Dance Moms Season 4 episode 14 recap: “Family Comes First”

On tonight’s Dance Moms, Abby Lee realized the error of her tyrant ways, gave everyone solos that showed off their best strengths, hugged all the mothers hello and good bye, called Kelly to make amends and realized a whole new team would just be dumb.

What? It’s April Fools Day, people!

Actually my husband suggested that I post my favorite recap from Season 1 and make that my April Fools funny, but I think he mostly wanted to revisit the glory days of Hubby Rik’s participation. Hubby Rik don’t watch along, Hubby Rik don’t get to play along, ain’t that right, Dance Moms faithful?

That’s right.

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We start out with many scenic images of Pittsburgh, except Orange Pants Guy whose return I am eagerly awaiting, and then Gia at the front desk of the ALDC. Abby is with her mom, who has taken a turn for the worse that looks like it may be final. Holly says the girls have grown up with Mrs. Miller, so this won’t be easy on them, either.

Because this may be our last chance for a feel-good moment, let’s remember Orange Pants Guy.

dance moms season 4 premiere orange pants guy

Turns out not everything is somber after all. Today is photo shoot day for Mackenzie — excuse me, Mack Z — for her upcoming musical debut, “Mack Z: It’s A Girl Party.” Abby arrives to audition girls to be in the accompanying video. Melissa says that’s because when Abby isn’t busy, she thinks. And when she thinks, she dwells. Well, that explains why we haven’t seen much dwelling this season. I know. Her mom is dying. I must be nice.

Getting back to the business of dance, Abby congratulates the group on putting a twelfth victory on her shelf. Also, we’re going back to Ohio for a Dance USA competition. No mention of the Apples, which disappoints me.

For continuing to dance even though they could not hear their music, Maddie, Mack, Kendall, Chloe and Nia all share a row of the pyramid, which is basically a line of everyone else with Kalani on top for her solo win.

Then Abby tells everyone that her new team will be arriving in Pittsburgh in two weeks, so Abby can have double the wins. Anyone else wondering what happened to the ALDC L.A. and how that morphed into two teams from Pittsburgh?

In any case, auditions for Mack Z’s backup dancers will be in-house. Abby will take part, but Mack gets final say. Maddie demands that her sister pick her, Mack says she will and we all chuckle at how adorable the Ziegler sisters are.

Then Abby tells everyone she won’t always be on hand for the foreseeable future, because Maryen Lorrain is, indeed, dying. Melissa desperately needs everyone to know that she knows and loves Mrs. Miller the most. She thanks Abby for letting her and her girls be part of Maryen’s life. Maryen is, like, Melissa’s mom, too. She loves her. She loves Abby. She loves everything. Maddie hugs a crying Abby. The others girl cry, too. So do I. You did, too. Admit it.

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Even though I want to clobber Melissa for making this all about her.

Feeling philosophical in her grief, Abby says there are good dance teachers and there are bad dance teachers, but all dance teachers must love children, because there a million other jobs where they wouldn’t have to deal with them. She wouldn’t do this if she didn’t believe that every child should dance.

Dance for someone who is kind and supportive is another matter entirely, but I’ll let it go for tonight.

Kendall will be doing a solo call Dream it. Nia will be doing one called Damsel in Distress.
All you people who study the hell out of everything Dance Moms, why is Maddie suddenly doing no solos whatsoever? Separate competitions? Favoritism claims in somebody’s lawsuit? What? Enlighten me.

Chloe and Kalani will do a duet. For You Too. They hug it out, looking genuinely delighted.
Bollywood And Vine is the group routine. Everyone is in it.

Then Abby and the Zieglers cry some more.

Up in the Mom Loft, the ladies discuss how it’s nice to see Abby share feelings other than, you know, rage. Christi says some things trump dance and Abby is doing the right thing being with her mom. Kira wants to know why Abby would want a new team that could potentially beat this team. Everyone wants to know where she’s going to get all these costumes, when she couldn’t even scare up enough for last week’s group dance.

