MTV launches memorial site for “Teen Wolf” character Allison Argent

The shocking death of a popular character is not new to television (ask anyone who remembers Lt. Col. Henry Blake’s plane going down over the Sea of Japan on the classic M*A*S*H episode), and the resulting outrage and sadness among many fans of that character is also not new. However, what is new, coming in the wake of the death of fan-favorite Allison Argent (played by Crystal Reed, pictured) in last night’s Teen Wolf, is a network creating an online memorial to that character.

allison-argent-crystal-reed launched immediately following last night’s Teen Wolf, and a release says that makes MTV “the first network to launch a website that pays tribute and honors the passing of a fictional television character.” The site features exclusive and shareable video content, including eulogies from Teen Wolf cast members, an exit interview with actress Crystal Reed, as well as her character’s final scene. As with any memorial outlet, the site also allows fans chances to come to grips with this big change, including areas to offer personal condolences, messages of shock, anger and despair, and words of encouragement for the grieving community of Teen Wolf fans.

“Teen Wolf has cultivated one of the most social and engaged fandoms in television,” said Tom Fishman, VP Content Marketing and Fan Engagement for MTV. “Knowing that Allison’s death would have an immediate and profound fan impact, we wanted to go beyond the confines and time restraints of a television series and provide them with a curated and social experience where they could collectively grieve, discuss, get exclusive content and create their own.”


Crystal Reed as Allison Argent in Teen Wolf: Matthew Welch/MTV