Recap of Lindsay Episode 3: When Oprah lays down the law


By Nicole Youngblut  Oprah comes a calling in Episode 3 of Lindsay, which aired on OWN March 23, 2014 and tells Lindsay to “cut the bullshit.” The episode starts with Lindsay having a riff with her assistant Matt Harrell.  She finally moved into her new place, but is frustrated with Harrell because she still doesn’t have keys to her new New York apartment. Déjá vu right? As wasn’t that the entire issue we dealt with last week? It was, so can someone please get Lindsay keys already so we can move on?!

Lindsay episode 3Lindsay is being punished for not following filming schedules, so that means goodbye apartment keys. And that also means another visit from the one and only, queen bee — Oprah — to lay down the bottom line, but first let’s review Lindsay’s expectations.

Lindsay has her own star-worthy expectations when it comes to her assistant who she’s paying to help manage her life. With the boxes of unpacked clothes and Lindsay still waiting for her apartment keys, it appears there is a huge disconnect between what is getting done and what Lindsay expects from her personal assistant Harrell.  The two are having major issues communicating with each other.  Harrell is frustrated that they aren’t having five-minute meetings twice a day.  Lindsay is justified in asking for what she needs, after all, that’s what she pays him for.  But in Harrell’s defense he has experience working for big names.  If I had to guess it looks as if he will quit.

After 56 days post rehab, Lindsay is attending an AA meeting.  Dodging the paparazzi, Lindsay meets her wellness coach AJ Johnson in Soho for lunch.  AJ asks Lindsay how she feels about her recovery and sobriety.  Lindsay says her happiness and sobriety is important to her.  When people ask her if she’s sober, it’s a touchy subject.  Lindsay refuses to talk about her recovery.

All Lindsay would like is for life to go smoothly. Oprah comes to New York for a scheduled visit with Lindsay.  Oprah sits down with Lindsay at her mother’s (Dina Lohan) house.  Oprah tells her, “That’s not what life is.” When Oprah asks Lindsay how she is, Lindsay tells her that she is stressed, “OK, so life just showed up,“ informs Oprah.  Filming this documentary is really stressful and chaotic for Lindsay, and she just wants to keep calm-post recovery.  Oprah tells Lindsay, “If you’re not ready I’m really okay with that.  Your life, and where you are in your life that is the most important thing in your life.”  Then, Oprah tells Lindsay to “cut the bullshit.” Clearly Oprah can see Lindsay is unable to handle the stress of the camera on her at this point in her life, in her transition into sobriety, so her sincerity in her statements is questionable.  But Lindsay is being insincere too as she needs the paycheck, so she keeps telling Oprah that she’s fine to continue the series.

Oprah asks her if she’s sober and Lindsay tells her “yes.” She goes on to explain that her main objective is to maintain her sobriety.  She says she doesn’t put herself in stupid situations, like going out to clubs.  Lindsay says she needs to get into a new routine of meditating in the morning.  She agrees to keep filming.  I don’t think it’s in Lindsay’s best interest to keep filming, she’s super stressed out and I don’t think she’s able to portray the best Lindsay she can be at this point in her life.  She’s forcing herself to do something that is making her unhappy.

Lindsay airs on OWN Sundays at 9pm ET/PT


  1. And this week on – I CAN’T!!!

    But hold up – what is up with Oprahs hair – she’s starting to look like her dog – not so much…

  2. LiLo is still a haw’t mess – she has a long ways to go and may the Force be with her – ALWAYS!

  3. Go oprah!
    Lindsy needs to get her temper sorted if she wants to be taken seriously as an actor
    Glad someone is whipping her into shape

  4. I’m happy Oprah stepped in. She is so right when she says: “This is your life!”

    I also really hope that Lindsay isn’t lying about staying sober…

    I can’t wait for the next episode.

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