Switched at Birth recap: “The Ambush”

Switched at Birth recap: “The Ambush”

This season of ABC Family’s Switched at Birth has us asking so many questions after every episode so far, hopefully this week’s episode can answer some of them!


Last week was the first time in a while that we had heard from Toby’s (Lucas Grabeel) wife Nikki (Cassi Thomson) when she talked to him over webcam about leaving his life there to come live with her. This surprising request from her left Toby with no idea what to do – and us fans wondering what is going to happen to Toby and Nikki.

At the beginning of this week’s episode we find out who is definitely determined to find out the answer to this question: Nikki. Out of nowhere she shows up at Toby’s apartment, and although we can see the surprise on his face, he happily welcomes her home. Everything seems to be going smoothly between the two of them until Nikki announces at dinner that she has been offered a permanent job in Africa and it’s a calling that she feels she is meant for.

Toby doesn’t have a strong reaction to her news and instead focuses his attention on coaching the big field hockey game. His team isn’t doing very well while the other team is being very aggressive and scoring all of the points. The game is about to be a total shut out before Daphne (Katie Leclerc) and Sharee (Bianca Bethune) have had enough and fight back to score a point. After all the fun at the game Toby is snapped back into reality when at the end of the episode he and Nikki have some decisions to make. They both realize that they can’t give up the lives that they have created without each other. Is this the heart-breaking split we’ve been waiting for?

Someone else has been worrying about her career path, too. For a few episodes now, we’ve been wondering how much longer Regina (Constance Marie) would put up with her boss Wes (Kenneth Mitchell). The last time we heard from Wes was when he was giving his presentation to the neighborhood he would be remodeling when Regina’s mom Adriana (Ivonne Coll) reacted negatively to the project. Since then, Regina has been left wondering if Wes really hired her because of her race and the way that she would be able to convince the people of the neighborhood to go along with the new project. In this episode Regina gets a “bonus” to Wes of a new car – that honestly seems to me like more of a bribe – before he asks her to go to one of the restaurants in the neighborhood to sell his space.

Regina doesn’t feel too sure about these deals that Wes is giving to the neighborhood owners so she goes to talk to John (D.W. Moffett) about them. As it turns out, sure, it may seem like the owners are getting a good deal, but when she really looks at the contracts, Wes is getting the spaces at a much better deal for himself. So seriously, how much more is Regina going to put up with Wes?

Daphne has still been struggling to choose between the two amazing guys: Campbell (RJ Mitte) and Jorge (David Castaneda). After being asked to hang out by Jorge she finally turns to making a list of all the things that she likes best about each boy. When Kathryn (Lea Thompson) talks to Daphne about the two boys she wonders if Daphne is maybe having some reserve with Campbell because he is in a wheelchair. Daphne denies this and even decides to hang out with Campbell to get to know him better. Things don’t go so well when they arrive to their destination and the bouncer won’t let them in because he says they are at capacity when in reality he doesn’t let them in because Campbell is in a wheelchair. This sets Daphne off and ends the night because it isn’t something that Campbell really wants to talk about. Later at the clinic she finds him and talks to him about how she reacted and their talk ends with a kiss – did Daphne finally choose?

Daphne’s love life isn’t the only one that we have been worrying about. Bay (Vanessa Marana) and Tank (Max Adler) have been trying to work on their relationship, too. In this episode they are even talking again and decided to prank the rival high school before the field hockey game together. That night, once again things get back to normal with them until Tank goes too far with Bay, and when she stops him his reaction is one that no girl wants. She leaves and goes home to talk to Daphne but instead finds Regina. After some one-on-one mom talk, Bay realizes that Tank might not be the guy for her. Towards the end of the episode, though, Tank comes to see Bay and apologizes to her for his actions, so for now, I guess they are okay. I guess we’ll find out next week!

The spring finale of ABC Family’s Switched at Birth is next week, so check out a preview of the episode below:


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