Then Abby calls Melissa. “This is all going to happen very fast,” she tells her, her voice choked with exhaustion. “My heart is broken.”

Tough stuff, for sure.

Gia runs Nia’s solo, which is cute and expressive and should suit her well. Holly’s still apprehensive, saying Nia feels more vulnerable and exposed doing solos because she hasn’t fared so well in that regard this season. Jill says same goes for Kendall. She’s just not having fun anymore. Too much pressure. All the same, Jill needs Kendall to beat Nia.

Bouffant Abby returns to the studio because it’s time to cast Mack Z’s vid. She says her dying mother understands that the show must go on, even if Maryen will not. And, sure enough, all the little dancers we thought were here to usurp the Pitt Crew have actually been here all along and only want a spot in the video.

Clara! Clara Lukasiak in the house!!! Also, the ama@inc on Abby’s shirt? Turns out Abby has her own talent agency. Which only makes money when we make money.

Chloe gets eliminated and Christi says that’s because Abby doesn’t want anyone cuter than Mack in the video. Abby and Mack decide Maddie will serve as Mack’s assistant, rather than dance. Perhaps anticipating a sound sisterly beating back at home, Mack backpedals that a little. Abby says it’s up to her. Kalani and Nia make the cut. Kendall and Chloe do not.

Abby says Mack Z is a shining representative of the ALDC and her first go at producing music. The moms discuss Mack’s newfound power over Maddie.

Turns out we have the same costume issue as last time, but no one has to chase down Kelly this time or pull out their dishwater gray leftovers. Abby’s just going to pull one dancer. Without Payton here to make it easy, Abby turns on her next favorite target for neglect.

dance moms season 4 episode 14 nia abby
The mothers think that’s just turrrrrible. Christi says Nia excels in theatrical dances like this, so the move makes no sense. Jill says she’s very sorry, but I think she’s mostly sorry because Nia suddenly has more time to work on her solo. Holly says Abby is not doing her job and planning for the appropriate number of costumes.

Everyone who agrees, raise your hand.

dance moms season 4 episode 14 abby wave

Before returning to her mother’s side, Abby tells Gia and the girls to ignore Holly if she protests. Holly’s leaves the Mom Loft and says she’s moving on. Contracts, Holly. Contracts. You ain’t going nowhere.

After the commercial, Melissa visits Abby and Maryen at the hospice, where Abby meets her in the hallway outside her mother’s door. Abby says she doesn’t know why Maryen is waiting to pass to the other side and join her father in their heavenly castle. Melissa comes unglued, but Abby says this is all part of being an only child. She says she and Maryen are at peace with what’s about to happen, but maybe Maryen doesn’t want to leave her alone just yet.

Back at the studio, Christi says it’s ludicrous that Nia is not in the group dance. Holly, who didn’t really go anywhere, says she’s washing her hands of it; it only makes Abby look bad. Then Melissa arrives and we talk about what a fine thing heaven is. Melissa creepily demonstrates Maryen’s labored breathing. A somber Christi says even though she and Abby are not friends, she feels bad about what is happening.

dance moms Season 4 episode 14 moms
Watching Gia run Chloe and Kalani’s duet, Christi says the girls are well matched because they are both such regal dancers. Still, she says, if the duet doesn’t win. Chloe will be the fall guy. Then we notice the children studying a giant cork board of unfamiliar faces plopped where Abby is usually parked. Holly says the evidence of the impending new team is upsetting to the kids, and is Abby’s way of psyching them out.

Whhhhhy try to psyche your dreeeeam teeeeeam out?” breathes Jill in her finest 900-number voice.  Becaaaaause she has another dream team and she wants them to know it, says Holly, just normal.

