1. Hola Ruth-thay-o!

    So we’re doubling down this week huh? That means you get twice my comments, you sure you ready for it cuz I’m comin at ya full force! hahahaha

    Well let’s not stop the train on pleasantries…let’s dissect this piece!

    First off, this episode shoulda warned me that I would need an umbrella for the amount of SHADE thrown!!!!! That being said….

    Ok so….the mini fruit challenge was…interesting?? I feel like this was one of those weeks where they were just like we need something fast and quick and kinda sexy and someone was like “what about feelin on fruits?” and Ru was like “Bingo! that’ll work!” The girls did a nice job on their nails however, I wonder if they actually painted them or if the all already had some nails ready to go and just added some more glitter and pom poms to them?? I know Laganaja probably had some nails set…she is after all the daughter of Alyssa- you better have your nails did- Edwards!

    The challenge pair was pure shade…I know Ru doesn’t know what goes on in the workroom, but I’m betting she asks who has some tension between them so they can pair up the girls like that. I hope you don’t mind my mini section on the queens, its the only way I can get through talkin about them without forgetting anything but this time I’ll go in groups since its getting smaller.

    Laganja and Adore: Overall I thinked they worked well together, surprisingly the show didn’t focus SO HARD on them, any my guess is cuz overall like Laganja said, they’ve worked together in the past, so honestly how hard was it gonna be. Their commercial was definitely cute, I think that’s the fishiest look I’ve seen for Laganja in the vid, and I kinda wanted to laugh when Ru and Michelle were asking Laganja to get more valley in her voice cuz I was like FOUL, not fair, Adore kinda talks like that anyways! hahaha. But overall it was good, BUT…I didn’t think it should have won, I think it should been considered a top, first place??? Not so much, was givin just as much side eye as Michelle V on that one. But then I was happy the prize wasn’t that fab so that the pair that I WANTED to win didn’t get shafted.

    Courtney and Jos: Ok…you know how I wasn’t feelin Jos…well, now I’m pushin for her more than Courtney…wow, miss Act is bringin the super shade Jos way! That was a real shocker cuz Jos is a sweetheart, I’ve always said that, even though when I thought she was coasting, but wow what a bummer to find out someone you looked up to is kinda a bitch! The digs Court was throwin Jos way was unnecessary, like the girl is on your team, you should at least be uplifting her until the challenge is won! I thought they should have lip-synced honestly! Their commercial did nothing for me and Just like Ben and Dairenne, most of the judges only like one partners look and that was so the case with Court and Jos…I am glad that Court stepped up her look a bit with something different, its still sexy and fishy, it’s just givin me something else and I think that’s what the judges want…not just swimsuit after swimsuit. Poor Jos in her too big mad hatter goes to the strip club look. I mean she has a bangin body, if I was that small,i’d probably where nothing BUT that…however, after they ate her up last week, this wasn’t the best choice…my guess is since they probably get a set list of possible outfits to bring..this was all she brought for black and white so…that’s the way the cookie crumble…but overall I definitely felt for Jos and appreciated that she worked well with Court despite the mini digs, shows she really is tryin to win but i’d still put my money on her for Miss Congeniality which ain’t bad cuz if last year is any indication then they get a pretty good gift!

    Bianca and Trinity: Though they didn’t want to work together, I like how their pairing worked out. Trinity really did seem to grow this episode and surprisingly so did Bianca with both noticing their ways might not always be the right way to go and learning to work it out and put your best foot forward. As far as the commercial goes…someone call the cops, cuz these girls got ROBBED!!!!! I though this shoulda been the first prize, I mean BAM, from the commercial start to finish, it was genius! Robbed, robbed…so robbed. But from the look on Bianca’s face and how Michelle gave Adore and Laganja shade, they knew who the real winners were and I loved Bianca’s expressing how proud she is of Trinity, that is amazing and shows the whole baddest bitch act she has is just that, an act, she’s a real person with real feelings and genuinely cares and I think Trinity has a tru friend in Bianca…just don’t call her collect! haha

