NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament 2014 TV schedule

NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament 2014 TV schedule: The entire NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship airs across ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, WatchESPN and ESPN FULL COURT beginning with the first round on Saturday, March 22. First and second round games will be regionalized with home market protection (networks will offer updates on other games but will not switch to another game during live action). Games will have full national telecast windows on ESPN or ESPN2 beginning with the Sweet 16 Regional Semifinals March 29. ESPN airs the Final Four on April 6 and championship game on April 8.


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NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament 2014 TV schedule

First Round
Saturday, March 22
11am ET: No. 15 Winthrop vs. No. 2 Duke, ESPN2/ESPN3
11am ET: No. 14 Wright State vs. No. 3 Kentucky, ESPN2/ESPN3
11am ET: No. 9 Arizona State vs. No. 8 Vanderbilt, ESPN2/ESPN3
11am ET: No. 12 Florida Gulf Coast vs. No. 5 Oklahoma State, ESPN2/ESPN3
Approx. 1:30pm ET: No. 10 Oklahoma vs. No. 7 DePaul, ESPN2/ESPN3/WatchESPN
Approx. 1:30pm ET: No. 11 Chattanooga vs. No. 6 Syracuse, ESPN2/ESPN3/WatchESPN
Approx. 1:30pm ET: No. 13 Akron vs. No. 4 Purdue, ESPN2/ESPN3/WatchESPN
Approx. 1:30pm ET: No. 16 Robert Morris vs. No. 1 Notre Dame, ESPN2/ESPN3/WatchESPN
4pm ET: No. 10 Florida State vs. No. 7 Iowa, ESPN2/ESPN3
4pm ET: No. 16 Northwestern State vs. No. 1 Tennessee, ESPN2/ESPN3
4pm ET: No. 13 Fresno State vs. No. 4 Nebraska, ESPN2/ESPN3
4pm ET: No. 10 Fordham vs. No. 7 California, ESPN2/ESPN3
Approx. 6:30pm ET: No. 15 South Dakota vs. No. 2 Stanford, ESPN2/ESPN3
Approx. 6:30pm ET: No. 9 Southern Cal vs. No. 8 St. John’s, ESPN2/ESPN3
Approx. 6:30pm ET: No. 12 BYU vs. No. 5 NC State, ESPN2/ESPN3
Approx. 6:30pm ET: No. 15 Western Kentucky vs. No. 2 Baylor, ESPN2/ESPN3
Sunday, March 23
12pm ET: No. 10 Georgia Tech vs. No. 7 LSU, ESPN2/ESPN3
12pm ET: No. 12 Hampton vs. No. 5 Michigan State, ESPN2/ESPN3
12pm ET: No. 13 Army vs. No. 4 Maryland, ESPN2/ESPN3
12pm ET: No. 14 Wichita State vs. No. 3 Penn State, ESPN2/ESPN3
3pm ET: No. 15 Albany vs. No. 2 West Virginia, ESPN/ESPN3
3pm ET: No. 13 Tennessee-Martin vs. No. 4 North Carolina, ESPN/ESPN3
3pm ET: No. 12 Penn vs. No. 5 Texas, ESPN/ESPN3
3pm ET: No. 11 Florida vs. No. 6 Dayton, ESPN/ESPN3
5:30pm ET: No. 11 James Madison vs. No. 6 Gonzaga, ESPN/ESPN3
5:30pm ET: No. 14 Idaho vs. No. 3 Louisville, ESPN/ESPN3
5:30pm ET: No. 16 Cal State Northridge vs. No. 1 South Carolina, ESPN/ESPN3
5:30pm ET: No. 9 St. Joseph’s vs. No. 8 Georgia, ESPN/ESPN3
8pm ET: No. 14 North Dakota at No. 3 Texas A&M, ESPN2/ESPN3/WatchESPN
8pm ET: No. 11 Marist at No. 6 Iowa, ESPN2/ESPN3/WatchESPN
8pm ET: No. 9 Oregon State vs. No. 8 Middle Tennessee State, ESPN2/ESPN3/WatchESPN
8pm ET: No. 16 Prairie View A&M at No. 1 Connecticut, ESPN2/ESPN3/WatchESPN

Second Round
Monday, March 24
6:30pm ET: DePaul vs. Duke, ESPN2/ESPN3
6:30pm ET: Syracuse vs. Kentucky, ESPN2/ESPN3
6:30pm ET: Arizona State vs. Notre Dame, ESPN2/ESPN3
6:30pm ET: Florida State vs. Stanford, ESPN2/ESPN3
9pm ET: Oklahoma State vs. Purdue, ESPN2/ESPN3
9pm ET: St. John’s vs. Tennessee, ESPN2/ESPN3
9pm ET: BYU vs. Nebraska, ESPN2/ESPN3
9pm ET: California vs. Baylor, ESPN2/ESPN3
Tuesday, March 25
7pm ET: St. Joseph’s vs. Connecticut, ESPNU/ESPN3
7pm ET: Michigan State vs. North Carolina, ESPN2/ESPN3
7pm ET: Texas vs. Maryland, ESPN2/ESPN3
7pm ET: Florida vs. Penn State, ESPN2/ESPN3
9:30pm ET: James Madison vs. Texas A&M, ESPN2/ESPN3
9:30pm ET: Iowa vs. Louisville, ESPN2/ESPN3
9:30pm ET: Oregon State vs. South Carolina, ESPN2/ESPN3
9:30pm ET: LSU vs. West Virginia, ESPN2/ESPN3

Sweet 16 Regional Semifinals
Saturday, March 29
12pm ET: Kentucky vs. Baylor, ESPN/ESPN3
2:30pm ET: Oklahoma State vs. Notre Dame, ESPN/ESPN3
4:30pm ET: BYU vs. Connecticut, ESPN/ESPN3
7pm ET: DePaul vs. Texas A&M, ESPN/ESPN3
Sunday, March 30
12pm ET: Maryland vs. Tennessee, ESPN/ESPN3
2:30pm ET: LSU vs. Louisville, ESPN2/ESPN3
4:30pm ET: Penn State vs. Stanford, ESPN2/ESPN3
7pm ET: North Carolina vs. South Carolina, ESPN2/WatchESPN

Elite Eight Regional Finals
Monday, March 31
7:30pm ET: Baylor vs. Notre Dame, ESPN/WatchESPN
9:30pm ET: Texas A&M vs. Connecticut, ESPN/WatchESPN
Tuesday, April 1
7pm ET: Maryland vs. Louisville, ESPN/WatchESPN
9pm ET: North Carolina vs. Stanford, ESPN/WatchESPN

Final Four
Nashville, Tenn.
Sunday, April 6
6pm ET: NCAA Women’s Final Four Special Presented by Capital One
6:30pm ET: Maryland vs. Notre Dame, ESPN/WatchESPN
9pm ET: Connecticut vs. Stanford, ESPN/WatchESPN

Nashville, Tenn.
Tuesday, April 8
5pm ET: The Experts: NCAA Women’s Championship, ESPNU/WatchESPN
6pm ET: College Basketball Live: NCAA Women’s Championship Special, ESPNU/WatchESPN
7:30pm ET: NCAA Women’s Championship Special Presented by Capital One, ESPN/WatchESPN
8:30pm ET: Connecticut vs. Notre Dame, ESPN/WatchESPN


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