Come competition day, Abby is not on the bus and everyone else’s emotions are running high. Holly tells the girls they are Mrs. Miller’s legacy and asks them to share stories about her. Kendall talks about her blue, blue eyes. Chloe talks about her kind, kind words. Then everyone joins hands and has a moment of silence and I’m all choked up again. This is a bus full of very good people who are finally free to display that, even if it is in the most heartrending of circumstances.

In the get-ready room in Columbus, the mood is noticeably more companionable with Gia in charge. She calls Abby and tells her the girls send their love. “I don’t need their love,” says Abby. “I need them to win.” Oh you do too need their love, Ms. Toughie. Also, Melissa wants to say something. Of course she does. She tells Abby Miss Mack just said it’s not the same without Abby. Except Mack first realizes five minutes later that Abby didn’t make the trip. Oh well. The point is … I’m not sure.

Melissa when Abby’s not here, yeah, they’re all more relaxed, but the girls like it better when Abby is here. Did we actually ask the girls that, Melissa? They sure look a lot happier to me right now.

Before the dancing begins, Gia tells the girls this is their chance to make Abby realize there is no other team. This is the team. I’m totally #TeamGia. All the way. I’m the No. 1 mascot for #TeamGia. Get the girl her own show.

Kalani and Chloe go first. They are wearing matching costumes, Chloe in berry and Kalani in teal. As Christi, predicted, they are beautifully matched and the dance is absolutely lovely.

Kendall goes next. Her costume is a sophisticated black tights and bra ensemble that suits the saucy dance. She is clearly more relaxed without Abby there and does the dance with panache. Jill notices it, too.

Chloe gives Nia a pep talk and some smooches for luck. In the audience Holly is a mom-sel in distress. The dance is awfully upbeat for something called Damsel in Distress and Nia sells it for all she’s worth.

Backstage, Gia said that it’s the best she’s ever seen Nia dance and everyone agrees. #TeamGia. #TeamGia #TeamGia #TeamGia. Lori + Gia forever.

Still Holly and Nia’s happiness is tempered by watching the others get ready to go the group dance without Nia. Gia gives the group another pep talk about being the only competition team. And, she tells them, tonight and every time after, they are dancing for Mrs. Miller, who is the reason they are here. Holly leads a prayer.

The group dance is a knockout — and is anyone else impressed with how much Mackenzie has stepped up her game since, well, she’s been allowed to?

Jill says it proves how good the girls are, whether Abby is there or not. It’s the first time I notice she has henna on her hands.

Come awards time, Nia gets third and Holly is over the moon.
Kendall gets second. Jill is proud, but not over the moon.
Chloe and Kalani get first place.
The group dance wins, too, but I am totally distracted and amused by the fact that the third place dance is “I Don’t Speak German” and the runner-up was something about Berlin. Something tells me this competition’s theme had something to do with international flair. Or Abby totally missed the German boat.

In any case,  Lucky #13 is in the bag and the girls call to yell that they won. Also, Melissa has something to say. Of course she does. Abby says she’ll pass along the good news to Maryen.

Next week on Dance Moms, Abby’s vigil continues, Mack shoots her video, and Melissa and Christi are at it again. Plus, Abby. Meets. Her. Match.

So what say you, Dance Moms nation? Did you cry? Yes, you did. You did, too. Did Melissa spend a little too much time making Abby’s grief her own or am I just one big meanie? Or both? Was Abby unfair pulling Nia from the group dance? Would you like to see Chloe and Kalani dance more duets? And should Maddie be in the video or fetching Mackie her Kool-Aid? Sound off in the comments section below.

New episodes of Dance Moms air Tuesday nights at 9/8CT on Lifetime.



    Lee’s gonna put me on the TV
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  2. Abby was very upset with her mom’s sickness and Abby’s tears were real. Nia should have been pulled from the group dance. Nia seems like a great girl but the group dance was too advanced for her. The solo Nia performed was very good because it was at Nia’s dance level.

