“19 Kids And Counting” Returns To TLC-Tuesdays Starting April 1

This is No April Fool’s Trick: The Duggars Return On April 1

19 Kids and Counting
Dozens of Duggars!

America’s favorite super-sized family returns for a new season of fun. What new adventures will the Duggars face in season 9 of “19 Kids and Counting”? Jim Bob is keeping much of the fun a secret, “I think there’s going to be a lot of exciting things in this new season and we can’t disclose really a lot of the surprises. I think the viewers are going to be pleasantly surprised by a lot of the things that are happening in our family.”

The biggest news, according to proud mom, Michelle, is that daughter Jessa, is courting! The 21 year-old, who recently authored a book with her sisters, Jill, Jenna and Jinger, has recently started courting Ben Seewald. I asked Jim Bob and Michelle if Jessa and Ben’s courtship will be different from when Josh and Anna courted in 2008 and surprisingly, they are… According to Jim Bob Duggar, “with Josh and Anna, Mr. Keller (Anna’s dad), was the one that really guided them through the process. This time, it’s Mom and Me trying to guide Jessa through this process and it’s a whole new realm.”

19 Kid and Counting
Happy Lovebirds Jessa Duggar and Ben Seabold

Jessa said that she and Ben are very open with the guidelines set forth by their parents and even allow Jessa’s parents to oversee their texts. “We don’t mind at all,” Jessa told me. “We want our parents involved, they have a lot of good council and advice and things that have helped up throughout our courtship, thus far. This is not like, forever, that they’re always going to be involved in a group text, but in this season of life, that’s good.” I had a lovely chat with Jessa and will bring more of our conversation, including her dating advice for young women, next week.

I asked Michelle if it was a little bittersweet at the thought of another child getting married and moving away from home, and she was wistful. “It’s both joyful and kind of sad that your realize that everything’s changing. And it’s a good change. I couldn’t think for a better way for it to change, for that reason. That’s the reason we’ve hoped and prayed for and looked forward to.”

I can’t wait to see if Jessa and Ben’s courtship will culminate in a proposal and wedding.   They are a lovely couple, and Jessa would make a stunning bride. See what happens this season on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, premiering in a special one hour episode on April 1 at 9pmET.


  1. Praise the Lord, this season did NOT have Michelle with child AGAIN !!!! Time to move on with the kids, especially the females, lives finally beginning to live as adults !!!! Enjoy the interactions of Jill & Derrick, also Jessa & Ben. There’s something SPECIAL ( as it should be ) between J and D-hope they have a wonderful life together outside of cameras !!!! Suppose to be private, sure hope the kids opt to keep their lives out of the limelight, although Josh chose otherwise ! 🙁

  2. I agree with both sides (Cinda and Dance Watcher). Would be great to add another bundle of joy to the family – the birth of a child always is a TRUE miracle. But, if it comes at the expense of the mother and causing more suffering than good, I would say that things are better as-is. But, it’s not in our hands. The good graces of the man above will determine things ultimately. Bless that family and all of us!

  3. Really, 20 would be a miracle ?? Don’t think so, more like a horrible beginning for # 20- how can any loving, caring person wish it after seeing the horrific first months that poor baby Josie HAD TO ENDURE or for Michelle to miscarry again ! Hopefully this season, the focus can be on something OTHER than will they/won’t they have, yet,another baby !! After all, they are grandparents and in their late 40s, get real !!!

  4. Totally going to watch this season. I’m pulling for a 20th miracle surprise. Then again, after 20 – I guess it’s no longer a surprise. Should be fun!!!

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