathetic… I mean at least she thought a little while she wondered around in circles until extraction, and then it came to her… Since she couldn’t let her husband down, and she knew she couldn’t make it, (because making it would mean she would have to have some skill…any skill!) So instead of being marked as a utter failure to the whole world AND her husband she weighed her odds (at 20 days… who does that, I don’t know about you but I’d be draggin my nasty, smelly, starved, dehydrated, bruised ass to wherever, extraction was after going through 20 days of hell… Right?) I mean she couldn’t even look into the camera when the drama mamma started… Now I didn’t pay attention to muscles clinching or anything like that, but the whole dropping in a lump on the sand, rolling, moaning, I mean come on…. And when the medics picked her up…not a peep! Her fake rolling the eyes like she was going in and out of consciousness still not a peep…when they moved her to the ER bed and lifted her up and over on the bed….not peep. I don’t if you all caught the last part but there was nothing found….I mean N. O. T. H. I. N. G. just that she was weak which compromised her immune system. Newsflash: ANYONE who is weak will have a compromised immune system! Not like poor Vince who’s tests came back positive! 3 times! Not to mention he went, what 11 or so days and lost 20 pounds and she went 20 days and lost….10! WTFrick how does his score go down and hers goes up? He at least tried. She, on the other hand…not so much. She has in one swoop personified every reservation men have with women when it comes to survival. It’s like she walked straight out of the lop sided view of men who think women cannot survive or handle extreme situations. And that pisses me the heck off because she did it, and she had no shame at all while she was doing it! There are women survivalist who truly do have the skill and talents to survive and thrive in an extreme survival situation. She should be ashamed. She didn’t achieve anything. I’m not a nature survivalist but I am a highly decorated female a military combat veteran of the two most recent wars. A different type of extreme survival entirely, but a survivor just the same and overcoming the normal beliefs of women in a combat related field was ‘bear’ enough for me. We (women in combat related fields) are changing the world views of women and women in combat, which I equate, to a certain degree the same in extreme survival situations. I am offended by her conduct as a women. Not to mention insulted because she thought we all stupid enough to believe her act! She should be ashamed of herself. And instead of kicking Vince in the balls, she should kick herself in the ass!

  3. Okay, caught this episode right before the commercial where the medic checked out the guy. Going forward, the guy has three deadly diseases and the useless chick fakes…yes FAKES a side pain. I’m shaking my head at all these comments nailing the guy and the dumb ass, useless wicca chick clearly is faking because she’s alone and can’t take care of herself (prior comments people made about her useless statue survival mode).

    Point #1…she’s moaning yet not a muscle is clenched in her body as she lays there. As soon, just literally as soon as the medic starts the ‘Are you okay…’ the screams of pain occur yet no tears, no clenching, no shaking, no sweating (sweating, okay if shes dehydrated but she was clearly crying talking about her kids sooo….).

    Point #2…as soon as she’s in the ‘care’ of the medics aka being carried on the backboard, her eyes are clear, her face is relaxed, no outwardly signs of pain anywhere…in FACT she never again even lets out even a slight whimper. Then has the gall to say she wants to kick the guy in the balls to show what real pain is? Clearly from a psych point thats projecting…clearly blames the guy for her failure and pussed out.

    Point #3…the amount of time that passed was absolutely faked (like this whole show is)

    Rating after the what 10 mins I watched…mild interst rating of 4.5 dropped down to .03 based upon complete fabrication and even with a script, support group (film crew with catered meals…oh yes, do some searching on this ‘survival’ show…I mean as they state clearly in fine print, ‘entertainment’ based show) she was still enough of a pussy to bow out 5 hours after the guy leaves.

    FOr all those whose who watch these types of shows, thanks for adding to the decline and eventually destruction of the human race. You are a Kim Kardashian entitled ignorant tool. Thanks and toodles.

  4. Kellie Freeze……

    I DVR’d this episode and am watching right now.

    I must say your commentary above is freakin’ hilarious and spot on.

    I’m starting to love this show based on your articles. Do you review “Naked Dating”?……because I believe I could love that show as well.