    Bendela and Darienne: Oh man….these 2. First off I love my Bendela…I really don’t think she understand where Darienne’s shade is coming from and honestly neither do I! Don’t know if cuz Gia’s gone they just want Darienne to seem like an a$$hole, but no joke, that is how she is coming off. Bendela said that one joke about winning and suddenly she’s too hot to handle??? that seems like you’re grasping at reasons to dislike someone, and I’m not sure if its workroom drama or outside, cuz although Darienne didn’t want to admit it, If I was pairing queens I’d put them together cuz they do seem similar, perhaps not in style but in character. If Darienne continues her “I hate Bendela” club I hope they show a real reason or give us a Roxxxy like confession when she was hatin on Jinkx for no real reason except to say she felt like she was measuring up so she wanted to tear her down (Didn’t work obvi!) But as far as their commercial went…I didn’t hate it. Reminded me of some Jennifer Coolidge, crazy cougar types who I have seen on the town, got hit on by a few of them too (they love black girls who can dance, haha) but I thought they should be safe, I really didn’t expect them to get the bottom 2, and the only reason I think they didn’t is cuz the judges liked the way Jos and Court LOOKED in their vid, and Bendela and Darienne were givin us crazy botox faces, guess like the real thing, it’s just not for everyone!

    Now to your questions:
    1.) Should both team members have won the challenge? they did, Laganja and Adore get to split some no doubt expensive but kinda lame cosmetic washes and facial lotions…no joke, that’s kinda the lamest prize this show has ever given out and that’s by season 1 standards too. But I guess boys in make-up need quality stuff ensure their skin is taken care off, kinda like we actors/actresses on stage need to make sure after you cake on that stage makeup that you still have a face once to take it all off, nothing like cold cream though, and that you can get at CVS!

    2,) Should Bendela have been saved? Well if you had asked Darienne at that moment, she probably would have said no, but in my opinion…hellllllllllllllllll yeah!!!!!!!! This is one trip up my girl has made among being a top contender in this competition, this is the time you use your get out of jail free card! And did you see how she pointed at Ru and Michelle when she said she wants them to know who she is,that’s awesome and I feel like she really wants to try and is going to, so yeah she shoulda got saved, so worth it, I’m telling you, she’s prime investment! hahaha

    Now onto the next episode….really.

    • Yeah, I’m totally with you on the saving BenDeLa, but I’m really not sure about the whole ‘both queens on the team get the prize’ nonsense. Could’ve been just to keep everyone on their toes – on other group challenges the queens are explicitly told that they will be judged individually. Not the case this time!

      Perhaps too this was more of a ‘you’re going to work with the girl you don’t like so we can see if you can handle going on tour with Michelle later this year.’ I assume most of them will be on the tour. I’ve seen most of the girls doing shows in NYC with Mimi Imfurst. You need to know who can actually work together and who’s just too loose of a cannon.

  2. IMO the “housewifes” (Courtney/Joslyn) should have lipsynced. While Darienne and Dela had an awfull commercial that wouldn’t sell anything, they did have an intriguing sketch. A creative concept that had me laughing. The CUNT Rupaul is looking for. While the housewife’s commercial was awfully boring, uncreative and amateuristic. I was about to turn on my adblock. I vaguely remember Rupaul in a different season saying something about the safe zone being the worst zone a queen can be in. What happened to that saying? I feel like the judges are this season +/- 200% more serious. A few seasons ago when a drag queen would hold a bucket of chicken during a workout video it was considered GENIOUS. And now such queen would immediately end up in the bottom for “not taking the challenge serious”. Where they perhaps actually planning on using these commercials and therefore took it more serious or what?

    • Yeah, I didn’t like the housewives commercial either. I think it would’ve been interesting to have Courtney in the bottom. If DeLa’s getting too big for her britches (which I don’t actually believe) then Courtney was there before the show even started. That girl needs a challenge where she CAN’T be pretty & see how she does. In that way, Joslyn’s original idea of a before/after where Courtney was the before would’ve been a good idea, but Courtney’s too hung up on being the pretty one. As Judge Judy says, “beauty fades…”

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