1. You know, you’re right about the lack of cruises… which is weird because Al & Chuck travel are featuring 2 Drag Race cruises this year. RPDR probably has so many companies clamoring for airtime that they’re trying to spread things around.

    Of course, when the challenge prizes were better the grand prize was smaller, so I suppose there’s a tradeoff there as well.

    You may be very happy with this upcoming lip-synch. That’s all I can say until after Monday’s episode. 😉

  2. Ready for round 2 Ruthie darling????

    Ok, so let’s start at the beginning of the episode…

    Well of course everyone wanted Dela to stay, she does have a GREAT personality and is probably funny as hell with no shady intentions about her so why wouldn’t u want that around?? Plus Darienne has already done her lip sync, they probably feel like because Ben didn’ SUCK at the commercial and because she’s been at the top, does that one mistake mean she gets to go home? That’s no doubt what Courtney meant. But as much as she was in Bendela’s corner, she was that far away from Joslyn’s! She’s just not feelin the girl, you can tell, but it’s sad cuz at the same time you can see the glitter fade away from Jos eye when she talks about Court cuz she sees that all Courtney glitters ain’t gold! poor thing.

    Luckily Ru came in with a chin-up…literally! I thought all the girls did well…except Adore….her eyes…how were hers the only ones that didn’t stay on???? I hate to say it but this is kinda the stuff around the edges that make her seem unpolished, like girl…you were the only one??? FRUSTRATING!!!!

    Happy for Jos, I think she one cuz her little blonde wig was adorbz and she had that lip sync to get your rebel on, on point! Plus for someone who’s been kinda coastin for me, its nice to see her win and have a little power over everyone’s fate for the main challenge! Good to see the shoe on the other for the Court/Jos situation, loved Court tryin to set up her like besties and Bianca called her out like…homegirl you just called her drag unfinished and are asking for special treatment? bitch, please! and happy to see Jos knew it and secretly agreed with Bianca.

    Although Court did try to play it shady that’s honestly just about the way I woulda set myself up…Bianca would have went first or last cuz you know she’s gonna kill it, if she had went first though that really would have been throwin someone under the bus so to play it semi fair she was like I know Bianca’s gonna win so why even try to make us get up to that level, just let the people end with a laugh ya know? Although I wouldn’t have put her as 2nd to Bianca…I woulda did 3rd to Bianca to ensure that the person before Bianca is remembered and not forgotten or ridiculed for not being as funny as her! Noticed the Bendela/Darienne stuff still going on…Darienne is really coming for my girl! But I loved that Ben just looked at her that time cuz I think she’s startin to see that Darienne is really not feelin her! But on with the show…

    Darienne actually did as good as I thought she would, after the reading challenge I knew she was quick on her feet and she’s not afraid to clock herself which made this a challenge for her. Had Bianca not won, this would have went to Darienne.

    I’m shocked my Bendela did horrible to the point of getting heckled…like YIKES. I feel like my girl is getting knocked off her game ever since Michelle made that comment, Bendela is hilarious…don’t know why it took her off her game but everyone gets those challenges so I guess this is hers, just happy she didn’t have to lip sync! And I really liked her runway, I don’t care what santino said, it was fun and flirty and red, #lovedit!

    Courtney…hers was…eh….now SHE’s startin to float cuz like Jos said, she’s startin to get a bit complacent acting as if rockin every challenge but safe is not first nor is it high looks either…so I now wish there was something that can really knock her on her butt cuz she’s startin a big head and where did it come from…

    Adore….eh….she’s startin to do coasting Adore like in the first 2 weeks with me, not in style, THANK GOD she’s startin to go with short skirts, suits her much better and I’m about 1000% she’s probably out of gowns but her talent and I loved that Ru said as much, your charisma is great and its saving you but I need the talent part, she was givin it to me for a minute but its startin to go down again…I need more!!!!! And her cmedy skit…kinda like last year with Detox…you can’t drop F bombs everywhere, like give the room some time to breath ya know?

    Trinity….wow she did WAY better than I thought…I’m really glad she’s appearing to come out her shell, I don’t know what confidence booster she’s been drinking, no doubt from the lakes of Bianca , but its doing WONDERS on her…she is now matching her talent not just in lip syncing but in the challenge itself and I gotta go with Ru that I’m proud!

    Bianca…winner winner, chicken dinner! Was there ever any doubt??!?!? Not much to say there and the fact that she gets a custom gown is nice cuz u know it won’t be wasted on her! Well deserved, well earned!

    Jos….oh jos….u sweet sweet girl…still, it was not funny, and theres nothing else I can say about that, I appreciate she tried a different look but it looked a little big on her. That being said she set the list up to try and play to her strength I think she took the 2nd to last place to kinda spite Courtney cuz that’s the spot she wanted and shame it didn’t work out in her favor.

    Laganja…and this is also how you can tell she was Alyssa’s baby, just not good at the comedy challenges as all. I mean she did a whole pot set to the freakin say no to drugs era…I just wanted to give her a tourniquets to stop the bleeding! I did appreciate her clown couture though!

    The Lipsync…DUAL SPLITS!!! I mean of course it was AMAZEBALLS, and I hate to say it BUT…jos did edge out Laganja just a bit, she does act kinda airheady sometime so she really worked it but I definitely felt for Ganja when she was like please don’t send me home, please don’t send me home, but I’m kinda glad Ru did cuz I don’t think she woulda been happy back in the completion with the other girls, especially if Jos was gone and she’s one of the main peace keepers, so I say bring on All stars…and if they really want to amp it up bring Alyssa and Laganja on in a mother daughter battle royale! It’d be SICKENING!!!!!

    Side notes…

    *Is it just me or is the prizes this time around good…but not as great as they were in season 4 and 5???? I mean the title and money are great if you win it but winning these challenges are suppose to make you want to win more, and so far….they’re good but not popping like last year, I mean the prize last runway??? some lotions and creams an soaps???? Just eh…where did the cruises go??? is everyone sea sick?? how about some dang plane fare or a train ticket,, I’d really like to know WTF I up with that ya know??

    *What is up with the lip syncs…we’re on week 8…and honestly there’s only been 1 GREAT one (I’m every woman)…and one really GOOD (whatta man) one and both were Trinity’s! This one was ok, gotta appreciate a Dual split but other than a few chuckles here and there I wasn’t wowed either, have all the good lipsyncing been done? am I so used to seeing it all that simply walkin back and forth does nothing for me anymore? Is every wig take off, costume change, split, death drop just gonna have me going GOOD not GREAT!?!!? Where are the AMAZING lip-syncs I have grown to love?!?!?! Where I ask you…where?

    ***I think the twists and turns with next week, SHOULD have Bianca doing good, if she doesn’t crack so many jokes on a person that they feel uncomfy since they’re suppose to be talk show hosts. Bendela should do good, she’s sweet, funny, and she seems like fun as a host, Darienne seems like she may do good not sure on that one, Trinity if she can keep her confidence level up then she’ll be ok, If she starts that doubt crap then its down the toilet. The guests may just be charmed by Courtney’s accent, but she better have some good questions for the guest and keep up the banter, Jos MAY do well her sweet ways might get her in good with guests if its a talk show or they may think she’s not all there and unorganized. Adore…this SEEMS like this might not be the challenge for her, but we’ve been surprised..look at Trinity so anythings possible. My guess for bottom though..Courtney/Jos/Adore and some combo of 2 but you never know!

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