  5. This will be my third, and probably last review of episodes of N & A. After all, what’s left to say about something that is the same every time? The contestants arrive in their individual transport, (car, boat, or truck so far from the three or four episodes I’ve seen), strip naked, and wander off looking totally lost. But then, coincidentally, they come together, face to face, right at the spot where their tote bags are conveniently hanging on a tree limb nearby. Did the following camera crews point out the way? They’re not supposed to interact right? If the contestants couldn’t find each other, I assume there is a second crew to follow their individual treks.
    Then comes the obligatory jokes about being naked, (“Oh, I see we wore the same thing.” One woman said.) Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve watched the jiggling rears of the women as they make their way to the meeting point. I haven’t seen a bad one yet, so I wonder… is that part of the selection process? After all, Naked is the word in the title that draws the audience.
    They then open their canvas bags to see what the one survival item they’re allowed to help them survive the next 21 days. Invariable, the man brings a cutting device, machete seems to be the favorite, and the woman often selects a fire starting implement, also a good choice. I’ve wondered what would happen if they each chose the same gadget. (“Ah, mister producer behind the camera, can I exchange my duplicate machete for the Bic cigarette lighter you have in your pocket?”) Oh, there is also a small handheld video camera in each bag. I assume they are waterproof so they won’t fail in the middle of the night as the contestants make selfie videos shivering in the freezing rain that is leaking through the inadequate shelters they have built.
    In one shot the contestants introducing themselves into their cameras catch the main crew trying to duck out of the background. It’s been described as ‘minimal.’ We clearly see the rather large, professional looking camera as well as the boom mike as they scamper away. There is clearly a third person, the director I assume, the person who scratches out the name of the world’s most deadly snake from the last script and pencils in the current world’s most deadly; also the person who keeps the contestants from deviating from the plot.
    Speaking of deviating, there is a map in one of the bags that shows the naked people where they should go to start their survival trek and where their eventual ride home will be waiting should they have the fortitude to get there. Extraction point they call it. GPS readings are not included it seems. Speaking of it, the retrieval vehicle never seems to have any food or water which I’m sure the naked people would be about ready to kill for. How thoughtless. I forgot, there was a bag of chips for one but we’ll never know the brand because the name was blurred out.
    After watching nearly a dozen more episodes in Sunday’s marathon I see no reason to change my mind on the show’s general purpose, especially the matching of alpha males with their partners. Chris in the Dominica episode proves the point early on as he walks to meet Corinne saying he hopes she’s good looking and that the only thing better would be two naked chicks. His overbearing attitude drives her off the show mid-way through.
    Another male chauvinist rears his ugly head in the episode that pits a military officer with a former enlisted female marine. (Damn cute one I will say.) She pegs him right when she makes the aside comment that as an officer he’s only able to give orders and expecting her to do the work. I’m so over loaded with all the similar plots that I don’t know what their location was.
    What was billed as the new episode for Sunday proved to be nothing more than a series of clips from various shows, so I guess they are running out of new material. Just as well.
    Throughout the promos there was a mention of an episode where the contestants both tapped out in a couple of days and another pair was brought in. If I recall, they were an experienced couple.
    Anyway, I’ll leave this show to those who enjoy watching people make themselves as miserable as humanly possible while trying to avoid poisonous snakes and malaria; oh, and sometimes making banana leaf bras so the production crew won’t have a hard time blurring out the good parts. Speaking of that, why not shrink the blurring to at least show a little cleavage for the ninety percent of the viewers who just want more skin?

  6. I thought that the witch was disappointing. She seemed unable to identify any plants worth note or make any food. Even a worm broth would have been more useful than making charms. I think that the producers should be held accountable to putting people clearly with clearly counter viewpoints to survival like the man should supply all the food. If she had learned to fish from her parner maybe she could have actually need useful after he left not sit about and starve painting rocks!

  7. I normally don’t comment on shows or anything, but I feel like vincent got a bad rap. The guy is 49, was in great shape, knew his stuff, and did everything. The woman did absolutely nothing.
    When he was ill, I was like, ‘whoa. He got a really bad disease.”
    The idiot medic came over and cleared him to go on. At that point, I foolishly believed that Vincent was just weak. But then it turns out that he had THREE DEADLY DISEASES! I immediately went from having little respect for him to having massive respect for him. I can’t imagine how bad he felt, near death, laying in the middle of a hot jungle surrounded by idiots. And fortunately, he had the sense to ignore the idiot medic’s diagnosis and tap out.

    • That witch chick was useless…..and as idiotic as the “alpha-males” in the other shows who claim their job is to hunt and bring home food and wind up only catching worms and bivalves most of the time.

      The best idiot was the guy who brought diving goggles but was afraid to swim in an ocean.

  8. Fucked up. It’s one thing to be in a truly dire survival situation where your life on the line. But these reality TV shows of survival situations are not examples of truly dire situations. The networks won’t let someone die. Therefore, there is no excuse for killing innocent life. I’m sick of these rediculous shows going into these amazing environments and destroying the innocent wildlife. For what, to get ratings by appealing to the feeble minded idiots who take pleasure in killing things? Human beings have been blessed as the most intelligent life on planet earth, this is not a right to destroy, it’s a responsibility to protect the innocent life and environments that make life on earth so beautiful and amazing. And now television networks have sadly become part of the problem. The strongest among us protect life because it’s very easy to destroy life, but it’s not always easy to take a stand to protect it. The world is being destroyed people, if we continue to let the feeble minded destroy it we will only have ourselves to blame. Thanks for reading this, I know it’s a bit extensive for this forum. RF

    • No offense, but I find this attitude flawed. Either humanity is the great evil, destroying the world, or the great savior, protecting it. Nature is neither so weak, nor so needy. Yes, we ought to be responsible with our impact on nature, but that doesn’t mean we should separate ourselves and place ourselves above it. We’re part of nature, not its enemy or its keeper. Too many have forgotten that.

