Twisted recap: “Danny, Interrupted”

Everything has been spiraling out of control for all of the characters in ABC Family’s Twisted, and I’m not sure if things are going to get better any time soon.

The mysterious crash that the police found in Vikram’s (T.J. Ramini) death has been in question ever since it was discovered by Kyle (Sam Robards). In the last episode the police found new evidence on the car from the crash, and much to our surprise, they found the fingerprints of Jack (Ivan Sergei) all over the car. He’s now the one in the spotlight who is being accused of killing Vikram. However, this whole time, of course, we know what really happened. Will Danny (Avan Jogia) really let Jack take the blame for something that he didn’t do, especially if Danny knows exactly how that feels?


When Jo (Maddie Hasson) finds out about the new development with Jack she goes to see what Danny is planning to do, but he doesn’t tell her anything. Since the arrival of Charlie (Jack Falahee), Danny has been trying to figure out why he is really there. In last week’s episode Danny had found an old picture that he lost in juvie in Charlie’s room—a picture of Danny, Jo and Lacey (Kylie Bunbury). This discovery comes just at the most inopportune moment, especially when Jo is becoming so close to Charlie. Of course, Jo isn’t going to listen to Danny about anything that he has to say about Charlie, so naturally Danny pushes Jo away and decides to take care of things himself.

What is Charlie really up to? In a fleeting scene from this episode we see him perhaps at Jack’s garage putting a phone into a canister—now that’s definitely questionable. Not even hours into a new day right before Whitney (Brianne Howey) is about to leave for school the police show up with a search warrant … surprise surprise. When Chief Masterson gets back to the police station, Danny, Karen and Whitney are outside when he arrives. The newly found evidence is Vikram’s cracked and bloody cellphone. Now, I’m sure you’re all asking: “So, Charlie, where’d you get that from?” When Lacey approaches Danny she asks him what is really going on and he tells her that he thinks that Charlie is the one that is behind everything and that he’s obsessed with Danny’s life. Lacey doesn’t seem to believe him, but Danny is going to stick to his guns.

Who does he go to speak to first? Jack. Danny goes to visit him in jail and tells him all of his suspicions, and as crazy as they sound they seem to be pretty accurate. After visiting Jack, Danny goes back to Charlie’s apartment waiting for him to get back. Let’s just hope that things don’t get violent, especially after Danny accuses Charlie of being the one that is framing Jack, and that he is doing all of this to look good for Jo. Has this really all come down to a girl, sir Charlie?

A few episodes ago we found out that Jo’s mom, Tess (Kimberly Quinn) had a child that she gave up for adoption. In last week’s episode Tess found out where her daughter was, and now Tess has finally decided to tell Jo about her stepsister. When Tess and Jo go to visit the parents of the child they find out some devastating news. The girl had died when she was younger, and it leaves Tess heartbroken but with a closure that she wasn’t expecting. However, this might be the ending that really belongs to Tess. After looking at pictures of her baby she realizes that the one she found didn’t belong to her.

Later in the episode, Jo sees Lacey and finds out that Danny is still pursuing Charlie and tries to contact him, but Danny is deeply rooted in trying to figure out what the right thing to do is to help everyone. While Danny stops by the juvie center to get some more information on Charlie, Charlie is back at his apartment up to even more manipulation. In another glimpse we see a collage of pictures taped up behind his dresser and then, even crazier, we see him inflict pain upon himself to make it seem as though Danny beat him up. How can Danny prove what is really going on when everyone thinks that he is the one that is losing his mind? After talking to the doctor at the juvie center, Danny finds out that Charlie really may not be in the right state of mind.

His next step is going to talk to Chief Masterson about what really happened, and boy, does he come clean about everything. Even after his confession there are a lot of problems that have been left unresolved, and hopefully more of our answers will be answered next week. Check out a preview of next week’s spring finale episode of ABC Family’s Twisted below:


Tony Rivetti/ABC Family