  3. I do believe Abby is in a lot of pain. To lose someone you love is the hardest thing a person can go through. I was so shocked when Abby hugged Chloe who was hurting so for Mrs Miller. The duet was wonderful and they seemed happy to be dancing together. Jill always needs Kendal to win. That I “need” Kendal to win is getting old! Nina really worked it! I am so glad she placed. Melissa is such a work. I am not sure they are doing those girls any favors. Time shall tell. I enjoyed the group dance and yes this episode did make me cry.

  4. Another point I want to second with some other commenters!

    Maddie is NOT the only one who can dance & perform superbly! It’s all in the choreography & if Abby would give the other girls equal choreography to Maddie–they would be all the same level. These girls are beautiful dancers.

    • Why does Chloe seem to have the worst choreography? She has to crawl around on the floor instead of graceful moves to show off her long balletic lines. She has powerful turns and leaps but dances are not created for her to win. Hmmm…wonder why?

      • Because Abby knows if she gives Chloe the beautiful, graceful choreography, she might be Maddie and Abby just can’t have that happen. Ever since Chloe beat Maddie at nationals in season two, she hasn’t had choreography that truly showcases her strengths.

  5. Maybe I missed something–but how did all this Mackenzie starring thing get started? I never remember Abby being supportive of Brooke when she wanted to sing. And then I turn around and Abby’s got Mack-Z starring as some I’m not sure what.
    Next point–Melissa is reeealllly getting to me. She always has to be center stage even when talking about someone dying for crying out loud. She simply cannot relate to the other moms as her kids are always put on pedestals.
    Next–Isn’t Maddie getting to the age when you don’t like to be the teacher’s pet anymore? Most kids that age don’t wanna be singled out like that. Well–at least we didn’t have to watch Maddie do another solo. Thank the Lord.
    I like Kalani–but I do NOT want her to push Chloe out. Chloe is a beautiful dancer!

  6. The group dance was awesome. Sorry, but Nia should have been removed, as she is ALWAYS off.

    Melissa: Everything is not about you.

    MacKenzie has been great the last few group numbers. It makes you wonder why her solos are so childish. I think she’s a great dancer, who is talented in many genres.

    Chloe & Kalani were a great pairing. Beautiful dance. Well matched. I’m glad to see the very talented Chloe enjoy dancing.

    Kalani is actually a superior dancer to the Pittsburgh Crew, including Maddie. Not taking anything away from them, she just is.

    • I completely agree about MacKenzie and her solos. Sure the cutesy cartwheels were fine when she was 6 years old, but I think she’s more than proven herself that she can do more than Abby gives her. I’m convinced that if she spent as much time doing lyrical solos that she very well may have beaten both Chloe and Maddie that week they all competed against each other for the over all solo.

  7. OK…I will admit that I did cry a bit and even (heaven forbid) felt sorry for Abby. It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are. You are a little kid again when it comes to losing your Mom, and that little kid will never get over it. Abby is a spoiled only child, which actually makes it even harder for her, especially since it seems like, despite her age, Abby was still living with her Mom. Her life was all kinds of wrapped up with her mother and I am sure she was devastated when she lost her. The really sad thing is that she won’t learn any lessons, but will continue to abuse the kids she supposedly loves (because no one would do this if they didn’t love kids…except maybe those who find that they can lord it over and bully said beloved kids). That was the line that probably bugged me the most. I found it interesting that all of those girls (except Kalani, of course) were taught by Mrs. Miller when they were young…so maybe, just maybe, they are all so good because of Mrs. Miller and not just because of Abby, who is primarily a choreographer. Makes me feel a bit better to not have to give Abby all the credit for how good the girl’s are. Somehow I just can’t imagine Mrs. Miller bullying the kids like Abby does. She certainly was well loved.

    I have to admit to feeling better that Abby hugged Chloe, too…yet couldn’t help remembering the Christmas special when Abby got mad at Christi and she said that Christi couldn’t come to her Mom’s funeral. I wonder if that included Chloe, too.