      Also, what is the difference between killing an animal in the wild, and buying meat from the supermarket? Well I will tell you – the difference is that the people at the supermarket are having someone else do their “dirty work” for them, which breeds a true disrespect for the animals that die so that we can eat. Hunting for food is not destroying the environment, it is breeding gratitude and acknowledging one’s own place in the food chain.

    • For the Vegans and others who think it’s wrong to eat meat, I’ll like you to do this: Look in a mirror and smile. You’ll see your eyes are together and focused forward. This is nature’s way of making you a more efficient predator. Also, you will see your canines, another of nature’s tools to help you eat meat.

  9. i think sabrina was a great survivor. at least she didn’t tap out like that idiot vince. Oh and btw to boogatt66 i have several friends who are homeschooled and they are not weird at all. and i happen to be a wiccan and there is nothing wrong with our religion.

    • He left cause he got infected with Falciparum Malaria (mosquito), Spotted Fever (tick), and Leptospirosis (rat). It’s amazing he’s still alive in a hospital, let alone the jungle.

      Witchcraft delves in the demonic spiritual world. You communicate and call upon spirits you know little about. They will destroy you. Come out of that dark world, as the spirit of the living God calls you to dwell with him. Come out before it is too late.

    • Sabrina was nothing but a cry baby and she got sick after she ate the bird head and also her husband told her not to tap out he was living it up while she was gone I don’t blame him shes such a big baby her husband wanted her to loose weight that’s why he wanted her to go

      • Had the same thought about the husband probably telling her to not to tap out early so he could live it up at home a little longer.

        Also had the same that about that bird head probably making her sick… at first. But then when she went from writhing and wailing as if she had an acute life-threatening infection or ruptured appendix to not grimacing or whimpering at all as they carried her back towards food and a warm comfy bed to sleep in that night it became clear to me that I’d probably just witnessed one of the most amazing cry-baby acting jobs ever by anyone over age two.

    • Notice when he left, SHE DIDN’T EAT. And when she finally found something to eat, she poisoned herself.

      I’m sorry Storm, did we watch the same show? The whole show he was hunting, while she did NOTHING. He left because it was a life or death situation. You are yet another idiot.

      She lost 10 pounds in 20 days, while he lost twice as much in16 days because he actually foraged. THE ONLY reason she stayed was because he left her with shelter and fire HE created. Idiot.

  10. Why in the hell would they kill a BABY falcon? I know that they are starving, but don’t kill the baby who has so much life to live, try to find some plants and roots to eat instead! This show is for entertainment, but it is NOT entertaining for people to kill animals. Curse that man!

    • One thing my grandmother always taught me, its kinder to kill the babies than the mommies. If you kill the adults, the babies die too – a far crueler way to die – whereas killing the babies leaves the adults, who can survive on their own to reproduce again.

      I see no difference between killing a bird in the wild, and buying a pack of chicken wings from the supermarket, except that the person who kills their own meat has the integrity to face and acknowledge the fact that they are taking a life in order to eat – and it produces a greater measure of gratitude. It takes a measure of courage to look your food in the eye before you kill it.

    • Dude… Really? It’s a bird. They had to eat. A falcon is not a greater bird than a chicken or ostrich, it’s not smarter than a pig, not friendlier than a cow…. It has no legacy to pass on to its children. I’m all against animal cruelty, but this was killing to eat, and no different than any other meat.

  11. Maybe the Orange Breasted Falcon is endangered for a very good reason – the mothers leave their babies in plain sight and in-reach for an idiot like Vince to capture it! I mean really! Vince was throwing rocks at animals to try and catch them. I say survival of the fittest. If Vince was able to get that baby Falcon, it was only a matter of time before an semi-intelligent animal came by and got itself a snack. True, it was pretty creepy how Vince killed the bird, but no need to make a big deal about this. Totally think the anteater kill from a previous season was much worse.

    • I’m sure some Orange Breasted Falcons are predated on when they fledge but that is not the reason for them being endangered. I’m sure most of us have seen a baby robin that has just fledged on the lawn without it mother around. These birds get stronger and eventually make their way back into the trees. The same is true with Falcons that end up on the ground. Most make it back into the trees before being killed by other predators. If predation of fledglings was such a big problem, maybe robins would be endangered also.

