Abby’s Studio Rescue: new Abby Lee Miller reality series will premiere in June on Lifetime

UPDATE: The premiere of Abby’s Studio Rescue has been moved to June 24 at 9/8CT on Lifetime.

While it’s fairly common knowledge that Pittsburgh dance coach and studio owner Abby Lee Miller conceived her Lifetime reality hit Dance Moms as a means of climbing out of debt after filing for bankruptcy in December 2010, she’s getting ready to give other dance studio owners on-camera business advice in the new Lifetime reality show Abby’s Studio Rescue, which will premiere June 24 at 9pm ET/PT.

Abby's Studio Rescue

According to a Lifetime press release, the seven-episode series — from the folks who brought you Dance Moms and Hell’s Kitchen — will feature Miller crisscrossing the country to salvage struggling dance studios.

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A studio owner since 1980, Abby knows running a business can be full of challenges and she is ready to give them the tools they need to take their studios and dancers to the next level,” the release reads. “Whether it’s fine-tuning choreography, finding the right staff, scheduling classes, tweaking dances, dealing with overbearing moms or even renovating the studio space, Abby’s Studio Rescue will help them all raise the bar.”

There has been no official word on what Abby’s Studio Rescue might mean for the second half of Dance Moms Season 4 — or the future of the show in general — in the wake of the recent legal brouhaha between Miller and former cast member Kelly Hyland.

Miller previously spun off her brand successfully with Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition while Dance Moms was between seasons.

Abby’s Studio Rescue premieres June 24 at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime.

Lifetime photo by Scott Gries.


  1. Jesus i can’t believe anybody would allow this on tv .These women shouldn’t be allowed to have kids no alone be around them .This bitch that runs the show i pitty anybody that has to be around her .They should all be charged with child porn ,these kids all puttied up are looking like young hookers .These women are not in their right minds .Their kids should be taken from them

  2. Is this new show starting tomorrow or June 24th? It is not listed in the tv guide for tomorrow. Thank you.

  3. The Krystle Beck Dance Company will be one of the 7 studios features on Abby’s Studio Rescue. Follow us on twitter @KBDC on Instagram @krystlebeckdanceco and be sure to like us on facebook and follow the Journey to a winning team on Abby’s Studio Rescue Premiering this summer on Lifetime!

  4. I doubt this new show will go anywhere. Hopefully, Abby will humble up a little when she sees the low ratings for the show.

  5. ARE YOU KIDDING ? Who doesn’t know how fantastic Abby Lee Miller is to the world of dance for children and beyond? There was a time when all the hard work it takes to become a dancer was totally unrecognized. Debbie Allen was the 1st to make DANCING a vehicle. ABBY LEE MILLER has taken dance to world through a reality mainstream. Please don’t let her down ! WATCH THE SHOE……as in dance shoes….and all the beautiful dancers that fill those shoes. THE SHOW WILL GO ON !

  6. This might be the ticket to taking that bitch down a few pegs. Who is going to watch, just her? I doubt it will pull much in the ratings. Let the bitch find out nobody wants to watch HER.

  7. Abby’s advice on how to save a studio in just TWO EASY STEPS:

    Step One: Find a mom who’s sleeping with a rich guy, and get them to bail you out.

    Step Two: Find a company to give you a reality show, and start berating small children.

  8. Sounds really boring. I’ll take a pass on this one.

    I would like to see a show about Brooke and Paige though. Wasn’t it Brooke’s highschool that had that recent stabbing attack? Was she there, was she hurt?

  9. No thanks!

    This is just too ridiculous for words. In no way do I see Abby Lee as a successful studio owner. If you have to develop a reality show to bail yourself and your studio out of bankruptcy, you are not a successful studio owner, you are a successful reality show developer.

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