Twisted recap: “You’re a Good Man, Charlie McBride”

Twisted recap: “You’re a Good Man, Charlie McBride”

ABC Family’s premiere season of Twisted has been very tense. At the end of last week’s episode, we weren’t sure what was going to happen to Danny (Avan Jogia); when he went speeding down the road, things didn’t look very good. Thankfully, he stopped himself before going too far and instead went to find Charlie (Jack Falahee). He warns Charlie to stay away from Jo (Maddie Hasson), and it’s taken as a threat from Charlie, who of course tells Jo about it. Jo already has already found out from Charlie that Danny talked about killing his dad while he was in juvie and now when she finds out that Danny is going around threatening people she wants nothing to do with him. Is this really the impression of Danny we know that Jo is getting from Charlie – who is doing the manipulating here?


Later that day, Jo and Charlie have a date set up and when Charlie arrives to Jo’s house he finds her outside talking to Danny. Unfortunately, he overhears them talking about what really happened to Danny’s dad. Now there’s another person who knows Jo and Danny’s secret, and Danny can’t trust him – he knows that there’s something that Charlie is hiding.

Of course Danny decides to do some snooping and he goes to the stables where Charlie is working and living. In Charlie’s room Danny finds a photo of himself, Jo and Lacey (Kylie Bunbury), from when they were younger – maybe slightly creepy or what? Meanwhile, on his date with Jo, Charlie starts to open up to her about his childhood, being in foster care and going to juvie. When he gets up to get them drinks he gets a text message from Mr. Danny Desai, and guess what it is my friends — it’s a selfie of Danny in Charlie’s room with the picture that he found. Danny, have you lost your mind?

Danny has really seemed out of character since his new fortune after buying his grades and trying to buy back the affection from Lacey. It’s about time that he realizes that he is getting out of hand. At the beginning of this episode, he goes to his teacher and tells his teacher wants to take back the A that he paid for; this time he wants to raise his grade by earning it. We’re cheering you on Danny; we all want you back to the normal Danny!

The relationship between Karen (Denise Richards) and Jack (Ivan Sergei) has gotten real steamy. They seem to be worried about the way that both Danny and Whitney (Brianne Howey) will perceive their relationship, but they might be worrying about the wrong people. Since the death of Vikram (T.J. Ramini), Kyle (Sam Robards) has been trying to figure out whether or not the death of Vikram is an accident or a murder. He and his partner Eddie (Aaron Hill) have been keeping tabs on Jack when they find out that he has been spending the night at Karen’s house.

Since breaking up with Danny, Lacey has had no one to turn to. When Jo tries to talk to her about Danny she brushes her off, especially because of how close Jo might be to the actual reason that she and Danny broke up. Whitney can tell that Lacey needs to have a fun and she offers to go on a trip into the city. In the city Lacey and Whitney go to a night club, where they get an of-age man to buy them drinks – I’d say that this night might not end very well.

Another little mini story that we have kept getting brought back to is the child that Tess (Kimberly Quinn) gave up. No one had known about this except for Vikram. When he died Kyle couldn’t understand what Tess had been helping Vikram until he found out that Vikram had once helped her when she got pregnant and gave up her child for adoption. In this episode, Tess is still trying to apologize to Karen when she finally tells her about Vikram helping her in the past. As it turns out, Karen had known about the adoption the whole time, and she even knows where Vikram kept the adoption papers. While Tess is getting the adoption papers, she tells Karen that Vikram had previously faked his death because he was afraid of someone – maybe someone who he was working with. Is Jake not as innocent as we think he is? When Karen goes to confront Jake she finds out that Jake had found out that Vikram was cheating on her and then he told Vikram that he was also having an affair with Karen. Things just keep getting twisted.

Things aren’t going to get back to normal any time soon, so what do we have waiting for us next week? Here’s a preview of next week’s episode of ABC Family’s Twisted: