The Hub Network Announces New Family Show Starring Kid President

10 Year-Old Robby Novak (a.k.a. Kid President)’s YouTube Videos Have 75 Million Views

Kid President: Declaration of Awesome, starring YouTube sensation Kid President to premiere this June on The Hub Network. Ten-year-old Robby Novak created a worldwide following after his moving video, “A Pep Talk from Kid President to You,” went viral. That video is part of a YouTube series titled “Kid President” that has more than 75 million total views. Kid President’s online series is based on the belief that kids have a voice that needs to be heard and together with grown-ups they can make the world a better place. One of Kid President’s core philosophies is to “treat everybody like it’s their birthday.”

Kid President
Robby Novak is Kid President

The docu-variety series reflects the universal values of kids and families across the country as seen through the eyes of Kid President, whose playful spirit and positive approach to life inspires viewers to change this world for the better. In each episode, Kid President introduces a theme that is explored through interviews and interactions with a variety of diverse families. Each episode also features interactions between Kid President and a celebrity, as he has in the past with President Barack Obama, Steve Carrell, and Beyoncé, among others.

Kid President is adorable. He not only encourages kids to get involved in their communities, but he reaffirms the importance of the voices and ideas of children. Robby’s series will be a great tool to inspire little minds to find their own big ideas. I look forward to speaking to Robby and find out how he’s going to change the world during his 10 episode series on the Hub.

Image © The Hub Network