MTV’s “Awkward.” Returns For Senior Year

Awkward. Kellie Freeze

Awkward.MTV’s teen dramedy Awkward. premieres its newest season on Tuesday, April 15.  Season 4 chronicles senior year for fictitious Palos Hills High School, so what challenges will the gang face this year? I chatted with Greer Grammer, who plays vapid but sweet Lissa, for the details on senior year.

“We have college apps, college tours, class rankings come out, so it’s funny to see with all of Jenna’s misbehavior from last season where she is as far as school is concerned. There’s lots of fun stuff with Jenna and Tamara, and Jake and Tamara have their own thing, Jake kind of goes through a hippy-dippy movement. He starts playing guitar and writing songs and Lissa adopts a baby brother. So by “baby brother” we mean an 18-year old African male. Lissa starts off the year in Africa, so that’s hilarious.”

Grammer’s character Lissa has been on Awkward. since the pilot, but this season, Lissa’s role has been increased from reoccurring to series regular, which Greer loves, since she thinks of her cast mates as her other family. “We are really tight, which is really nice. Nikki DeLoach (who plays Lacey) was saying the other day that this will probably never happen again, having this tight-knit of a group. We all just get along so well.”

Grammer is no stranger to the acting industry; her dad is actor Kelsey Grammer. Both of Greer’s parents are involved in the entertainment industry, but asked her to think hard before becoming an actor. “They wanted to make sure I was doing it for the right reasons, not just to have cameras follow me around like they do my dad. They wanted to make sure I had a separation between the craft of acting and being a celebrity.” Hollywood is full of the offspring of famous faces, but Greer refuses to rely on her famous father to land roles, “I did it all on my own. I didn’t use my dad’s connections for help, I just had to go in and audition and get the jobs myself. Your name can only get you so far; you have to be able to do the work.” Greer also balances her role on Awkward. with her real job; she’s a senior at USC majoring in theater.

Check out Greer Grammer as Lissa and the rest of the Awkward. crew on Tuesday nights on MTV.

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