Twisted season finale recap

The end of the season for ABC Family’s Twisted has unfortunately already arrived; however, the Twisted season finale didn’t leave us disappointed at all. For the past few episodes we have been wondering how long it was going to take until Jo (Maddie Hasson) and Danny (Avan Jogia) would be able to keep their dreadful secret. In last week’s episode everything finally came tumbling down, leading to confession after confession. Not only have Jo and Danny had to worry about hiding a secret, but now that everything has started to come to light about what is really going on, Charlie (Jack Falahee) has found some trouble of his own.


After confessing to Chief Masterson (Sam Robards), Danny also let him know who he has suspected as the person to move Vikram’s (T.J. Ramini) body. We previously saw the truth about the type of person that Charlie really is — overly obsessed with Danny’s life and Jo, self-harming, and very manipulative — and now that we know all of these things I can’t say that I’m not at all surprised if he is the one that moved Vikram’s body. At the beginning of the episode Chief Masterson picks up Charlie and plays ‘tough cop’ with him but does Charlie tell the truth about anything? Of course not, instead he again tries to deflect the blame off of himself and onto Danny, but Chief Masterson isn’t buying any of it and tells Charlie to stay away from Jo.

Now we all know that’s definitely now what Charlie is going to do because of how obsessed he is with Jo. Charlie even tries confronting Jo again to apologize, but thankfully she can see right through him after finally believing what Danny has been saying about him. But he’s not going to stop there. When Jo is going to meet up with Danny, Charlie grabs her and keeps her quiet to kidnap her. Danny immediately knows that something is wrong when Jo doesn’t make it to meet up with him, and he eventually figures out where Jo is with the help of Lacey. Meanwhile, while Charlie still has Jo, we get yet another confession. As twisted as this show seems it gets worse. Charlie confesses that the aunt that Danny was accused of killing when he was younger was, according to him, Charlie’s mother.

Whitney (Brianne Howey) and Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) have gotten really close in this second half of the season, and just when Whitney has started to find a place here at the school and feeling more at home with her dad, here comes her intruding mother. The reason that Whitney had left her mom’s house in the first place is because she said that her mom’s boyfriend had come on to her. When Lacey finds this out she defends Whitney against her mother, but unfortunately her mother has some nasty things to say about her own daughter. After pretty much ruining the friendship that Whitney has built with Lacey she then leaves Whitney behind in the dust when Jack (Ivan Sergei) is released from jail and able to protect his daughter. Not only does he save his daughter but he also goes to see Karen (Denise Richards) for a confession of his own.

Even though we thought that Charlie could be the one to blame for this, Jack confesses to the moving of Vikram’s body because he wanted to protect Danny. It’s so unfortunate how much we have come to love the relationship that has developed between Jack and Karen, when it has to be ruined by the true identities and motives behind Jack and Whitney. Later that night, while Karen is sleeping, Jack hears something from downstairs and it’s Whitney. Apparently Whitney’s mom may have been right about her true character. Jack, Whitney and Charlie have all been working together to get closer to the Desai’s — and my guess is, probably for their money. Why Jack, why?

And if you think the confessions end there, don’t pack your bags up and leave just yet. In the past few episodes Tess (Kimberly Quinn) has been looking for her daughter that she gave up for adoption. It was a closed adoption that Vikram had helped her with and one that they both had kept a secret from everyone. In the last episode, when Tess thinks that she has finally found her daughter, it turns out to be a misled solution. In this episode Karen decides that she is going to help Tess in any way that she can so the two women decided to search Karen’s house up and down for anything that Vikram would have on the adoption. Their search brings them to a doctor that Vikram had been paying and from the doctor Tess finally finds out who her child is. So, guess who shows up at the abandoned house that Charlie had taken Jo to? Well, yes, Danny, Lacey and Chief Masterson have finally arrived to rescue Jo. But guess who else shows up and to protect none other than Charlie? … Tess. Yes, you guys, as it turns out, Charlie is Tess’s son. Say what? Why yes, yes you read that correctly—we have found Jo’s ‘long-lost’ step brother, now isn’t that a twist?

Well I know this episode has left all of us with a lot to think about, a lot to speculate, and it has definitely left us wondering what in the world is going to happen next on this show. Even though we’re sad to see the end of the season with this finale, in a way this break allows us to really contemplate all of the craziness that has not only happened in this finale episode but also in the rest of the previous season.

So everyone, what do you think is going to happen next? I guess we’ll have to wait until ABC Family brings Twisted back to us again!


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  1. i would really like to say “Twisted” is such an amazing show. And i hope you show this to abc family. i just really hope that abc family doesnt cancel this show like butt heads just like how they cancelled Kyle XY which was also an amazing show but abc please dont make us fans disappointed by canceling another amazing show!!! Thank you nd by the way abc family keep up the amazing work nd keep us fans amazed……

    • i definitely heard the gun shot go off at the end of the episode too! I’m hoping it was more for a dramatic effect for the end of the season rather than something else!

  2. Jo kissed her brother.. I really don’t think they woul bring it back because of that reason. But I would want it too!

  3. Bring Twisted back. There was so much suspense in the finale. We need to know what happens. Please renew for one more season please!!!!

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