“Deal With It” host Theo Von talks Season 2, celeb guests include Nick Cannon, Jenner sisters & more

TBS’ Deal With It host Theo Von tells us “I was laughing at some points, even crying with laughter,” in regards to some of the hidden-camera pranks they pull off in Season 2 of the comedy series, debuting tonight on TBS at 10:30pmET/9:30pmCT.

Deal With It host Theo Von with Howie MandelFrom executive producer Howie Mandel, Deal With It is a hidden-camera game show in which everyday people are secretly dared to pull a prank on their unwitting companion with no time to prepare.  The tasks usually involve the contestant doing something incredibly embarrassing or insulting in public to the prank victim. The contestant must obey all instructions given to them through an earpiece by host Theo Von and his celebrity guest who are hiding in a secret control room nearby. Every level the contestant completes they win more money and if they complete all 5 tasks they win $5,000 on the spot. Von says he’s amazed what contestants will do for a buck.

“That’s the thing about this show, they always have the opportunity to bail,” Von says. “We can really turn up the fire as much as we want, because if they don’t want to burn in it or stay warm in it, they own the water bucket. They can always say I can’t deal with it and the game will end.”

Some of the announced celebrity guests for this season who help Von “turn up the fire” are Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Kelly Osbourne, Tom Green, Kevin Nealon, Orlando  Jones, Arsenio Hall, Bob Saget, Chris Jericho and Nick Cannon (who is featured tonight in the March 19 season premiere episode). “I’m a huge fan of his work — it was great to be around him and just shoot the noise with him,” Von says of Cannon. “Nick definitely got right into it. He would put words in the contestants mouth sometimes, which I thought was pretty cool. He wasn’t afraid to take charge.”

As for the Jenner girls on Just Deal With It — Von laughs. “The Jenner girls came out, which was awesome. All my buddies were like ‘Bro, what’s up with the Jenner girls?’ And I was like, ‘First of all, one of them is under age, so don’t ask me about that one.’ But they were awesome, great to be around. Kendall Jenner I sensed she was totally enjoying it and having a blast, and her sister kind of just followed her lead — like a younger sister would in any scenario. It was neat to see celebrity sisters, as well, especially at those ages and how they act around one another.”

Although Von couldn’t share a lot of the details on the pranks this season, he did talk about a few of his favorites to date. “We have a father/daughter episode this time that I think is just going to change the face of television. That’s honestly as much as I can tell. The best part about it is it’s a chance for the father to get back at the daughter. Kids are always giving their parents hell, well this time, this dad gets to flip the switch and he gets to be the cool one. It was really pretty perfect. We have two best friends that come on this time and one of them has to put their friendship in question — that’s sort of what goes out on the table. That one was really pretty cool too.”