      For me, Naked and Afraid is nothing more than a show for entertainment value. The Orange Breasted Falcon is an endangered species that is protected under Bolivian Law. The bottom line is the people on this show are not going to starve to death and with that in mind, how can the violation of laws be tolerated for entertainment purposes?

      Now if this was a true survival situation and you don’t know if you are ever going to find another meal then quit frankly, I don’t care if you eat the last Orange Breasted Falcon living on the face of the Earth. You do what you have to do to survive. You don’t break laws for entertainment.

  12. Leo you nailed it. Vince was a tool, but at least he had skills. He complained of pain and the medics took vitals and said your fine. Turns out he had malaria!!!! HE ends up tapping out because the medics failed at the diagnosis. Sabrina then complains of pains and they rush her to the hospital and feed her. What a crock. His rating goes down and hers goes up. Biggest joke of an episode yet. And i agree with the other poster, why wasn’t vince on the after dark to explain stuff LIVE like here. totally one sided.

  13. The Falcon killed in this episode is an Orange Breasted Falcon a very rare species. Organizations are spending a fortune to breed this rare Falcon in captivity for reintroduction in Central America. This Falcon is also protected by Bolivian Law. Remember this is a show, there are camera men sound men and others following the actors around. They most certainly are carrying food. This is not a mater of life or death except for the rare Orange Breasted Falcon. Someone should point this illegal killing to Bolivian Government Officials. HOW OBSENE !!!!!

    • Kenny,
      I never even considered your point! Is someone who is “surviving” on a TV show justified in killing an endangered/protected species? Does the show have an obligation to stop a participant if they catch a rare species? So thought provoking!

      • When making a movie where animals are used members of the ASPCA are on the set looking out for the animals we being. You would think that Discovery would hire a Bolivian Biologist to make sure Discovery Chanel would not harm a protected species. All Falcons of all species are endangered in Bolivia. I think Discovery Chanel needs admit their mistake on air, pay a fine to the Bolivian Government. and donate a large sum of money to a Conservation Organization like the Peregrine Fund who works around the world saving endangered Birds of Prey. They are responsible for bringing the Peregrine Falcon back from the rink of extinction. Because of their work the Peregrine Falcon is back and was taken off the Endangered species list. Then something positive will come from this act of obsenity

    • As you pointed out..this is a TV show…could the killing of the rare precious falcon just be an act? Meaning they made it look like they killed the bird, and in reality it was either not the rare species and some other bird, or it was another bird that looked like the breasted whatever you call it and WHY are we now talking about a bird!?! I am sure the producers of the show looked into all the laws and such BEFORE this show went on and made sure no laws and policies or regulations would be broken but on the other hand if it is a life and death situation as this show claims to be old you think, if you were starving… “Oh can’t kill that bird bird because it’s rare and indangered so ….I’ll pass”. Or better yet “oh there’s the rare a endangered breasted falcon (like you’d know all the birds) and I’ll just die of starvation because they are endangered” Come on….

  14. Why was Vince not on the stupid naked after dark episode? I missed it and watched it online but he was not on there. These two were the worst two contestants yet, a blowhard and a whiny weirdo. Anyone who Home schools is self righteous and completely selfish and their children end up being weird. I feel bad for them though to be around that pain in the ass all day, it’s not their fault Mommie’s a freak!

    • for your information there is nothing wrong with homeschooling or wicca and i think you are just a prejudice asshole

    • I assume that means you were homeschooled, you self-righteous hater. And I sure as hell hope you’re one the lineup as one of the contestants on this show, since the way you’re talking, you can obviously do so much better. Put up or shut up, you whiny blowhard.

  15. Sabrina’s overall rating went up? What a crock! She did nothing but sit there for 19 days while Vince did everything. Vince may have been an arrogant blowhard who’s constant boasting of his skills showed a sad need for personal validation. Maybe Daddy never hugged him when he was a child. Regardless, his arrogance is what predictably cost him. Sabrina on the other hand did nothing but weave a star and paint a face on a rock. Oh she did manage to get some wood for the fire that Vince started and left behind. Who’s rating this. I had faith in the ratings until this episode.
    This woman showed no survival skills to support her rating.

    • she sat there and wanted him to wait on the wicca princess I stopped watching the show for a while all because of Sabrina I hope they never put anybody back on there like her cause she was awlful

    • I think we should boycott Sabrina the witch (yea, couldn’t resist, for all the old school people out there who remember the TV show “Bewitched ” oh…oh… Not to mention “Sabrina the teenage witch) overall PSR to PissPoor…. I feel sorry for her he’s getting all kinds of flack over this whole thing. Ah fame…a many splendid thing…..NOT

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