Switched at Birth spring finale recap

ABC Family’s Switched at Birth spring finale is finally here, and even though we’re sad to see this season end, boy, was this episode a good one.

For a while now we have been wondering who Emmitt’s (Sean Berdy) online girlfriend really is. We’re not the only curious ones—Bay (Vanessa Marano) even confronts Emmitt when she finds out that the picture that was by his online girlfriend, Mandy, wasn’t really hers. Emmitt makes up an excuse for Mandy and pushes Bay away doubting everything that she has to say about the situation. Bay is worried about Emmitt, though, and even though he wants her to stop digging stuff up on Mandy she gets Tank (Max Adler) to help her find out more information.


With the picture from the photography website Bay and Tank do a reverse image search and find out that Mandy might not exist. Instead, the picture is of a girl who has a different name and lives somewhere else. Of course, Bay doesn’t decide to tell Emmitt anything yet and decides to get some more info.

Before Emmitt finds out anything from Bay he had already set up a date to finally meet with Mandy, they are going to have a picnic in a park after school. At school Emmitt gets his phone and keys taken away from him for skipping class but he is determined to meet Mandy and still makes it to the picnic. When he gets to the park the perfect scene is displayed: a romantic picnic for two. However, that image is quickly ruined when Emmitt opens the basket and finds a dead fish inside. Then guess who shows up from behind a tree in the park … Matthew (Daniel Durant)—can we all say “catfished?” Online dating has become a part of the dating world that can be very dangerous and we’re all hoping that Emmitt has learned a very valuable lesson here. Even though this devastating situation has happened to Emmitt he still gets his happy ending with Bay.

Many of us have been rooting for Bemmitt (Bay and Emmitt) since the beginning, but where does that leave Tank? Especially after depledging from his fraternity because of what Bay said to him, this definitely does change things.

The tangled up relationships involving Bay and Emmitt aren’t the only ones we have to worry about. At the end of last week’s episode we saw the heartbreaking split between Toby (Lucas Grabeel) and Nikki (Cassi Thomson). Both Toby and Nikki had created lives that they were proud of and could not leave, apart from the other. This leaves Toby not knowing what to do. When John (D.W. Moffett) goes to visit him we can see how depressed Toby is and John even tells him that he can come back home. When things are really looking down for Toby we are surprised when he shows up the next day at home with a chipper and lighter step. He has decided that he’s going to go all the way across the world to fix his marriage with Nikki and maybe start a new life there—will he really go through with it?

This finale still leaves us wondering about Regina (Constance Marie) and how she has had a hard time with her boss Wes (Kenneth Mitchell) ever since she started working for him. Recently he had Regina go to the neighborhood owners to get them to sell without telling her that the deals she was going to give to the owners weren’t ones that were in their best interests. When she found out what these deals really meant she went behind Wes’ back and told the owners to get lawyers to make sure the deals were okay. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Wes is not a very great guy, and when he finds out what Regina did he fires her, takes back the car he gave her, and requests the money he gave her in advance that she used to buy her business. Now, Regina is struggling between keeping her integrity and keeping the money that is supporting her lifestyle. The right thing to do would be to, of course, stop working for Wes, but is that easier said than done?

I guess we won’t find out until the summer premiere of ABC Family’s Switched at Birth. Everyone mark your calendars for June 16, when the show returns:


Eric McCandless/ABC Family