Weather Channel special looks at Washington mudslide and aftermath

Last week’s massive mudslide in Oso, Washington, has claimed the lives of at least 21 people to date, with dozens still unaccounted for and more than 100 homes damaged or destroyed. As the human drama continues to unfold, and the magnitude of the disaster is still being determined, The Weather Channel will be airing a one-hour special called A Town Mourns: The Washington Mudslide to take an in-depth look at the tragedy.


The program will explain the weather conditions and other circumstances that allowed the mudslide to occur. It will also explore the hazardous conditions for first responders, rescue and recovery teams, as well as heroic rescue stories. The Weather Channel will also look at the devastating impact to residents of the area, and what lies ahead for the people of Oso.

A Town Mourns: The Washington Mudslide premieres April 1 at 8pm ET on The Weather Channel. Encore airings will be April 3 at 11pm ET, and April 5 at 10pm ET.