CMT announces Dog and Beth On the Hunt Season 2 premiere date

Dog and Beth On the Hunt Season 2 will premiere June 14 at 9pm ET/PT on CMT, the network has announced.

Season 2 will feature 15 hourlong episodes that spotlight world-famous bounty hunters Duane “Dog” and Beth Chapman, their son Leland Chapman and Leland’s 19-year-old son Dakota traveling across America to help other bondmen upgrade their knowledge, skills and equipment and — as the title suggests — hunt down some of the country’s most dangerous and elusive criminals.

dog and beth on the hunt season 2 cmt

Leland Chapman Dakota Chapman

According to CMT, the new season will feature Dog introducing the latest high-tech surveillance gear and ballistic gear, and a special episode in honor of Dog’s birthday.

Tell us what you like best about Dog and Beth: On The Hunt — the action, the education or the Chapman’s trademark tough-and-tender brand of justice!

Dog and Beth On the Hunt Season 2 premieres Saturday, June 14 at 9/8CT on CMT.

CMT photos: Andy Batt


  1. I love dog and Beth, I still watch them on A&E every week day. But I hate that Duane Lee and Baby Lyssa has no part of the new show. Yes Baby Lyssa made a bad choice in getting arrested in 2012, but I hope that isn’t the reason she is not part of the group. I freaking love Beth, and I know her and Duane Lee clashed a lot, but family is family. Just bring back the old show that A&E was so stupid to cancel

  2. We have been watching Dog from the beginning. We have always enjoyed watching them and their family! CMT’s new take on Dog & Beth traveling around the U.S. helping other bondsmen was ingenious and once again, we are hooked!!! 🙂

  3. I loved :Dog the Bounty Hunter: But watching EVERY episode of last year’s :Dog and Beth On The Hunt: was amazing. All of you are such an inspiration to every aspect of life. The way you all treat the people that you do arrest has brought back my trust that there are kind and loving people . I was sooo excited when I found out that you where going to have another season. There are so many time’s when I’m watching your show that Beth, Dog,Leland or any one on the show say’s something that effect’s my life in such a positive way. THANK ALL OF YOU FOR GIVING ME A BETTER OUT LOOK ON LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL

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