    I agree with everyone else about Melissa. Gah! That woman makes me want to throw things at the TV all the time now. I agree with the person about Jill and her ‘I need Kendall to win’ speeches. I wonder why Jill needs Kendall to win. I would bet money that if it was up to Kendall, she would quit in a NY minute (or PA minute) even though she has improved so much in the last year or so.

    Back to ‘you are all replaceable’ next week. I still am confused about Abby not being satisfied with sweeping all these competitions and still feeling the need to replace her winning team with a different winning team. Just having great dancers doesn’t mean they will necessarily perform great together. She has kids now that know how to adjust to each other and how to match themselves to each other and meld into a great team. Paige and Nia were by far the weakest dancers, yet they still managed to work well in the team and so many of those wins are their wins as well. The team isn’t any better for the loss of the Hyland girls. Kalani is a beautiful dancer, but because Abby won’t put her up against Maddie, she can’t be used to her ultimate. I don’t see how Maddie will be able to continue being the standout if there is a whole team of Kalani’s. Those other two girls that came and went prove that being great doesn’t necessarily mean you are great at working in a team. I think it was all about getting rid of the Hyland girls and Chloe if Abby has her way. Chloe is still there because of her fan base and all of us that see her as the great dancer she is and want to see her win despite Abby’s abuse. Also, because of all of those that ‘follow her’ as Abby put it.
    We will see…I am sure that there are a lot of people like me that will quit watching once Chloe is gone.

  8. I was actually yelling at the TV when Melissa went on and on and on about Mrs. Miller. Seriously? Make it about you Melissa. Attention hound.

    The girls danced great. Loved Chloe and Kilani’s number and Nia was awesome. I’ve never seen her dance so nicely.

    I feel bad for Abbey for losing her Mom. They were very close and to lose your last parent is hard. I know she is hard on the girls but how do you think the world of dance and entertainment is going to be on them? Think about Simon Cowell on American Idol and realize it’s a tough world in those arenas. If they survive Abbey they will survive the world.

    RIP Mrs. Miller

    • I agree to a certain degree about the Abby/Simon analogy. Yes she is trying to toughen them up and prepare them for rejection, but if it gets to the point where the girls hate dancing and are terrified of disappointing someone and not being good enough, that’s taking it too far. I would be curious to see in 5 or even 10 years, how many of these girls are actually earning a living dancing or performing in some fashion.

      I also felt badly for Abby, watching your only parent waste away and get weaker is horrible and such a helpless feeling. If Abby loved anyone in her life, it was her mom. I don’t think a child, especially an only child, ever gets over something like that.

      • Michelle said: “curious to see in 5 or even 10 years, how many of these girls are actually earning a living dancing or performing in some fashion”

        I’d say Kendall has the best chance, the camera loves that girl. I hope she is getting some acting lessons.

        • I would have to agree with you John, Kendall is an absolute natural in front of the camera and has the poise to pull pretty much anything off.

          • I would say Chloe has the best chance if you are talking about dance. I think she is the most naturally talented of the bunch- in dancing. I don’t know how any (except Mackenzie and Brooke) are at singing or acting, so can’t judge that. Personally, in terms of singing I think Mackenzie and Brooke sound like typical girls their age. Definitely not “star singer” worthy, but good for them if they are having fun. I doubt either will make it in the long run in terms of singing. I think if Chloe could get out of there and get into a really good dance school, she could really go far. She is the one (in my opinion) with the most potential. Kendall is a pretty girl, but she’s hardly the dancer that Chloe is.

  9. Lori, I love the way you write! So honest!
    I thought some of the crying seemed forced. Melissa was too, too much. Doesn’t she ever see how obviously phony she is when she watches the show? Yes, Nia was treated unfairly, but seeing her in the audience cheering on the team made me admire her even more. She will be fine in life! Why couldn’t Maddie let Mac have her moment? Mac thought about how it might be to shine on her own, but she saw THAT FACE and had to change her mind. Did someone coach her NOT to choose Chloe and Kendall? Nice not to hear screaming in this episode and focus on the dancing!

