“Jugs and Ammo” On Tonight’s “Chrisley Knows Best” on USA

Chrisley Knows Best Kellie Freeze

Chrisley Knows Best

America’s favorite eccentric dad is back on tonight’s episode of Chrisley Knows Best (10pmET on USA). Todd’s eldest daughter Lindsie broke his heart when she eloped without telling her family. As we learned in the show’s premiere, Todd approves the family’s comings and goings, so to be denied the husband-approval process and the planning of his daughter’s wedding must have been crushing blows to his hyper-perfectionist micromanaging ego. To get to know his son-in-law better, Todd takes Will to the shooting range …

Not every father-in-law and son-in-law is close, so Todd and Will spending time together could be a positive thing. But, since familiarity breeds contempt, and most of tonight’s target practice seems intended for each other, perhaps Todd and Will don’t need to become bosom buddies after all.

Tonight Lindsie undergoes breast augmentation surgery and as expected, Todd takes part in the pre-surgical consult. This isn’t a place where many fathers would expect to go, or many daughters would want the input of their dads. Perhaps an unspoken Chrisley family motto is: “the family that buys bigger boobs together, stays together.”

I think Lindsie’s eye-rolling at Todd speaks might make fun a fun drinking game tonight, but I’m not sure what to think other than why isn’t the cake pixilated? What you your thoughts: Horrifying or Hilarious?

Tonight seems like the most money flaunting episode yet, but I’ll reserve judgment until I watch and see if this episode has the “normal family” dynamics that have made Chrisley Knows Best popular.

Check out tonight’s episode and sound off below. Do you think Todd’s parenting style is a good one? Is he raising his kids right? Is Todd too tough on Will? Do you think Lindsey puts up with her dad just for his money?