Review: Hallmark Channel’s “Lucky in Love”

It’s the beginning of a new month, and not just any month — the lovely month of April. Everyone knows that April 1 marked the glorious day of April Fool’s Day, and a few days later, last Saturday, Hallmark Channel brought us the premiere of a new movie called Lucky in Love. The star of the cast, Jessica Szohr, plays the character Mira. Mira is a woman who we find out has an okay life, but one that could definitely be improved. The beginning of the movie starts on April 1, and everyone is playing mediocre April Fool’s pranks on Mira, which really aren’t amusing at all. Finally, at the end of the day she plays April Fool’s pranks of her own. She sends a picture to her friend of a guy she met to make it seem like they were going on a date. She tells her roommates that she is moving out into a big new house, and she texts her co-worker that she got a big promotion — but none of that’s true, right?

Lucky In Love Hallmark Channel

Well, April Fool’s on us, kind of. As if we weren’t expecting this sudden change of events, the next day at work Mira gets everything that she ever dreamed of. After getting stuck in an elevator with her boss, Erin (Deidre Hall), she pitches her idea and gets the promotion and one of the company apartments. And her luck doesn’t stop there. Remember the guy from the April Fool’s photo? Well, he, Liam (Ryan Kennedy), shows up out of nowhere and asks her out on a date.

While we all love a movie that’s all about how perfect the life of the main character becomes, the movie has only just begun, and this perfection can’t last forever. And already from the beginning of the movie, there’s foreshadowing of the negative turn that Mira’s life will start to take. At the beginning of the movie we are introduced to one of Mira’s co-workers, Jonah (Ben Hollingsworth). Like Mira, Jonah has a dream of the ideal perfect life of his own. He’s an aspiring children’s book author, and his heart is set on none other than his best friend, Mira. Of course, with her new promotion, all Mira can think about is work, work, and more work. There was even a moment in the movie where Mira invites her two previous roommates over for dinner and all she does is sit at the table on her laptop doing work. Can you say rude?

The movie seems to be the classic equation of “girl has boring life, girl’s life improves, girl loses everything, and finally girl gets happy ending.” While the story line becomes very predictable, somewhere along the way we become attached to the two main characters, Mira and Jonah. In a way they both seem to sort of lose out on the things that matter most to them. Because of work, Mira becomes distant from her friends, Liam no longer seems like the perfect guy, and while Jonah finally gets his dream job, it means that he has to quit working with Mira.

During the movie Mira has lunch with one of her friends who says, “And you wonder why we never see Cinderella’s life after her happy ending.” How true is that, and isn’t that exactly what makes this Hallmark original movie so special? Of course, we couldn’t trust April Fool’s pranks to become actual wishes come true, but what we did expect was for Mira to get some sort of the life that she hoped and dreamed for.

Not only did the storyline affect our perception of what the movie would be like, but the movie also brought together well-known actors whose work we may have already been in love with in previous roles, such as Jessica Szohr on Gossip Girl and Deidre Hall from Days of our Lives. Overall the original movie definitely had that certain Hallmark touch that created a warm romantic comedy. And from perfect, to nothing, Mira finally gets the happy ending that we hoped for. So there we have it, Lucky in Love.

What did you think about this Hallmark Channel original movie?

Lucky in Love re-airs April 12 at 5pm ET on Hallmark Channel.


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