  10. All of the girls killed it on the dance floor last night! Yes, I did have a tear or 2 in my eye when talking about how fast Mrs. Miller would die. I thought it was weird that Melissa was saying she’s my mom, too, but then calls her Mrs. Miller. It was so nice, for once, to see the girls relaxed, smiling and at ease. Gia (and Abby not being there) really brought out the best in them and has also clearly shown that Maddie is not the standout Abby claims she is-they all have the talent and skill she does and can dance just as well as she does when given the attention, time and choreography that she always gets.

    • I agree. What say, JC, Executive Producer Superstar, that we split the show down the middle and let Gia run the dance part and let Abby act the entrepreneur, where we don’t have to listen to her ream out kids? I could get aboard with that. I think. Maybe.

  11. I agree about Chloe and Kalani. They are a perfect match.

    And yeah, I pretty much wanted to slap Melissa.

    • And they demonstrated that Maddie’s level of skill and grace is not exclusive to Maddie when the choreography is up to snuff, which I think is important.

    • Agreed about Chloe and Kalani. They were absolutely beautiful. I feel like they make a better duo than Kalani and Maddie. Also, 100% agree with you about wanting to slap Melissa. Like seriously, can you be anymore of a kiss-ass?! It’s like if her kids aren’t the center of attention than she has to be. We get it melissa, you want to be at the top of the mom pyramid. I do get that her mother passed away so she does see Mrs. Miller as a mother figure, but take it down a few notches, girlfriend. If we would’ve made a drinking game out of last nights episode and drank every time Melissa refered to Mrs. Miller as “her mom” or expressed how sad she is to Abby or the other mothers, none of us would’ve even made it past the first half of the episode. She always says she’s not Team Mom or Team Abby, but she’s Team Maddie and Mackenzie…no she’s not, she’s Team Melissa. She’ll do whatever she has to do to make sure her kids are Abby’s favorites because she benefits from it.

      I do have to say that I was very surprised/impressed that Abby hugged Chloe when she was crying about Mrs. Miller. Damage control or not, I’m just happy she showed the kid a little love and compasion. And can we add Jill to the slapping list? I’m so tired of her saying “I need Kendall to…” I’m not even going to get into it. I can’t. I just can’t.

      Thank you Lori for not just another great recap, but also for bringing back Orange Pants Guy. Day officially made.

        • ORANGE PANTS

          Well, it’s a marvelous night to wear orange pants
          With the bar bending up in the sky
          A fantabulous night to wear orange pants
          ‘Neath the cover of Ohio skies

          • Love your clever lyrics, John Linen! Delightful! But, unless I miss your meaning, the wearing of orange pants and bending of steel bars would be ‘neath the cover of Pennsylvania skies. Doesn’t fit as nicely, tho.

  12. I am a cynic. Adter years of miller’s nastiness, all this “miller is acting sort of decent” seems to me Lifetime trying to do damage control. Maybe using her mom to do so. In my book, coming after the Kelly thing, fake and too little, too late.

    No I didn’t cry. I wanted to puke. Mostly over melissa making it all about her.

    Melissa now has blonde hair. Maddie just cannot allow little Mack to have her own thing, about little Mack, and stay out of it and let the kid have her moment. She should support her sister and stop trying to always get in on it. Let Mack have her moment.

    I really enjoyed the group dance, but wish Nia had been in there. I like Bollywood and the girls did it justice.

    It was nice to have Gia there, giving the girls kind encouragement and not screeching like a deranged banshee, and it showed in how much more relaxed the kids looked and danced.

    Call me a royal bitch but i don’t buy miller’s tears.

    And “the show must go on”? This is a fake competition, not Broadway.

    • Oh I agree that this is another in a long line of damage-control editing that I can pretty much confirm is happening. All the same, Abby’s mother is dying and I’m not sure they actually ever lived apart, so I think it’s pretty inhumane to suggest that she is not devastated over watching her mother die of a terrible disease. And watching the girls deal with their own grief was so touching. I stand by my sniffles.

    • Yup, you’re a royal bitch. God forbid you’re kids lose you and someone accuses them of “faking” their tears. Sickening….

      • Hey, it’s cool. 🙂 I just don’t buy the hype of miller giving a shit about her mother. I don’t know the woman so all I have to go by is years of tv of her not having a heart. I remember the episode a while back where she said, paraphrasing, “my mother is dying and as soon as she does I’m getting out of this town and moving to L.A.” She was gleeful about it.

        The few times they showed Mrs. Miller, she stared at miller as if she were terrified. And I have no respect whatsoever of that poor woman, dying in a hospice, being put on a camera for the masses. If miller cared that much she would have never allowed a camera into that hospice nor slap that all over the tv. The woman deserved respect, not be used on a “reality” show to parade miller’s “grief”. I don’t believe miller gave one damn about how her mother felt in all this.

        • Okay, I will give you the fact that the show took absolute advantage of Ms. Miller’s illness and milked it for all it was worth to garner sympathy for Abby. That, however, should NOT lessen the fact that Abby was losing probably the one and only person who loved her completely and unconditionally, and for that to happen to anyone is terrible. You’re right, you don’t know them, so how can you judge how she grieves, or doesn’t grieve as you seem to see it?

  13. Okay, after reading Lori’s recap, I watched the 2nd airing of this episode. Did we really have an episode not chock full of screaming and yelling? Amazing (and extremely refreshing). Too bad the preview for next week looks like their back to the same ole’ same ole’ (sigh).

    From what we saw of the two, I liked Nia’s dance better than Kendall’s. It may not have had a lot of dance in it, but she performed the heck out of it.

    • Nia was great. She can perform. I wonder if the judges are deaf dumb or bribed. Melissa made me want to throw up going on and on and on about Mrs. Miller and I think it was pretty tacky of the producers to capitalize on some poor woman dying of cancer to add drama to the show. Christi is back next week with her gutter mouth in front of the kids. Don’t know if I can stand it.

      • I’ve said it before, I LOVE LOVE LOVE when Nia does character pieces, she can act like no one’s business. I think she would be very well suited to Broadway or musical theatre, she really gets into the roles and makes them her own. Good for her!!

        • I can see Nia in any Broadway musical. She should be getting actng lesson as well. She is extremely talented.


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    Mm going to try with a little pitch correction

    Do you hear anybody?
    I need some padded ear muffs
    Did ears bleed anybody?
    I want some thicker ear muffs

    • Sooooo, you will not be dancing in the video, then John Linen? And I get to be your agent when the Dance Moms Blog: The Soundtrack comes out, yes?

      • I really don’t mean to insult Mackenzie. She seems like she has breakout potential. Plus, beyond the studio, pitch correction technology has advanced enough to use it with reliability in real time at concerts.

        I don’t think pulling Nia was about costumes, it was about having a smaller troupe, a nice symmetry of 4 mature dancers in perfect synch with the 5th little squirt amazing us by keeping up with every move the big kids make. That concept worked so well last week that it was smart to emphasize Mackenzie even more this week.

        Thanks for great re-cap Lori.

        “Did you cry?”

        Of course not.

        “Yes, you did.”

        No, I didn’t

        “You did, too.”

        OK, maybe my eyes misted up a little, but it wasn’t crying.

      • *Dance Moms* was *23rd* overall for last night’s (Tuesday) cable ratings – that’s OK, I guess. However, up against the other reality shows in the 9 PM slot, they fell to *4th* behind Amish Mafia, Storage Wars, and 19 Kids and Counting.

        PS. A uterus is not a clown car.

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